If this actually happened it might be the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of.


A former Greater Toronto Area councillor says she suddenly resigned last month after her car was repeatedly vandalized and that city officials, including the mayor and the integrity commissioner, didn’t address her safety concerns or fully investigate the alleged culprit.

Former Mississauga Councillor Karen Ras

When first reading this story, I thought it was just something typical. You know, this wahman’s car keeps getting vandalized because of Unsporstmanlike-Americans. Something like that. 

While Karen Ras won’t say who allegedly keyed her car eight times over two years, CBC News has learned police identified Coun. Ron Starr as the suspect.

Mississauga City Councillor Ron “key the car” Starr

Instead I find out she’s complaining that another councillor would repeatedly key her car. 

“Once I knew I couldn’t get any resolution from the integrity commission, I knew my heart wasn’t going to be in this role anymore, because there were no more avenues to seek out,” Ras, who served as a councillor in Mississauga, Ont., for seven years, told CBC News. The city of more than 800,000 is adjacent to Toronto.

“It comes down to personal safety. Was this going to escalate? What was next? And it was just really deflating when there was no recourse.” 

Yes there was. You could have gone to the police since you are telling us that this man is vandalizing your property.

Starr was allegedly caught on camera by city hall security staff using his key to scratch the paint of the front side of Ras’s Kia SUV in April 2021, according to sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

According to unnamed sources this guy was caught keying this broad’s car. In fact he did this eight times. Yes that’s right, he keyed her car eight times, and there’s security footage of it, allegedly, but there is no police involvement. Either this is a complete fabrication, or the strangest story I have ever read.

It’s unclear why Starr allegedly damaged the fellow councillor’s vehicle.

Oh and I forgot, nobody knows why he keyed her car eight times. 

Ras first noticed damage to her vehicle in the spring of 2019, she said. Over the next two years, she documented eight separate incidents. Each time, her vehicle was parked in a private lot reserved for council members.

Ras reported those incidents to police, but nothing came of it until city hall security staff installed a surveillance camera in the garage, the sources said. In April 2021, the camera captured a man who appeared to be Starr vandalizing her car. 

Whoopsie. I guess I forgot to read this article properly the first time through. So this broad keeps getting her car keyed by the other city councillor, Starr. Depending on the politics of everyone involved, this is either a complete outrage or positively hilarious. Let me look that up for you.

I couldn’t find anything anti-White or perverted about her. Besides, this Starr guy looks vaguely heebish. I am outraged that this poor woman’s car got keyed.

Then again, all of her municipal achievements are environmental and zoning stuff, which correlates well with being a cunt. She also had her previous jobs in government communications and the corporate world. She’s retiring to what appears to be a borderline sinecure. Here’s from the Toronto Star.

It’s always easier to leave when a fantastic career opportunity appears.  The former director of corporate relations for Enersource Corporation will soon be director of communications, government and stakeholder relations at the Electrical Safety Association in Mississauga.

Look at her smug cunt face. Absolutely hilarious that her car got keyed.

But then again she’s also a mother of two. God, it’s just so hard to know whether I should laugh or be outraged. If only there was some conclusive proof. 


Initially, Ras released a statement on Jan. 17, saying she’d vacate her seat 11 days later because, in part, of online abuse and workplace issues. 

In her interview with CBC News Tuesday, Ras said she decided to share more details publicly after receiving messages from other female politicians and political staff thanking her for her statement.

If we want to get more women into these roles, then something needs to change,” Ras said.

Enjoy your car getting keyed eight times you fucking cunt. Ron “Knows what Hoes are” Starr the rare based boomer. And for that I am greatful.

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