Mary and Michael are eager to talk to me, but Betty, their mother, is reluctant to let Michael speak with anyone.

He’s only 17 years old. “He’s my baby,” Betty says.

An’ he dindu nuffin.

For those of you who are missing the backstory, a pregnant White Woman named Sarah Jane Comrie was assaulted, harassed, and taunted by these Dindu Nuffin’s and then slandered by the usual suspects. The BreadTube fags were split, with Vaush correcting himself, and Hasan “Turkroach” Piker doubling down. As an aside, Vaush shaved the beard and my goodness. Guy’s really becoming who he is.

Anyway, alongside Piker in the doubling down category is Monique Judge, the fat Black Mammy who we detailed in a previous piece on the situation. 

She’s written many anti-White screeds for a number of propaganda rags. Today we’re looking at the NewsOne piece.

He’s a senior in high school. He should be planning to attend his prom and looking forward to walking the stage at his graduation in a few weeks, but instead, he and his family have spent the last week and a half living in turmoil.

He’s spent the last week and a half living in turmoil because he got caught assaulting and harassing a pregnant White Woman while lying and pretending that she was stealing his bike. And the reason he got caught is because he filmed the entire thing and uploaded it to the internet.

Michael is the teen in the infamous Citi Bike video with Sarah Jane Comrie, the woman who has been accused of weaponizing whiteness and her tears in an effort to take the bike from the teen in New York City.

How dare that pregnant White Woman cry while being assaulted by the gang of negroes who walked up to her and tried stealing her bike. The gall. The absolute temerity!

Throughout the entire 50-minute interview with Betty and her children, she had her phone out watching video after video of conservatives and racists saying negative things about her baby.

To be clear, Monique is the one who italicized “baby.” She really wants to hammer home that this 17 year old criminal is just a child. A toddler even. Pretty much an infant.

“No one is helping us,” she said, her voice cracking. “We are poor people. We are immigrants. We can’t afford a lawyer.”

“No one bothered to contact us to find out Michael’s story,” she said in a low voice during an interview on Wednesday. “They write all of these things about him, but no one bothered to ask him what happened or look at his receipts.”

These immigrants, who are stealing the criminal harassment jobs that plenty of patriotic American Blax are perfectly happy to do, have the receipts that prove that their little angelic 17 year old toddler Dindu Nuffin. Here it is. 

You see, there exists a CitiBike receipt that someone got somehow that is dated to May 12th, 2023, with no names or other identifying information, and Monique Judge posted it in her article. Therefore it’s totally realistic that the pregnant White Woman who just finished her 12 hour shift went up to these angelic seventeen year old toddlers of colour and decided to steal their bike.

“My brother is an extreme Citi Bike rider,” Mary said proudly. “He is in a group called Citi Bike Angels that sends out free stuff to people who have accumulated a certain amount of points, and my brother has been a frequent Citi Bike rider since 2020 or 2021.”

Angels! You hear that you fuckin bigots? These are angels!

It’s rare that I break out the laugh react pics these days but this is so absurd there is no other appropriate response.

Michael said it’s a regular routine with him and his friends. They meet up in the Bronx, find the new e-bikes Citi Bike has out, and ride them all over New York City.

And sometimes they find these new bikes in the hands of pregnant White Woman just finishing up their shifts and assault, harass, and taunt them while trying to steal their bikes. 

For what it’s worth, the story they weave isn’t even flattering to these losers.

Michael explained that because his family receives some public assistance, he gets a discount on Citi Bike rides, but after 45 minutes, the rate on the bikes increases.

Michael said he pays for his own Citi Bike account, and in order to avoid the higher charges, he frequently stops his rides before they go over 45 minutes to rest and re-dock the bike. Re-docking the bike resets the timer, allowing him to ride for another 45 minutes before stopping again.

“Even regular Citi Bike riders do this,” Mary explained. “The price goes up after 45 minutes for everyone, so people routinely ride their bikes, dock their bikes, ride their bikes, and dock their bikes again.”

Michael said after resting in Harlem for a bit, the boys continued riding into the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They grabbed frozen yogurt and then headed to the Citi Bike docking station at 1st Avenue and E 30th Street near Bellevue Hospital in the Kip’s Bay neighborhood. They docked their bikes at 7:19 p.m. and sat there to rest.

They were there for a few minutes when he said Sarah Jane Comrie approached their group. She initially asked one of Michael’s friends if she could take the bike he was resting on. He politely declined, informing her that they were going to be leaving shortly and using the bikes again.

