For those of you who don’t know, Nicky Juan Fuentes, the Tradhomo Revolutionary Twinkcel invited Louis Theroux to do a documentary on him. If you don’t know who Nicky Fuentes is, go here. If you’re too lazy to do that, just think “complete and utter faggot”.

Louis Theroux is a documentary maker. And by documentary maker, I mean a political hatchet man whose sole mission in life, aside from probably being a weird pervert, is making the enemies of ZOG look bad. Here’s him interviewing a Boer.

Since your brain actually works, you would never even consider allowing Louis Theroux to interview you. Since there is no possible way to make yourself look good when he has the power to maliciously edit everything you say, and control the subject of conversation, there’s no possible political gain to be had. After all, Louis Theroux doesn’t need the money, it’s the political gain that he and his handlers want. So if you do something that makes you look good he just won’t include it in the documentary.

If this is all sounding very obvious to you, congratulations on not being a complete retard.

Above we see the Louis Theroux documentary on America Fist, which they allowed him to do because they are complete retards. Well, maybe not.

You see, from the perspective of a serious political actor, letting your political opposition interview you, especially when they get final edit, is a complete non-starter. But to the twink grifters in America First, all that really matters is getting more exposure. You see, if 95% of the people who watch the documentary go “LOL, this Fuentes is a complete and utter faggot,” but 5% take his side, that’s more superchat donations he’s getting.

It really is not any more complicated than that.

The video starts with Theroux clowning on Baked Alaska, one of the weird fags in the AFag movement.

Louis Theroux: So do you feel like I’m pushing an agenda.

Baked Alaska: Yeah.

Louis Theroux: So what is the agenda?

Baked Alaska: You hate White People. Okay, so why don’t you get over yourself. Why don’t YOU apologize for your ancestors from thousands of years ago. Cause you’re White Louis. Aren’t you. Aren’t you White?

I hate to praise such a disgusting creature as Louis Theroux, but the way he manhandles these manlets is absolutely priceless. The frame he sets is one of a teacher patiently waiting on a particularly stupid pupil. He waits that half a second, glances slightly away as if bored, before casually continuing.

Louis Theroux: Yeah.

Baked Alaska: Oh. Why don’t. So why don’t youuuu apologize for who you are? Cause you’re a disgrace.

Louis Theroux: You’re seething right now.

Baked Alaska: No YOU are.

Theroux: You look like you’re about to start crying.

Baked Alaska: You’re the one who’s crying.

*Cuts Baked Alaska off as he opens his mouth.

Theroux: Come on man.

The way he just casually turns away from Baked Alaska…

If only the entire documentary was like this. If I made it, then it would be. Sadly, because Louis Theroux is a Globo Homo Schlomo Enjoyer, he has to make it this gay shit about how these little tards are secretly influencing the KKK Republican Party who are just seconds away from peeling the skin off of black toddlers and chucking jews into the insecticide chambers.

Case in point. Just after a perfect felting of Baked Alaska we get this shot of him narrating about how scary the “far-right,” is, while the camera is way up in his weirdo face. I mean, I have no idea what this gay little creature was thinking here. This is one of the most bizarre editing choices I’ve ever seen in a documentary. Usually if they’re going to do this narration, they actually show the subject at hand. Or maybe they’d show quick cuts of Theroux and his team on their trip from England/Tel Aviv to America.

But no instead they shove the camera right in his face as he weirdly looks around a bit.

I have no idea what this weird pervert was thinking. I am just as baffled as you are. This is the footage we are treated to as he says.

For several months I have been spending time with the new incarnation of the American far right.

Literally stock footage of nothing would have been more appropriate you fucking tard.

Anyway after this 5 seconds of unintentional insight into the AIDS ridden brain of a Globo Homo Enjoyer we get the unfortunate sight of the Manlet Cult General, Nick Fuentes. He proceeds to say,

America First BITCH!

And then proceeds to fire two pistols while walking forwards in a move that, I’m sure, seemed cooler in his mind.

Theroux: You think America should be majority White.

Fuentes: Yes, yes. It’s not a bigoted thing. It’s not a White Nationalist thing or a hateful thing.

With that Louis gets back to his cuck narration, with some footage from Nick’s Stop the Steal Grift.

A movement spawned online, and defined by racism and misogyny and homophobia.

Since Theroux is a faggot, he doesn’t make the far more incisive critique that Nick the Narcissist is up there pretending to have this epic moment. And yet half the people in the audience are just staring at him and not even shouting. It’s this fake high energy moment that’s super cringe. But since Theroux is trying to tell his audience of shitlibs that these people are super scary bad people, he doesn’t want to just straight up say “LOL these people are such faggots.”

Anyway he then cuts to a clip of Fuentes.

Fuentes: Racism’s the new rock and roll, and I’m the biggest rockstar of all.

JFC Fuentes is a faggot.

Using social media and streaming to radicalize its young audience.

Baked Alaska: Let me tell you a joke. Black lives don’t matter.

Theroux then hits the absolute killshot, clipping a part of Baked Alaska’s stream where he, for no reason, goes to some random black guy and says the above, and then gives him the finger. You can also see the manlets in his chat going wild.

Look, if you’re making me cringe because of how offputting and needlessly rude you’re being, I think it’s safe to say that you’re not going to be a big hit with the soccer moms at the church BBQ’s that you theoretically talk about but never actually attend.

But then again, they might meet an icky girl there. So it’s better to be safe and only go on dates with catbois.

Theroux: Isn’t there some part of you that thinks that’s not really where I want to be.

Baked: No I actually enjoy racist humour and misogyny. I think that’s awesome. I think we need more racist jokes to be honest.

If you define “optics,” as “appealing to normal people,” then the Manlet Cult has the absolute worst optics of any group of people known to man. On the other hand, if you define it as “cucking to the ADL to keep an online grift going,” then it makes sense.

They then cut to Baked Alaska chanting “Jews will not replace us,” at Charlottesville.

I’m sorry, I thought that Charlottesville was an “Optics Disaster,” or whatever, and then I see footage of this retard running around chanting “jews will not replace us.” I feel like this is a great addition to the Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult, but we’ve still got to blitz through the rest of this intro. 

At a time when internet hate is increasingly leading to real world conflict, I was attempting to understand the motivations and techniques of a new generation of homegrown extremists.

What. The. Fuck. Am. I. Looking. At.

Theroux: You did a nazi salute.

Beardsoy: I did not do a nazi salute. You should get the fuck out of my house.

On the frontline of a cultural war.

Look Louis, if Beardsoy is on one side of a war it’s basically over. Just declare total victory and move on.

Theroux: Are you kind of doing a documentary on me while I’m doing one on you.

Baked: Well I can’t tell you but you’re dealing with one of the world’s most intricate internet trolls.

Yes, Baked Alaska really did say that. And then he stands there with that tard look on his face. With his Pit Vipers. That these faggots also wear while inside. 

And with that we’re done the first two minutes of this piece. You’ll see the same themes strewn throughout the entire hour. Basically Theroux is trying to pump up these constantly online queers as some sort of serious political threat to Democracy or whatever, but he keeps accidentally showing everyone what impotent faggots they are instead.

I mean there was no way to put Beardsoy on camera and not have that happen. The guy is basically the lowest form of life on earth, and Baked Alaska isn’t far behind. 

I still don’t know how he isn’t in jail.

Because of this, it’s an uneven documentary to be sure. But we’ll be hitting just the highlights.

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