A few days ago I wrote up the intro to our series on the Canadian Militaries “White Fragility,” AMA event. You know, the one where they spouted anti-White hate speech and then had a moderator censor all the questions. You can read about that here.

The event started with Samantha Moonsammy doing the intro, which is what we’ll be covering in this article. I didn’t record the first few seconds, but it’s nothing important.


…that includes terminology that may make people feel unsettled and unsure. White Privilege and White Fragility. White Privilege means that your life is not negatively impacted by the colour of your skin. It does not mean that your life’s easy. It does not negate struggles. White Fragility has been identified as the range of reactions that can occur as a result of becoming aware of White Privilege.

These reactions can range from shame to defensiveness, to the extremes of aggression and weaponizing privilege.

In case any of you are retarded, let me translate this to English.

We’re going to be racially attacking Whitey quite a bit here. If you get upset at being racially attacked, we’ve INB4’d that by pretending that there’s something wrong with you psychologically. We’ve also INB4’d anyone who wants to make some argument like “I’ve never gotten anything by being White and who the fuck are you, you privileged little cunt,” by making sure to declare muh brown people face vague, unspecified forces of oppression that don’t apply to you, Whitey.

So you see, there’s nothing wrong about these rich, privileged brown people lecturing you working class stiffs on your imaginary privilege. They had to fight their way through abstract forces of oppression in order to get their cushy sinecure where your taxes pay for them to do anti-White hate propaganda, you privileged Whitey.

And BTW, the idea that White People don’t face any racial discrimination, is absolutely absurd.

Hospitals have been explicitly denying some Covid-19 treatments to White People.

Whitey being racially discriminated against in Healthcare appears to be somewhat new. But racial discrimination in University Admissions has been going on for a long time.


Yale University’s undergraduate admissions process “illegally discriminates” against White and Asian students, the Department of Justice said Thursday.

A two-year investigation into the Ivy League school found that “race is the determinative factor in hundreds of admissions decisions each year,” in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the DOJ said in a press release.

Yale denied the allegation. Karen Peart, a spokeswoman for the university, said in a statement to CNBC that the Justice Department made its conclusions before Yale had provided enough information to show that its practices “absolutely comply with decades of Supreme Court precedent.”

“At Yale, we look at the whole person when selecting whom to admit among the many thousands of highly qualified applicants,” Peart said.

“We are proud of Yale’s admissions practices, and we will not change them on the basis of such a meritless, hasty accusation.”

And of course, Yale fucked up by so openly discriminating against Whitey. The Yale spokesperson is speaking a lot of truth when they say that their explicitly anti-White admissions policy is pretty close to what has been going on in Universities for decades.

ABC News:

In his 2019 lawsuit, David Duvall said he lost his job as senior vice president of marketing and communication at Novant Health due to efforts to diversify top leadership positions, news outlets reported. The jury said Novant Health failed to prove that it would have dismissed Duvall regardless of his race.

And here’s an example from two months ago in the corporate world of a White Man being fired because he was White.

The claim that “you don’t face racial discrimination Whitey,” is just a tactic. It is not a deeply held belief, as evidence by the fact that when confronted with evidence of racial discrimination against White People, these anti-Whites never actually change their politics. Because all of this is just tactics designed to trip you up if you don’t have a ready made example of anti-White racial discrimination. If you ever find yourself in such a position, the rhetoric you should use is as follows.

  1. That’s anti-White hate speech.
  2. Everybody knows that White People face racial discrimination. YOU prove to ME that you don’t believe that.

Never fall for the trick of thinking that these people are acting in good faith. They are 100% bad actors.

However, on our end, gathering examples of anti-White racial discrimination is one of the most productive things we can do. Them pretending that White People never face racial discrimination is actually a pretty good opportunity to show the opposite, which is always nice.

US News:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A group of Midwestern farmers sued the federal government Thursday alleging they can’t participate in a COVID-19 loan forgiveness program because they’re white.

The group of plaintiffs includes farmers from WisconsinMinnesotaSouth Dakota and Ohio. According to the lawsuit, the Biden administration’s COVID-19 stimulus plan provides $4 billion to forgive loans for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers who are Black, American Indian, Hispanic, Alaskan native, Asian American or Pacific Islander.

White farmers aren’t eligible, amounting to a violation of the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights, the lawsuit contends.

And if you think that’s a one time thing. Or god forbid, you’re so finkled that you’re doing the “muh DEMONrats,” bit…


President Trump unveiled what he calls the “Black Economic Empowerment — Platinum Plan,” at a campaign event in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, promising to secure more lending for Black-owned businesses if elected for a second term.

The Trump campaign said in a release that federal investments could generate $500 billion in additional capital, generate 3 million new jobs for Black Americans and 500,000 new Black-owned businesses.

And we just had the NJP in Waukesha late November the NJP protesting for anti-White hate crime charges to be placed on Darrell Brooks, the BLM Waukesha Terrorist. You can read about the protest here, and BLMer Darrell Brooks here.

And that’s on top of massive anti-White racial discrimination in censorship by trillion dollar multinationals as lead by the (((ADL))), and a myriad of other things. Frankly, these anti-White propagandists even saying “Whitey you’re privileged,” is itself racial discrimination against White People.

But of course, Moonsammy said “negatively impacted,” not “racially discriminated against.” These people use this type of language because it leaves the door open to then argue that White People being racially discriminated against doesn’t count as “negatively impacted,” because something something historical oppression something something addressing inequality. Honestly though, those arguments are so complicated and obviously anti-White it doesn’t really matter.

Back to the video.

Today we are thrilled to invite some outstanding public servants to the Ask Me Anything stage to talk about these powerful and definitely courageous subjects.

We are not even a minute into this.

The very first part of the stream cut out, so you’ll see some ~2-5 second pauses. Luckily, that’s only a problem in this video, and fairly minor. Nothing of interest is missed, just some generic “so happy to be here with you,” platitudes, but like the above. As one example of what she was blabbing on about.

These ask me anything events provide you with an opportunity to increase your perspective. As we say, let’s up that EQ! And to learn from the lived experiences of individuals who are bravely sharing their experiences to help educate and move the public service towards a culture where equity is embedded.

We are simply going to need more eyerolling memes to get through this goyim. This is what I mean when I say I don’t even know what’s worse, the full court anti-White hate propaganda, or this “how do I say all the privileged class cliches in the same sentence,” attempt? It’s like she’s doing a speedrun of dipshit slogans, 100% edition. And she even threw her first into the air after she said “Let’s up that EQ.”

Let’s up that EQ!

So we want you to know, you are not alone. These experiences, especially the negative ones, are systemic, and happen all too frequently throughout the public service.

Citation most definitely needed for the claim that muh brown people are being super oppressed in the Canadian bureaucracy. Although they always just go to more and more trivial shit. 2

The objective is that by shining the light, is to continually increase the network of public servants ready to take action and move towards a culture of inclusivity and belonging.

My name is Samantha Moonsammy, and I’d like to share some of my layers with you.

We are not even three minutes in. Literally not even three minutes in and she’s finally introducing herself AND her layers, whatever the fuck that means. I mean I know, I watched another hour and a half of this anti-White clown fiesta, but we’ll have to say that for part 2, because this is already getting too long.

This series is going to be getting an update every day. Stay tuned.

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