In our last installment we started, but did not finish Samantha Moonsammy’s introduction. You can read that here.

My name is Samantha Moonsammy, and I’d like to share some of my layers with you.

In one of the most asinine things I have ever seen, she immediately follows that up by speaking in French for the next twenty seconds. You’d think she’s just about to repeat what she said, but the next English words out of her mouth are:

But I’m much more than that.

This is some serious bullshit. Why would you structure your speech this way, other than to be a complete and utter twat? Well, luckily, she still explains to us what her “layers,” are.

I am a woman, a mother, a partner, an immigrant. I’m an Indo-Caribbean Canadian. I was born in Guayana South America and immigrated to Canada as a young child. I identify as a woman of colour and have always been proud of that, no matter the obstacles it’s caused me in the public service during my career.

I grew up in the Ottawa area and spent some time in Toronto during my masters degree in communications and culture, and worked and studied in India, China, France, and the Caribbean. These layers, these experiences and so much more are aspects of who I am and the more authentically me I can be the more productive I can be in the workplace.

Look at the insane level of victimhood inversion this anti-White has engineered in its mind. This is someone who brags about traveling the world, getting her masters degree in a useless field, and who has a government sinecure that your taxes pay for where she can spout anti-White hate propaganda. But she’s the real victim. She’s faced vague, never defined “obstacles,” in her career as a brown woman.

Samantha Moonsammy with Oprah

When this oppressed woman isn’t lecturing you on your White Fragility you can find her posing for pictures with Oprah. And celebrating at bullshit awards ceremonies that you’re not invited to, peasant.

So I’d like to thank all our speakers today for being courageous, standing up today, and sharing pieces of themselves with you.

I think these people might die if they stop calling themselves courageous for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I’d also like to acknowledge that today’s conversations may also be difficult… to hear or cause triggers. So please as always, if you or your family members would like to speak to a councillor for immediate support please call the employee assistance program.

I also think they might die if they aren’t told how to immediately get mental health therapy for the slightest bit of non-existant trauma they don’t actually face. This is all part and parcel of their “courageous,” censored conversations, where they pat themselves on the back for racially attacking Whitey.

That’s it for her introduction. Instead she turns to Faduno Ali, one of the coworkers who’s involved in this anti-White hate propaganda. She begins by not realizing that she’s muted, then speaking in French, then finally she says this:

I’d like to… uhm… I’d like to begin by thanking you Samantha and your team. Uhm, and Ady and Matt, for bringing this unprecedented platform to D&D. The Ask Me Anything platform is so crucial to these ongoing uncomfortable, yet necessary, courageous conversations.

Keep in mind that these people censored every single one of the questions that we asked them in this Ask Me Anything. I’m sorry, they courageously cowered in fear while shitting their pants at the thought of a non-supplicating question.

My name is Faduno Ali, and I’m a project of the *inaudible, within the department of National Defense. I too have many layers. Uhm, as a woman of African descent, a mother, a wife, and a muslim. I’m a Somali-Canadian, and grew up here in Ottawa from a young age. I’m happy to be here today to be your cohost Sam, Samantha, and I look forward to an amazing conversation. I’d like to also thank ADM Rob Chambers and Ryan Trudeau for your leadership, and for sharing some of your layers as you’re going to and your privileges in an effort to dismantle racism.

As we proceed with the Ask Me Anything I’d welcome you all to reflect on some of your layers and how we can make our workplaces a safe place to share our layers with one another. I’m gonna pass the mic over to Sam.

The combination of kindergarten talk with anti-White hate propaganda really annoys me. Faduno Ali is also quite far from being a loquacious speaker, saying “uhm,” and pausing far more than I have written previously. This is where your tax dollars are spent.

Anyway, she passes the mic back to Moonsammy, who proceeds in French before saying:

We also have a GC wiki, and a GC collab page that you can join and have many learning tools to accompany today’s live event. You’ll also get an AMA challenge guide. So I’ll challenge you to have a watch party with your teams. Watch this session together and, uhm, have courageous conversations in your workplace and share what you have learned.

When we each take personal responsibility to improve our organizations we break down systemic barriers that have marginalized our equity seeking groups. So this guide can help us take us from passive learning to an active one.

No I think she actually would die if she didn’t refer to herself as courageous every second minute. And again, she talks like a kindergarten teacher while spouting anti-White hate propaganda.

We’re finally done with the introduction. Next time we move on to the guy who, as one of our commentators put it, “seems like he has a personal relationship with his wife’s bull,” Rob Chambers.

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