I’ve spoken about how my current setup makes it quite difficult to write, and that you shouldn’t expect any daily news articles. Nothing has changed, but I did feel the need to write a short piece on the French race riots.


First, notice that the CBC calls the rioting criminals “protesters,” while they make sure to call the Jan 6th legitimately peaceful protesters “violent insurgents.” They are not alone in doing this. Possibly the most absurd example I’ve seen comes from The Telegraph.

The Telegraph:

Rioters rammed a car into the home of a mayor in southern Paris before setting it on fire while his wife and children were sleeping.

Well that’s not so bad. At least they’re acknowledging that these people –

Protesters chased Melanie Nowak and her two children behind the house and into the garden as the family tried to escape, in the latest example of fierce violence gripping France.

The mother suffered a serious leg fracture after trying to push her children over the wall that separates her garden from her neighbour’s backyard and was recovering in hospital on Sunday morning. One of the children was also injured.

Sorry, my bad. Rioters crashed a car into the house of a mayor in Paris. However, “protesters,” then got out of said car and chased his wife and children around, presumably with the desire to rape them. Those damn Protester-Americans, always *checks notes* courageously protesting racial injustice by attempting to rape and murder women and children.

I’d apologize for not getting pictures from the recent riots in France, but honestly, does it even matter? ZOG is the same everywhere, and what we’re seeing right now is yet another LIHOP, or “Let It Happen On Purpose.” The French Police brutally beat down the Yellow Vest Protesters. Yet now they are coddling these violent criminal rioters. I had no idea that the French state was unable to stop rioters from burning down the largest public library in France. News to me.

In possibly related news, twatter is down. I had no ability to access the site until just now, and it still appears janky. There was some speculation online that Musk intentionally shut down the site for some gay reason, probably because anti-White race riots are some of the best redpilling material around, even if that term is overused. However, others speculated that Elon “fake genius” Musk just refused to pay Google for data use, and then pivoted to pretending it was about combatting bots. Maybe the funniest answer is that they honestly tried rate limiting twatter, and just failed so hard that they bricked their own site. Wouldn’t put it past the guy who invented the Tesla Semi.

In short, we’ve got yet another chimp out in France. The police are intentionally letting it happen. ZOG continues being ZOG. And Elon Musk conveniently shuts down twatter at the same time as a politically productive habbening.

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  1. I have two observations about the throttling of Twatter.

    First of all, the limits. The average tweet is 34 characters. Paypigs with check marks can view 10,000 twats a day, which is 340,000 characters worth of average tweets. Factor in spaces and punctuation, and you’re somewhere in the ballpark of 50,000 words, possibly more. 50k words is about 100 A4 pages of single line spaced text. If you have enough spare time in your day to do that much reading, why are you wasting it on reading something as gay and retarded as Twatter?

    Which brings me to my second point. Realistically, the people who will be most affected by this throttling are permanently online turbospergs who are clearly addicted to social media. With their source of upcummies suddenly choked off, I can envisage a few potential outcomes for these losers:
    1) They will finally break themselves of their destructive addiction and go outside (this is the least unlikely outcome in my opinion).
    2) They will retreat to some other dark corner of the internet with like minded spergs and be ignored by everyone else (the most likely outcome).
    3) They will suffer a horrendous dopamine crash which ends with them committing suicide (an extremely unlikely outcome, but still one with a nonzero probability)

    All the while Twatter eventually gets consigned to the dustbin of internet history alongside MySpace, GeoCities, etc. Frankly, I see this as a W.

  2. Now Paris can be the Detroit of Europe. Thanks Jews

  3. ‘These bots were scraping twitter, for free data! thats data we wanted to sell them!’
    is what I got from (((this)))

    1. That isn’t too far from the truth.
      Reddit essentially has the same attitude to its data repository – they’ve even gone so far as restoring the posts of users who have deleted their accounts – even when those users have explicitly demanded that their posts be deleted. This is illegal under California law (where Reddit is headquartered).
      The true value of any social media website is in its userbase, and the data they generate. Without it, they’re just a bunch of server racks with a bespoke API that any competent code monkey can bash out.

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  5. The extent of the rioting might be of interest, tho.

  6. As much as I like the french the french themselves are very anti-anglo and alot of them are liberals or Quebec only conservatives

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