A while back I was informed of this particularly nasty character known as Kansas Zoomer. He’s a big part of the Manlet Cult, with him physically appearing at at least one TwinkPAC. I’ll have evidence of that later on in my Louis Theroux Tardfight series. 

Needless to say his optics are absolutely on point. 

Unfortunately he doesn’t appear to be doing too well with women. I know, it’s truly a shocking revelation, but the man has never been kissed, nor had anyone tell him that they love him.

I went over to his Gab page, which you can find here if you are so inclined, and was immediately presented with this.

You’d sort of think that if Anal Fist was a serious political movement, they might not want this vicious loser putting their logo on his gab page. Well you’d be right, but this is just a social club for Visible Losers online, so they’re cool with it.

Literally the first post on his timeline is him retweeting the Manlet Cult Leader’s “Happy incel day,” post. I’m sorry, his serious goy Great Optics post that will surely win over the soccer moms at the church BBQ.

CTRL + F’ing “wom” with a casual scroll down his timeline gives the following results. This next one needs to be explained a little. You see he’s responding to a heterosexual who is angry at an image he posted.

I’ll give you a moment to prepare yourself for what this hideous little shit posted. 

You psycing yourself up.

Alright I think that’s long enough.

Yes, the serious goyim Great Optics GOP Infiltrators are posting excessively gory fantasies about murdering White Women. Let’s see that video once again.

Why are people mean indeed? Getting rejected by 109 women. Every time it’s their fault.

And he’s exactly as sexually successful as his leader.

Well, with women at least.

But hey, at least this little Gaffer has “fucked hundreds of skanks,” in addition to pulling 10/10 church girls into the bathroom and banging them while their attractive and tall husbands wonder where they went. Bet you wish you were short and ugly but with a knowledge of French Poetry huh lanklet?

At least when he’s not escaping from surveillance by leaping into conveniently placed helicopters and speedboats. Are there any men in this “movement,” that aren’t complete and utter Biological Failures?

Andrew put your hand down you little faggot.

Goyim, I’m sensing a weird pattern here. It’s almost like our “opposition,” is just constantly online hyper losers who are extremely angry at being biological failures. It’s almost like that, because it is that. 

Never forget that the people calling you a heterosexual (wignat) online look like this.

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  1. That’s so pathetic, why doesn’t he kill himself already? It’s not like he’s going to leave a lineage behind him anyway, might as well end the suffering.

    1. Multiple people have sent this to me. Guess I have to write about it now.

  2. I bet his mother is proud of him.

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