Michael said Sarah Jane Comrie then said to him, “I’m pregnant. Can you help a pregnant woman out?”

Michael said he then told her, “I’m sorry ma’am. I’ve ridden this bike all the way from the Bronx, and I need this bike to go back home.”

Michael says that is when Sarah Jane Comrie moved closer to him and his bike, leaned over him, and scanned the QR code with her phone even as he had his hands on the handlebars.

She then pushed her way onto the bike and attempted to remove it from the docking station and take it.

It was 7:24 p.m., and that is when the boys began recording.

In other words, they viewed the CitiBike bikes as their personal property, and were squatting on them while not even having them checked out. Then Sarah Jane Comrie, pregnant White Woman, saw that they were squatting on all the bikes, checked one out, and they violently assaulted her for it. This is the best narrative that Monique Judge, a venemous anti-White cunt, has managed to create in the past two weeks, and I don’t believe it. This is especially true because of what Judge says herself.

Michael’s story directly contradicts the narrative that Justin Marino — the employment attorney representing Sarah Jane Comrie — gave in a statement he wrote to the New York Post.

In the statement, Marino wrote that Sarah Jane Comrie approached the rack of Citi Bikes and got on “an available bike, which no individuals were on or touching.” Marino also wrote that as Comrie was allegedly backing the bike out of the dock, “a group of about five individuals approached her, saying that the bike was theirs.”

“One or more individuals in that group physically pushed her bike (with her on it) back into the docking station, causing it to re-lock,” the statement also claimed.

Marino originally made public redacted alleged receipts, but as of Wednesday, his apparent Twitter account posted the unredacted receipts showing Sarah Jane Comrie had rented the bike for one minute at 7:24 p.m.

Here’s that tweet.

This is pretty much the killshot, in case anyone believed this obnoxiously fake story. Sarah Jane Comrie did in fact rent out the citibike in question. It was then pushed back by the Migrants of Colour one minute later while they were assaulting her, which we see on video. Although even the anti-White BLMers have had to admit this much, they just pretend that they somehow owned the bikes themselves, and totally didn’t walk up to Sarah after she checked out a bike and start harassing and assaulting her for fun and internet upvotes.

Monique Judge gives us some more receipts. Allegedly these are from the assaulter’s family. Frankly, I hope they’re real, since the picture they paint is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

These Teen-Americans spend all night going around on bikes as a little gang. They don’t have anywhere in particular to be, which is admitted in the article. The fun comes from them harassing and occasionally assaulting the normal people going about their day renting their bikes. And again, even their version of the story shows that the White Woman was entirely within her rights to rent a bike, since it wasn’t being used. Then she was assaulted, harassed, and taunted by the Blax. 

It’s basically Jussie Smollett all over again. A story so stupid that it can only be dunked on, not responded to. 

Mary said her brother’s friend started recording because they wanted to stay safe.

Guys watch out! There’s a pregnant White Woman about to violently assault our gang! 

Michael added: “She did something wrong, and she basically got rewarded for it. She’s made over $100,000 on a GoFundMe. She got all the white conservatives on her side. Everyone who was on my side has just kind of stayed silent.”

That’s not true. A hardcore group of delusional anti-Whites are still sticking with this story, just like a small group maintains the innocence of Jussie Smollett. Here’s what his mammy had to say. 

“So with a white woman standing right there and screaming for someone to help, if the police had come, and my son was standing there, they are going to shoot him. If he runs, they are going to shoot him.”

“Everyone is taking her side because she is rich, and she is white, and she hired a lawyer, and the lawyer is defending her. They put it all over the television, and no one tried to find out who the boy is who could have lost his life. They didn’t find out who the family is. Everybody just ignored us like we don’t matter.”

It’s word for word the anti-White narrative about White Woman sneakily using the cops to slaughter teams of negroes for no reason. That this is a ridiculous narrative means very little.

“I don’t care how much money that lady is getting because if I were to lose my son, the whole world full of money would not bring him back. Yes, we are immigrants. Yes, we are poor, but we are not thieves. I get EBT because I wish I could afford to feed my children, but I can’t. I work seven days a week. We aren’t hurting anybody.”

The only uncertain piece of the puzzle was whether or not the JeQueerus’ were racially motivated to assault and harass Sarah Jane Comrie because she was White, or if they are more equal opportunity bullies. Reasonable people can disagree, but I think those last two quotes from “Michael,” and his mother “Betty,” should put to bed any idea that there was no anti-White racial animus at play here. Sarah Jane Comrie’s assault and slander should be treated as a hate crime. It won’t be, but it should.

