I recently wrote about how I have become an old man waiting for the Waukesha Doc to drop. As if to prove me wrong, just days later the documentary finally does drop. 

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The opening minute of editing where they contrast the narration of various anti-White epithets with the immediate visual contrast is excellent. As one example, they played Bernie Sanders saying “if you’re White… you don’t know what it’s like to get hassled down the street,” and then immediately followed it up with this as his narration was ending.

If for nothing else, at least watch that bit. They should probably release it as it as a standalone minute, since it’s so fantastic. 

After that Media2Rise journalist Lucca Corgiat gives the overview of the the situation. He touches on Darrell Brooks anti-White rhetoric and criminal record, and the media coverup of the event.

Stuck in my mind is this image of the driver, who was looking straight ahead. Looked like he had one hand on the wheel. Very focused. Stoic. Not alarmed like you would think if this was an accident.

These are kids. This is our community. And, how could someone do that I just, I don’t understand. – Michele Johnson

I’ll remind you of my video on BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks, which you can see below.

The documentary does a great job going into the bail shenanigans that got Darrell Brooks out of jail. After showing that the transcript of Brook’s bail hearing, for a different crime, doesn’t exist, he goes into the history of The Bail Project. Hyphen-Report has a fairly good article on that, which you can read here.

It’s at this point of the doc that their activism starts, right around 12 minutes into the video. They do not get many good responses, or even responses at all, from their calls. They also go to the house of Darrell Brook’s hoping for a response, and get nothing. One nice little tidbit of info that I never found out myself, is that Brooks had to travel 30 miles to the Waukesha Christmas Parade. He lived in Milwaukee, and had no actual reason to be in Waukesha. 

Trey Garrison

It is Thursday. We have been putting calls into the mayor every day. And he hasn’t even given us the courtesy of a declining response. This is mayor Shawn Reilly. So we’re going to go in there and see if he wants to talk about what happened in his community. Why wouldn’t he?

Well needless to say, it doesn’t go as hoped. 

They go to the mayors office, and get this guy. His response, after Trey Garrison introduces himself, is “not interested,” and then he forces the door shut. 

This is escape. So the motive is a criminal escaping justice. – Jim Cavanaugh, Former ATF Agent

Which they then immediately follow up with an interview of Darrell Brooks himself. In fact, they got the first interview with Brooks. 

Lucca Corgiat: Well I guess the one thing that they’re saying is that you’re fleeing some kind of… maybe a knife incident or some kind of crime maybe before the parade, or the incident happened. Is that true?

Darrell Brooks: I don’t even… I have no idea about that.

Corgiat: Okay, so you weren’t involved with a knife incident?

Brooks: Absolutely not.

They end the interview with Brooks being pleasant towards them. Brooks appears to think our guys are on his side, so when they say they’re coming back tomorrow for another interview, he agrees. Next day when they go back, they are informed that Brooks specified that nobody talk to him.

Fox Jews interviewed Brooks in their erroneously titled “first jailcell interview.” I covered their absurd article here, but more relevant here is that they probably spooked Brooks, thus denying our goys the ability to get more of the story from him.

The next part of the documentary they get this Republican guy, Terry Dittrich, out there and ask him a few questions about hate crime charges and motive. Like a typical conservative, he bloviates about economics for a few minutes first. However, later on his speech is more revealing.

I’m not a lawyer, and having said that I think you could interpret whether people would believe it was a hate crime. I mean I don’t know why you wouldn’t think that it would be. Based on the fact that this person went in a premeditated way, and in such a, uh, unrestricted way. Just, you know, randomly to kill people. But I don’t know the actual law as its stated to be a hate crime, so I’d have to look at that.

I mean the bottom line is the guy admitted in his rap songs and in his posts on facebook and his communication which is all there, although the mainstream media won’t even say his name, which was published. What the guy was talking about I mean he’s very clear that he wants to kill White People. 

I don’t even know why, I mean anybody who is sane, and wants to look at this whole thing and cares about the truth. This guy hates White People and wanted to kill them. And there’s numerous cases of him bragging about how he’s going to do it. And he was all in favour of everything that BLM was doing. 

He then does the typical non-fighter cuckservative bit about how he doesn’t want to be too divisive. He promises that he’ll talk about that, although I don’t believe they ever have. See it would be too inflammatory to be pushing this hard. 

Senator Ron Johnson

They then get into the Senator Ron Johnson. I wrote about him earlier, but their work is even more cutting. Ron Johnson claimed that he didn’t want hate crime charges to Darrell Brooks because he’s “I’m not a supporter of, you know, federal hate crimes.” They then caught him on record voting for the ADL approved 

Ron Johnson voted for this bill.

It seems that Senator Johnson only opposes hate crime laws when the victims are White. – Rob Rundo

The documentary ends with the NJP protest in Waukesha, interspersed with some NJP interviews, and a information on the victims. It’s excellent work. Worth the wait.

And I’m happy to see that they’ve received over 11k views on Odysee as of time of writing. 

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