I’ve been taking a long break from this series, some of that being things out of my control. The time off has allowed me to come to the conclusion that there are more important ways of spending my time. There are definitely a few things where I simply need to correct the record, as I did with the Jayoh pieces, which you can read here and here, as well as the Cantwell piece, which you can read here.

I’ll probably have this series only go three or four more pieces long. After all, in my pieces on Fuentes I ended by pointing out that Fuentes is an irrelevant loser, who has yet to so much as try and fail primarying a Republican, let alone running someone for office and winning. It’s easy content, but then again, so is Breadtube takedowns, and more traditional political work. 

However the Finklethink Convoy, which I’ve written about numerous times, made me wonder. This is the kind of thing that should be right up the Deadmeme Stormer’s alley, what with being anti-Covid stuff that’s “optical,” where optical means impotent, stupid, and utterly kosher. So I popped into the Daily DramaQueen and was treated to this.


I was accused of anti-caravanism for something I wrote yesterday, basically just stating the obvious fact that no, you’re not having a trucker revolution.

A majority of Canadians really love having no freedoms and being vaxed and tracked so on.

I’d forgotten that the DeadMeme Stormer kept doing the Patriotard bit long after it was even moderately justifiable. As a result, when the US government does things that Americans don’t want, he’ll correctly blame ZOG, or at least he used to, not sure anymore. However, when the governments of other countries oppress the people, well that just means that everybody in those countries really wanted it.

Anglin would also routinely point out that “representative” democracy is a totally corrupt system that exists so the people can be blamed for their own oppression. He wouldn’t say it that succinctly, because he’s kind of an idiot, but he would make that obvious point. But he also just ignores that whenever it’s convenient, and he wants to do some Boomer-Tier ‘Murica posting.

Having coherent politics has never been a feature of the Manlet Cult.

Justin Trudeau is not going to resign. Maybe they’ll make some slight change to the way the trucker vax passes function and then just change it back in a few months. Whatever. All I said was that this revolution is dumb and I see people talking like children.

But, I’ve always supported mass peaceful protests against the vax agenda. So I’m obviously not against this one. I think seeing how many people oppose it will help people later, when things get worse.

Shutting down a city by parking trucks in the roads is a good idea. Of course, this is a weekend protest, Trudeau has said he won’t meet with protesters…

Having said all that, Anglin’s take here is pretty reasonable. The Finklethink Convoy is not going to be getting any tangible, important policy. This should be viewed as trolling, and nothing more. Of course, the same was true for the “Groyper War,” where they asked Ben Shapiro about the USS Liberty 40 times, and then Fuentes had his twitter account censored while Charlie Kirk got to introduce Blormph.

Still, Anglin’s take seems not-retarded for once. I wonder if it’ll stay that way…

People still see stuff like this…

And say “see, they are having to resort to totalitarianism! That must mean we’re winning!” It doesn’t mean that. It just means they can do totalitarianism on you and nothing happens. Sorry.

The show’s over, folks.

You’re not having a revolution, you’re not stopping this agenda, and if you think that, you have the mind of a child. The time to stop something was… a long time ago.

But hey – all my love to the convoy.

Anglin’s message to young men is don’t have any interaction with women or your life will be ruined, and don’t bother doing anything politically, because there’s no hope of change. All because Johnny Depp got divorced by that whore he married and the Nova Scotian provincial government banned gatherings along a highway.

The above article was written on January 29th, 2022. Here’s one he wrote on January 27th.


As you’re probably aware, Nick Fuentes, host of America First and future dictator of America, was subpoenaed by “Grimy” Liz Cheney to testify before her Sanhedrin headed by the terrorist Russian Jew Adam Schiff.

This isn’t the first time he’s called Nicky Juan Fuentes the future POTUS. Here’s another, although as I write this we’re trying to fix the formatting on that one. Anglin has this thing where everything is hopeless and lost, but also you should be super invested in the Tradhomo Twink as he LARPs like a relevant political actor by doing video game livestreams.

What is interesting here is that Nick was subpoenaed not only at the same time but in the same Twitter announcement as the turncoat and traitor Patrick Casey. If you don’t know the details, it doesn’t really matter, but basically, after January 6, he went into total pussy bitch mode and started saying how Nick is irresponsible and publicly aired things that Nick had told him in confidence.

