Starting June 2nd, 2020, we had the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” be created. This was when some BLM/Antifa trannies took over a small part of downtown Seattle, in the worlds funniest fake revolution.

Well it got considerably less funny as time wore on, due to the massive surge in violent crime and burglary. I normally tell the audience not to read the links, but this story is actually pretty hilarious, so in this case you should click on that link.

The Sun UK:

Mayor Jenny Durkan threatened to end the six-block cop-free zone for over a week and eventually issued an executive order to boot demonstrators from it.

The emergency order, which took effect early on Wednesday morning, directed all residents to vacate the area.

At least 31 people were arrested for “failure to disperse, obstruction, assault, and unlawful weapon possession, police said.

The order stated that the Seattle Police Department received various reports of “narcotics use and violent crime, including rape, robbery, assault, and increased gang activity” within CHOP.

From June 2 to June 30, there was also a staggering 525 percent increase in violent crime compared to the same period last year.

They also noticed an enormous surge in firearms and other weapons. Which is interesting because I was under the impression that these people were big on gun control. I guess that’s just for you goy.

Two different fatal shootings resulted in the deaths of two teenagers, and the serious injuring of a third. All of them were black, although make no mistake, these people would have happily murdered white people as well, just to INB4 someone trying to “own the liberals,” with an implicitly anti-white talking point.

Regardless, CHAZ, the Central Hill Autonomous Zone, was one of the biggest LARPs, or Live Action RolePlays, in human history. The idea of establishing an autonomous zone separate from the parasitical US government is an appealing one for honest, hardworking, and actually productive Americans. Normal white people would have an autonomous zone be constantly attacked with drone strikes, while the entire media complex, judiciary, military, and corporate positions of power would happily condemn them, and call for their deaths, and then public show trials for treason and sedition. Everybody knows that Antifa and BLM are nothing more than the shock troops of the Privileged, the unofficial army that exists to do illegal things that the state and police can’t get away with, and as a result, they were allowed to LARP around for a month. If CHAZ had not become such a bad optics meme, they would still be going, but it’s worth mentioning the utter ease with which the police interrupted the shit show, adding further absurdity to the LARPing. When the police were given the order to close up CHAZ, CHAZ got closed in about half an hour.

Of course, you would never in a million years set up an autonomous zone in a city, let alone the downtown of a city, for the very obvious reason that you simply cannot grow enough food to feed the populace in such an area. You also cannot generate electricity in such a small area, at least to the extent that you require, get enough clean water, dispose properly of waste, and many other logistical problems that make the entire thing a complete non-starter. CHAZ was an “autonomous zone,” where the antifa’s “rebelling against the system,” used Mastercards to purchase delivery pizza supposedly from another country. Meanwhile Mastercard and VISA collude to deny Gab, an online free speech platform, the right to engage in online financial transactions.

This was from CHAZ.

CHAZ lasted from June 2nd, to June 30th. How long would some White Nationalist, or hell, any even vaguely populist uprising last? Suddenly the Potato President, Gorland Blormph, would find all the legal excuses needed to send in the paratroopers.

To view Antifa/BLM as anything other than the pseudo-revolution of the privileged is to miss the point. These people call themselves anti-capitalism anarchists, and yet their favourite thing in the whole entire world is mass reporting peasants for violating Mark Zuckerberg’s terms of service.

Remember CHAZ when you hear some propagandists talking about how Kyle Rittenhouse was only allowed to defend himself because he was White. Or if Orange Faggot wants to run again. Or in any number of different contexts. It really puts things in perspective.

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  1. Remember when the government initiated a commission to investigate this clear assault on democracy and rule of law and arrested the leaders of the CHAZ insurrection, charging them with sedition and imprisoning them for over a year while awaiting trial?

    1. How could I forget? The media just won’t shut up about it.

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