I had never heard of Tayler Hansen before, but his breakdown of the murders of five people at Capitol Hill on January 6th is excellent.

Tayler Hansen Substack:

Follow closely as we explain in detail each of the five deaths from January 6th and 7th. We will show you how the Government, Capitol/MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) Police specifically, were responsible for all five deaths, and how they conspired to hide the truth from the public.

Benjamin Philips

Hansen details how Benjamin Philips was murdered by the police firing a concussion grenade. It hit him in the chest and stopped his heart. No warning was given to the crowd. They simply started firing concussion grenades at them.

Kevin Greeson

The second death by Capitol Police was that of Kevin Greeson. Greeson, like Phillips, also fell victim to the barrage of grenades thrown into the crowd by Capitol Police. Protesters gave Greeson CPR while they attempted to alert the Police that he needed immediate medical attention. In a desperate attempt to save him, the crowd moved his body closer to medical staff on three occasions.

Washington Post Reporter says:

“As flashbang grenades went off a man in the crowd suffered a medical emergency and then was pulled out to get CPR.”

Translation— A peaceful protester was killed by a concussion grenade thrown by the Capitol Police.

Similar story for Kevin Greeson. 

Mainstream media originally reported on a rumor that Greeson died from tazing himself in his testicles repeatedly.

Independent Fact Checkers condemn this as Fake News.

Yes, the WMD Liars made up a ridiculous claim that Kevin Greeson died because he repeatedly tazed himself in his balls. Truly these propagandists are heroes to the republic. 

Rosanne Boyle, middle.

One of the most tragic stories of a victim is that of Rosanne Boyland. The reports around Boyland’s death always refer to acute amphetamine intoxication — in layman’s terms: a drug overdose. In interviews with Boyland’s family members following her death, they revealed that she had been sober for seven years and that she was very proud of her accomplishment.

Conflicting Media reports place her in two different situations which could not take place at the same time. One report says she was standing off by herself when she collapsed in the rotunda; the other says she was actively engaging with police. One story even says that the crowd did CPR on Boyland until they took her to the Police line.

Quite to the contrary, Boyland was beaten unconscious by an MPD Police woman’s stick. Gary Mcbride with M5 News was the first to identify the officer as Lila Morris. The same Lila Morris hailed as a “hero” to the whole nation just weeks later at Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021. Crazy coincidence, right?

Lila Morris, center

Metropolitan Police Officer, Lila Morris, is seen brutally beating Boyland repeatedly with what appears to be a wooden walking stick. Morris can be seen swinging from high above her head in a frenzy, with blows like a sledgehammer, expunging any life Boyland may have had left in her body.

He’s not exaggerating. Here’s the video.

And we have of course Ashli Babbitt.

The now-famous footage of Ashli Babbitt marching towards the Capitol gives the most accurate representation of her mood that day. She confidently walked towards her final destination with a heart full of resolve, hope, and life. Shortly after that video was filmed, her life would be taken by the only bullet fired that day. That shot was irrefutably fired by Capitol Police Lieutenant, Michael Leroy Byrd.

Lt. Michael Byrd

And finally we have Officer Sicknick.

Officer Brian Sicknick

Mainstream Media set the pace for Sicknick’s story based on the information the Government told them to use. The original narrative was that Sicknick was bludgeoned to death, and his head caved in. They said that he was violently murdered by a protester with a fire extinguisher, but that is criminally inaccurate.

Tayler Hansen goes into great detail as to what killed Officer Brian Sicknick, and how. First they claimed he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Then they claimed he was sprayed by something from the protesters. In reality he died of a stroke, and was denied care by the police themselves.

Just when you think the story couldn’t get any worse, it does.

All five bodies of the Americans who lost their life in DC can no longer be examined.


In a bizarre, yet unsurprising twist in this story, all five bodies were cremated. All five of the bodies and the evidence they hold were permanently destroyed. It gives shocking new truth to the saying, “dead men tell no tales“.

When the people who own Joe Biden tell him to say “this was worse than 911 or Pearl Harbour,” in a way he’s actually right. Those were gayops that lead to wars, but at least the supposed perpetrators were foreigners, and the war was against them. The purpose of all this bullshit about Jan 6th is to justify what can honestly be construed as a war against the American People. Specifically White People getting too uppity.

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  1. In order to be a member of capital police, you have to have been fired for corruption from one of the 50 states various police forces first. Dc is the pimple where all the bad from all 50 states finally settles

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