I’ve been remiss with this AABF series, in part because I just flat out have more important things to do. However, I had at least three different people forward me this article of his, so I guess I’m contractually obligated to write about it.


Valentine’s Day AKA Pussy Worship Day is a Fake Holiday


Pussy worship day? It’s literally a holiday for couples. It’s probably the one day a year where men collectively get the most sexual favours. But after reading through his bizarre manlet sexual power dynamic theorizing it does not surprise me that a holiday for couples suddenly turns into some weird vagina worship event for him.

Valentine’s Day is not a traditional Christian or otherwise cultural holiday.

It was invented by the greeting card companies to compel men to be obligated to spend money on women, to show that they worship their sacred gooey holes.

I’ve never liked Valentines day, because forced romance is no romance at all. If Anglin wasn’t such a sperg, he’d write something like “Valentines day is a corporate invention, don’t feel obligated to spend money.” Hell, I’d even go so far as to say that if your woman demands you spend money on her, for pretty much any reason, find another.

So of course he doesn’t say that. If you have ever bought flowers for your woman than you are simply worshipping her goey holes. You could have spent that money on your catboi, wignat.

This is in fact satanic idolatry.

As time passes, I start having the same problem writing about Anglin that I do writing about Fuentes. I used to read the DS every single day, up until some time around 2019, as I detailed here. Then I checked in every few weeks. Then once every three months. Now I only go there for research to write these articles. 

This bizarre fake Christian, holier than thou tone that he adopts is slimy and gross, even for him. He originally started doing the Christian bit back in 2017, and it seemed moderately plausible as part of a political movement, if stupid. Now it apparently has devolved into this. It’s no longer about being Christian in order to have access to fleshed out networks, or even for “muh optics.” Instead it’s about being Christian because dying for Jesus is awesome, but also give up.

Men should fear God alone – not fear a woman denying you access to her stinking goo hole.

Andrew Anglin, god fearing asian sex tourist.

Conversely, Elliot Rodger’s Day is a real holiday that celebrates the courage and bravery of a martyr who died fighting for the rights of all men.

I hadn’t been on the DS in a long time, as mentioned earlier, but apparently he changed the site banner.

And yes, it is February 15th when I got this pic. So not only is the joke in poor taste, Anglin is too lazy to change the site banner back to whatever it was before. 

On this day, we honor and remember the sacrifice of a Supreme Gentleman.

Rest in peace, Elliot.

We will never forget you.

Anglin’s defense of Harvey Weinstein pieces were so long that I made an entire video dedicated to their absurd lengths. Because reading some 7,000+ words, not even including screencaps of text, of some short little retard ranting about how agreeing with 99.9% of the world that Harvey Weinstein is a gross rapist is an experience all of its own.

And yet, I have quoted every word of his article thus far. Two years ago this little midget wouldn’t have been caught dead with any article less than dissertation length. And now here he is with this absurdly lazy and low energy unfunny bit about appreciating Elliot Rodgers.

We are all incels now.

I mean that’s just literally not true. Men who can even occasionally get sex, are by definition not incels. Unless he is referring to his dwindling loser readership, in which case it’s a bold statement but possibly true.

We are all Elliot Rodger.

Someday, statues will be built in his honor.

I know I just said this, but I can’t get over it. When did Andrew Anglin get so lazy and unfunny? I mean he progressively became unfunny from 2017-2019, but at least he would meth himself up enough to write these absurd screeds in defense of jew rapist Harvey Weinstein. 

But I guess there’s an end to everything.

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  1. Truly tragic….

  2. It’s hard to top how bad Anglin fell off, but I think Richard Spencer is currently doing it with his EU Nato Fed cheerleading.

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