They’re really trying to make this Canada’s Jan 6th. Problem is that Canada is to gay to do a gay-op, and everybody is sick of this Covid-19 shit in 2022. 


In its most obvious display of enforcement against the anti-pandemic rule demonstration that arrived in Ottawa 10 days ago, dozens of heavily armed police officers descended Sunday night on the baseball stadium parking lot that’s been serving as a staging area for the protesters in the downtown core.

Police removed vehicles and at least one tanker of fuel that was stored at the Coventry Road lot. Ottawa police later announced they had arrested two people at the site, with other arrests elsewhere that day linked to protest activity.

About 10 protesters in reflective vests stood firm in front of fuel supplies that were stored toward the southern end of the lot.

Snipers stood guard on the roof of the stadium and hotel on either side of the parking lot as police moved through the camp.

See this is sort of the irritating part of the Finklethink Convoy. While the truckers themselves have every reason to be pissed, it’s run by a gay jew supremacist named Benjamin Dichter. Needless to say they will not be getting policy, where policy is a standin for any real political victories. At best, the response to this naked oppression by the BLM Supporting police chief Peter Sloly will be getting some cuckservatives elected… who also support BLM.

Beyond the “F–k Trudeau” flags and the reports of journalists being harassed, convoy organizers are promoting a “memorandum of understanding” calling on the Senate and the Governor General, in collaboration with a committee of citizens, to issue edicts to federal, provincial and municipal governments to repeal all vaccine-related restrictions. If the Senate and governor general decline to go along with that plan, the memo says, they’re expected to resign.

Convoyers bringing in fuel.

At least they have some tangible demands. But that’s the problem, ultimately if you make Globo Homo Schlomo choose between power and legitimacy, if you don’t have a political party backing you up, they can choose power with very little downside. All activism without a political party is essentially wasted effort.

Police have conceded, in retrospect, allowing trucks to park at the city-owned RCGT Park east of downtown was a key error in what they call an unprecedented protest.

When they offered the lot to the demonstrators more than a week ago, the idea was to get the trucks out of downtown. But protesters soon organized themselves into a supply camp, complete with large tents for food and recently, the addition of three working saunas.

I have to hand it to these truckers for their ingenuity. Contrasting this with the CHAZ LARP is pretty funny. Remember the CHAZ garden?

Pictured: Crops ready to feed downtown Seattle through the winter.

I wished these truckers the best at the time, but I knew nothing would come of it. It is useful to see the totally different police response to this, than either BLM chimpouts or Charlottesville. The more real and effective your protest, the harder the oppression.

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