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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would have required school districts to post information about textbooks, course material and state academic standards online.

The Democratic governor said the legislation “politicizes what is being taught in our schools” and that state regulations already require public schools to provide similar material upon request.

Pennsylvania Governor (((Tom Wolf)))

Per Wikipedia:

He has also been active in the York Jewish Community Center, the Memorial Hospital of York, and a regional public television system.

There are no real arguments for not forcing curriculum to be posted online. So let’s see how this jew explains itself.

Wolf calls the vetoed bill’s requirements duplicative and overly burdensome.

“This legislation is a thinly veiled attempt to restrict truthful instruction and censor content reflecting various cultures, identities, and experiences,” Wolf said in a veto message explaining his action. “My administration is committed to creating a safe learning environment for all students, and we will not take part in this dangerous and harmful imposition.”

Stunning AND brave. Yes children’s safety was being threatened by parents being allowed to see what the curriculum is. It’s a very reality based statement that if we post the curriculum online that some parents are going to walk into the schools and murder some 7 year olds. This will definitely happen.

Oh but also, this is duplication anyway. So the curriculum is already visible, and no children are having their “safety threatened.” But if we do this unnecessary duplication then suddenly, for no reason, parents are gonna start doing school shootings.

The bill would have required links or titles for every textbook and course summaries to be posted on district websites, starting with the next academic year, and that they be updated regularly.

The parties in both chambers were split nearly along party lines in votes on the measure, with Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats opposed.

Federally the political parties are 100% illegitimate. On a state level it’s more like 95%. Occasionally you’ll get massively populist policies through, and sometimes you force Schlomo here to go mask off, and make retarded arguments for why parents be allowed to know what their children are being taught.

Push harder.

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  1. people have mentioned this guy several times over the last year and nobody was sure if he was a jew or not despite the suspicious last name

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