Casey had obviously been visited by the feds himself and was in freakout mode. You can have sympathy for a coward. I don’t really. What he did was unforgivable. I have no idea what went on in the background there, but he publicly denounced Nick and broke confidence. It was a complete betrayal. He disagreed with Nick on something, ostensibly, and he could have said that without breaking confidence and spreading rumors.

“I have no idea what went on there but I’m sure that Casey is a fed.” – Guy who pretended that Jayoh was a heroin abusing tranny fucking Harvard Grad.

Casey did not have significant faith in God. You have to believe that if you do the right thing, God will protect you. You can never think about the consequences of doing the right thing. Ever. If you think about the consequences, then you are considering not doing the right thing. And that is something you should never consider. The right thing should be done without consideration of anything beyond “God will protect me.”

I have said since the collapse of the Alt-Right, when the pressure came down hard: I have no interest in any nigga if he ain’t a ride or die nigga.

That’s why every time I meet someone on the right I say: “Run come see. What do we have here now? Do you want to ride or die?”

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult update time.

  1. If the Nova Scotia provincial government does some bullshit where they ban people from congregating on a highway with some bullshit Covid-19 explanation, look, you’re just a peasant, the situation is hopeless, and you should just give up.
  2. Get excited about dying for Jesus.

It somehow gets dumber. Here’s another article penned January 30th.

Deadmeme Simper:

No one wants to admit that they were so filled with fear that they just followed orders that made no sense and now they’ve destroyed their own lives. They would rather just keep believing, and keep taking the shots.

This is what I mean when I tell you that there is no hope and civilization is just doomed. People already took the shots. The deal is done. The jig is up. All you can do is get out of the cities and not let them inject you with this gene juice.

People took some shots and now all of civilization is hopelessly doomed. There is no point in doing anything because everybody is going to die or whatever. Pretty harsh take there. Let’s see if he immediately contradicts himself in this article from January 25th, just a few days prior.


I wrote yesterday that we are going to kill all these people.

Undeniably we’re just seconds away from infiltrating the GOP with this kind of rhetoric.

Hopefully, “destroyed by fire in one day” means every city in the country getting nuked, and hopefully that happens very quickly.

But in the event that it does not happen quickly, those of us who have followed God’s word, and left this Babylon system, need to be prepared to defend ourselves if they come for us.

The devil’s time is short.

And these people will all die. All of these people who have denied the Holy Spirit of God have committed irredeemable sin, and they will die, and they will go to hell.

I don’t know when this will happen and how this will play out.

But you need to be prepared for violence. Real violence, bad violence.

If they come for us, we will kill all of them. We don’t have any choice.

God Wills It.

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult update time:

  1. The world will soon be reduced to a complete and utter hellscape. We need to manufacture some nukes (somehow) and kill everyone in the cities, tens of millions will perish.
  2. A narcissistic Mexican e-boy is the guy you should be looking at to lead you through the real life Mad Max.

As is often the case, both of these beliefs are retarded, but I do love how the argument has changed from “you need to support Nicky Fuentes because he’s a soft, weak little cucklet and that allows him to stay online and inflitrate the GOP,” to “we need to nuke Dallas, let’s get that Catboi Fetish Mexican guy on speed dial.” I’m sorry I’m not exactly sure how Nicky Juan Fuentes is uniquely qualified to lead us through guerrilla trench nuclear warfare against the US federal government.

We’re dealing with a guy who has zero military experience and can’t even talk to women. If you wanted to get Fuentes to talk, pretty sure you don’t need to hook his little testicles up to a car battery. Just take his phone away for five minutes and he’ll squeal out everything he knows and then some.

But luckily he makes up for his inability to lead, lack of practical skills, and bitchmade temperment by being in peak physical condition.

I’ve said some mean things about the guys with Swastika skull tattoos before, but I think I could actually find a use for the career criminal types in the apocalyptic hellscape Anglin is fantasizing about. Oh sure, you’d prefer actual normal men with military experience, and practical skills, neither of which Fuentes has. Or even just normal guys who aren’t anti-social spergs and have some amount of work ethic. I literally can’t think of a single group of people who would do less well than constantly online Groyper Incel NEETs with nothing to offer society when shit hits the fan.

Or maybe I’m completely full of shit and the Catholic Catboi Enthusiast is uniquely positioned to lead the guerilla warfare ops in the post nuclear warfare hellscape.

