Apparently they had an event recently. AmericaFest 2021! Yes, the exclamation point is part of the event title.

 The Thinking Conservative:

Turning Point USA hosted AMERICAFEST. This four day event was the largest celebration of our constitutional rights and freedoms – featuring the best and brightest speakers in the country, dozens of like minded sponsoring organizations, thousands of freedom loving patriots, and the introduction of musical talent with a number of very special concerts.

Since this is cuckservatives we’re talking about, I’m sure this will unbearably painful to watch unmuted.

And yeah it is. Above is their introduction of Kyle Rittenhouse, and it’s like they’re trying to make me cheer for Gaige Grosskreutz. Poor Kyle. He ventilates two pedos and a burglar in self defense and this is what he gets.

James O’Keefe is also there, being a fag. O’Keefe does some great work with Project Veritas. It’s republican partisan stuff, but it’s at least real journalism.

So of course he’s up there on stage with some homo backup dancers as they introduce a bunch of literally who’s that have done some whistleblowers. It’s like I’m watching some the world’s gayest sportsball first game of the year introduction special.

I’ve got to love the sudden narration that plays over the speakers, with a pre-recorded message of O’Keefe’s. I have no idea why you would interrupt O’Keefe speaking to play a recording of O’Keefe speaking, but sure.

And suddenly there are 100 and more muckraises and whistleblowers manifest. The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. These braves souls are the fuel that has given me hope. We may die doing what we do, or lose our livelihoods in this noble fight. But that is all we could ask for, to die on our feet rather than live on our knees.

Then they bring out all the up and coming cuckservative starlets who we are all supposed to pretend are the future. They get up on stage and do this choreographed dance, that I believe is supposed to look spontaneous, but instead just looks planned, yet bad.

I mean it’s really fucking weird to have a bunch of teens doing a country dance on stage after O’Keefe channels his inner Hitler and talks about dying on your feet versus living on your knees. The juxtaposition of the ultra-serious speech that you’d play seconds before going over the trench wall with the shitty techno music and dancing teenagers is just too much for me.

I can’t get over this. O’Keefe, who has been silent as his words play over the loudspeaker, speaks the very last part of that speech mostly in time with his narration. And then he instantly goes into the choreographed dance routine while shitty gay club dance music plays in the background.

The dance routine goes on for an uninterrupted and completely silent 30 seconds. I have no idea why there is no narration at this point, but I’m not in charge of cuckservatism now am I? It ends with James O’Keefe and everyone else bowing to the audience.

I want to know how many kilograms of cocaine Project Veritas had to snort to think this was all a good idea. James O’Keefe is HIGH ENERGY up on that stage in a way that does not fit with anything I have ever seen with him. Blabbering on about dying on his feet to the backdrop of some high pitched techno muzak. And all of this at a convention dedicated to the constitution.

One can only engage with cuckservatism as a sociologist engages with the primitive African Tribes of the Wazul. To be studied. Not imitated, and not responded to, only studied.

Actually the more I watch the video the more I like it. I’ve overcome the secondhand embarrassment and now I just unironically enjoy it. I’m dying laughing over here imagining myself as part of that crowd as this happens. In fact, the more times I watch this, the harder I laugh.

It’s actually better they don’t pretend to advocate for White People. I’m glad we’re not a part of this.

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  1. It’s just a political version of those creepy Evangelical Mega-Church places where they play Christian Rock and sway like zombies. It’s so sickening.

  2. This is utterly insane. The most American thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. Great. I’m gonna need Pence’s electro-shock therapy to cure the gay. When I hear establishment conservatives speak, it’s like their stuck in the 80’s. Low taxes and less government will solve all our problems. They really are the dems of the 90’s. Fighting unwinnable battles and preventing white people from fighting winnable battles are all we do round here.

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