About a week ago someone on BANG posted a link to a legitimately great Fox News interview with someone named Daniel Schmidt. He’s a U of Chicago student who almost got expelled fighting against anti-White courses such as “The Problem of Whiteness.” I considered writing about it at the time, but transcribing video takes an awfully long time, so I decided to skip. Honestly, I was surprised that (((Fox News))) would have someone on who is such an articulate and passionate exposer of anti-Whiteness, who didn’t want to make it something retarded like “the communist Chinese are forcing these universities to push Marxism that exists to divide us from our mulatto children.”

Now I can’t write about it, because Fox Jews privated the video. Why did they do this? Because they’re as anti-White as any other (((media corporation))) and they have to straddle a line between paying lip service to Whitey’s rightful hatred of anti-Whiteness, while not making the case too hard, for fear of legitimizing “extreme” options like the NJP.

In case the image above gets compressed I’ve transcribed the tweet.

Daniel Schmidt Twitter:

Fox Business just scrubbed every trace of my interview from their website and YouTube channel. Completely memory-holed.

My interview was up for a week on their YouTube channel and had 100k+ views and a universally positive reception. But Fox doesn’t care about their audience, so they took down my interview likely because they received pressure from certain actors after my interview gained traction.

All these Fox hosts constantly complain about how college kids are sheep and need to wake up. But apparently that’s just limited to complaining about pronouns and socialism. Discussing anti-white hatred is still off-limits.

More and more white students wake up to the anti-white agenda every day. There will soon be a time when the mainstream conservative movement must address it or become completely obsolete.

It’s difficult for me to add any commentary, that was perfect.

The only part of his interview that I can see as of now is a 36 second clip on twatter. Schmidt starts off with this accompanying blurb. 

Daniel Schmidt Twitter:

Elite universities now promote white genocidal rhetoric. I’ve witnessed it. What will happen when my classmates gain power? How will they treat white people? White students need to speak up, or things will only get worse. Grateful to share this critical message.

Because Elon borked twitter, more on that later today, I can only transcribe the video. If you want to watch it, you have to follow the link above.

Fox Jews Fag: The professor did say that ‘White people are damaging,’ damaging, her word.

Daniel Schmidt: I mean this is – you know it’s not an exaggeration to say that we are entering straight up genocidal anti-White rhetoric. 

Fox Jews Fag: That’s extreme.

*To be clear, he’s tut-tutting against Daniel Schmidt, not the anti-White pseudo-intellectuals*

Shut up, fag.

It is so obnoxious having these servatives get super emotional and high strung over nothings that don’t matter like Hunter Biden dick pics. Then, when confronted with massive, systemic racial discrimination against Whitey, suddenly they’re the picture of calm, ostensibly rational action. “Slow down young man. We can’t get too mad at genocidal anti-White rhetoric that is backed up by institutional power. Let’s not make a fool of ourselves.”

Daniel Schmidt: This psychiatrist spoke at Yale and said she had fantasies of killing White People. Imagine being a White Person in the audience and looking around, your classmates are nodding in agreement. Seriously, if you’re a White Person, speak up, the time is now and it’s only going to get worse. They’re gonna treat me like this, but there needs to be more students like me.

Fox Jews Fag: Daniel Schmidt you got the fire this morning and thanks for bringing it to our show.

Below is the Yale anti-White incident he’s talking about. 

Clearly, Fox Jews Business was not particularly pleased that he “brought the fire” onto their show, which is why they privated the video and have no intention of bringing him back. You can’t be talking about genocidal anti-White rhetoric on Fox Jews, the point is to transition their dwindling audience into supporting child trannies, and not just coloured child trannies like the WOkEsTErS. We here at Fox Jews support child trannies of all races in the melting pot that is Weimerica.

As useless as twatter is, I fully expected the commentariat to unanimously support Daniel Schmidt. Of course, there were some comments that showed anti-White statistics and other things of that nature, as well as plenty of support.

One commenter points out what everyone else has already found out, which is that (((they))) simply will not allow anyone pushing back against anti-Whiteness to amass a large platform. Maybe they’ll let you get uppity for a while, but the second you amass a large enough following to possibly break off from Sheldon Adelson’s GOP, you’ll get censored. 

But what struck me as odd was how many posts there were supporting anti-White Fox News’ decision to censor their own highly popular and well received interview with Daniel Schmidt.

I thought this was inexplicable until I saw the Gayper avatars. I assumed that the Gaypers were assmad over something trivial, and I was right.

Apparently this young man “betrayed,” the Ali Akbar pedophile support group known as Anal Fist. This is not surprising to me. Daniel Schmidt is well spoken, and his interview here has done more for White People than the Mixed Race Mexican TradTwink’s entire e-career, which has undoubtedly been a net negative.

Still, I was mildly curious to see what the “betrayal” was over.

Turns out that they’re assblasted that he quit Anal First, Second, and Third over Fuentes harbouring a known homosexual pederast who attempted to groom fifteen year old boys in the Alt-Republican Cult to rape. In other words, he’s a normal man who doesn’t want to be associated with this evil, grifting clown fiesta.

Look, it’s just your typical tradcath homosexual grooming cult. Who could forget when Judas betrayed Jesus over him sexting dick pics to thirteen year old boys? Pussies are gross bro, god is great, and catboi cock is beyond delicious.

Before the above Fuentes telegram post, made yesterday as of time of writing, Fuentes had nothing but praise for this man.

He posted about him at least eight times.

Indeed, some of the TikTok videos the guy made were quite good. For example, this one focuses on anti-BDS laws in the United States. 

Did you know that in 35 states it’s illegal to boycott Israel. Like in Texas for example all Government employees have to sign an oath saying that they will never boycott Israel. And in Florida, which we always hear is the freest state in the country, Ben and Jerry’s lost nearly $150 million from the Government, because they boycotted Israel.

Now of course Texas and Florida are both run by Republicans. So the question is, why are Republicans usually pro free speech and pro capitalism, yet when it comes to Israel they completely switch their tune. What’s going on there?

None of the pre-teen Alt-Republican drama is worth responding to. It’s just another example of how everyone who is serious about politics eventually leaves the constantly online e-right, in this case Juan Fuentes’ dying homosexual grooming operation. However, they also find out that there is no place for them in mainstream servatism either, precisely because their message is popular.

In the end, they can give up on politics, do it solo, or join the NJP. Anything else is asking to get stabbed in the back and have all your efforts wasted.

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  1. Check @Shadowman311 on Poast. He’s put out the call to anybody who has the full interview. I can’t check because I’m at work, but I think a couple of guys have delivered.

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