Anglin ends by explaining that being under investigation from the FBI is no big deal.

I’ve been under investigation by the FBI for like, seven years, according to media reports. It’s not really a big deal. But even if it was a big deal, Casey’s behavior is inexcusable.

(To be clear, charges are a big deal. I’ve never been charged with anything because I’ve never done anything. This committee is a mild deal, because it could potentially lead to charges, but in Nick’s case, it probably won’t.)

Hold on a second, I distinctly remember him saying something totally contradictory when doing one of his many retarded hitpieces on TRS. I’m going to publish this article and then try to find the quotes of him saying shit like “the feds have the ability to throw anyone in jail at any time for any reason,” and other shit like that.

Nevermind, I already found one of many articles where he contradicts himself.

Anglin the Retard:

There are now an infinite number of reasons that you can be thrown in prison for – reasons completely outside of your control, so effectively, you already have been sentenced to prison. The actual prosecution and sentencing is simply a formality and something that can happen to you at any time, for any reason.

If the state decides that they want to throw you in prison, there is nothing you can do about it. You can mount a defense, but they can simply decide they don’t like you, and there is nothing you can do about it. The government has men with guns who will simply kill you if you resist.

Contradictory beliefs of the Manlet Cult update time:

  1. It’s not a big deal being under investigation by the FBI. Getting charged is a big deal, but they can’t charge you unless you do “something wrong.”
  2. The government has the power to throw you in jail for literally any reason at any time.

As you can imagine, when it comes time to do some retarded slander of TRS or anyone else, than said victim needs to literally provide Anglin with the financial details of their corporation in order to, maybe, possibly prove themselves innocent. However, when people start asking questions like “hey, why isn’t Nicky Juan Fuentes in jail like the hundreds of other Jan 6th protesters?” then we all of a sudden have a government that massively respects the rule of law to an autistic degree and is completely unable to do so much as arrest the twink revolutionary republican voters.

Next time I blitz through the hilariously contradictory takes that happened when Patrick Casey exposed Fuentes as being under investigation.

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  1. Bro, your articles about GaylySlander and AmNat Fuentitos banditos groyperitos are always pleasant to read. It seems like Andrew-everyone-is-a-fed-but-me-Anglin is now a leader of AngliNcan Church. BTW it turns out that his dad Greg Anglin is a preacher with very dubious reputation. Now I understand where all his ultra-religious nonsense comes from. Every time he is about to lose an argument (i.e. very often), he adds something about Jesus Christ, God, Lord and Savor … and also because of US support of anal in Taiwan, … and muh based kleptocrat Putin … and upcoming nuclear war with China.

    [quote]However, when the governments of other countries oppress the people, well that just means that everybody in those countries really wanted it.[/quote]

    Yep, Anglin once said to RandBot something like: “he must stay away from American politics and instead to go outside and protest the vaxx”. At the same time Anglin is the one who understands situation in another countries better than “stupid fucking peasants” who actually live there. There are very common phrases of AA about literally everything that happens in the world, such as “see, I predicted this” or “why no one in Russia or China listens to me.” Nigger, really, why Putin and Xi Jinping (who most likely do not even know about the very existence of Anglin) don’t listen to his priceless megalomaniac opinion.

    1. His take on the lack of Russian action actually makes sense, tho.

  2. I beg you to write an article about the “Anime-rightist”. Andy Warski and PPP referred to him as the “model groyper.”

    1. Sure, but I’ll need some resources on this character to get myself started. I’ve never once heard of them.

      1. He has a Youtube channel and Twitter under the same name. If you want to get to the “real” meat of this lolcow I recommend watching the last third of Kino Casino episode 3 because it covers the funniest things this dude did.

  3. I see the value in these pieces because you’re not just screaming out like a retarded idiot “this guy is a Fed and that guy is a Fed!“
    You’re bringing facts and reason to bear on the retarded behavior of these people, and not really even drawing conclusions yourself… Though I suspect the conclusions are fairly obvious to draw from what you’ve written.

    Do you know Anglin is a lot like Eminem, he was really edgy in the beginning, but then he spends too many years surrounded by his Jewish management and became entirely retarded .

    1. Contradictory beliefs of the Manlet Cult is, in my opinion, very relevant political work. Anglin isn’t all that relevant these days, but I have a few more pieces on him to get out of my system.

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