Betty got emotional several times during the interview, something for which she repeatedly apologized.

“That lady asked my boy for his bike, and he said no,” Betty said. “Why couldn’t she just go and get a different bike?”

Also, they tell contradictory tales. First, there were no spare bikes. Second, there were plenty of spare bikes, and the evil Hitler Worshipper just decided for no reason to take the bike that the gang members were on at the moment. Also, it’s not “his,” bike, you retarded clown. It belongs to CitiBike, and he wasn’t even checking it out at the moment. Two sentences from these people, and it spawns ten rants.

How the heck does that work?

Thanks, Monique. Insightful as ever.

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  1. “Yes, we are poor, but we are not thieves. I get EBT because I wish I could afford to feed my children, but I can’t.”

    Go home to your own country and be poor. I can’t stand it that my taxes go to feeding these ungrateful, hateful leeches.

    1. >… these ungrateful, hateful leeches.
      [Man what would America do without immigrant families on public assistance and their kids who game public services and terrorize normal people?]

      Not a fan of Trump, but I give him credit for trying to bring some sanity back to immigration law via reviving the concept of (not being) a ‘public charge’.

      1. >… reviving the concept of (not being) a ‘public charge’.

        Which doesn’t work for refugees (people formally/legally granted asylum) because they are, practically by definition, a ‘public charge’ — and many remain so for a LONG time.

        Did these people come to the US as refugees? — or as family members of others granted refugee status?

        Believe it or not, the country sending the most refugees to the US over the last decade or so has been the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where the average IQ is probably no more than 80 — so not only are these people incompatible with life in a first world technocratic society where there is an increasing premium on cognitive ability, but there was apparently no suitable country in all of Africa where they could be resettled (of course it’s also about money and the lobbying efforts of the phony ‘charities’ that resettle refugees via lucrative contracts with the federal government) — they had to be flown across the ocean to America.

        1. >… the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), …

          The family of Patrick Lyoya, a useless piece of shit criminal who was shot dead by a Grand Rapids MI cop in 2022 while resisting arrest, came to the US as refugees from the DRC.

          “The People vs. Christopher Schurr: Where officer’s murder case stands a year after Patrick Lyoya was killed”

          [Schurr stopped Lyoya’s, a 26-year-old Congolese refugee, vehicle on Nelson Avenue SE that rainy morning because the license plate did not match the vehicle. A struggle ensued between the two after Lyoya tried to run.

          The two fought over Schurr’s Taser during a two-minute struggle. As the two continued to struggle, Schurr was on top of Lyoya and yelled, “Let go of the Taser,” before firing his handgun. Lyoya was shot in the back of the head.]

          The ‘charities’ who dumped these people here are long gone; they took the money and ran, leaving local taxpayers to provide for and deal with these primitive people.

        2. >Patrick Lyoya

          His toxicology report showed a BAC of more than 3x the legal limit for DUI when he was stopped. And he was previously arrested for DUI and other crimes.

          “Here’s what the toxicology report in autopsy of Patrick Lyoya found”

          [Toxicology reports on Patrick Lyoya show his blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit the morning he was shot and killed by a Grand Rapids police officer. …

          The toxicology report didn’t find any illegal drugs in his system or marijuana. Lyoya had previous drunk driving convictions as well as other run-ins with law enforcement for domestic violence.]

          He was 26 y/o when he was shot — I doubt he ever held a job, which is why he was driving around drunk in the middle of the day — his entire family (how many people?) have probably been welfare burdens since the day they arrived.

          Total insanity.

  2. First the sheboon mentions how much in donations Comrie has received, then she claims that she doesn’t care. She would never admit this, but I reckon she wishes that one of her “angels” had gotten shot by the police, because that would’ve meant an instant ghetto lottery jackpot.

  3. Another piss-ant news item designed to inflame you and hold your attention on the symptoms and not the cause, never considering why this sort of bullsh&t is “newz” and so many other occurences are not.
    The cause is the jew and it will never go away until they are skewered on Vlad Poles.
    Why skewering?, it’s effective, it sends a message (like stop, yield, no left turn), and buzzards and ravens are an important part of nature like every other living thing except the alien Nose-feratus.
    But it’s true, long as you center on Negroids versus white (as dumb as repugnantcunts vs demon-rats)…you won’t be censored by brain police.

    1. Yeah, when will Dr Shekelstein finally name the jew?

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