It’s been a while since my last piece, where we discovered that nothing matters but also die for Jesus. But when Anglin isn’t telling his audience to simultaneously give up but also die for Jesus he’s taunting White People. No really.

DeadMeme Manlet:

Impotent White Losers Whine That Chad BLM Monkeys are Indoctrinating Kindergartners

I’ve certainly had my fair share of spicy titles. I am after all the guy who writes titles like this.

Heroic Civil Rights Activists Would Appreciate Innocent White Man be Charged in Justified Slaying of Basketball-American

So don’t think that I’m taking things out of context here. In this case, Anglin’s title is accurate, and he’s just taunting White People. It’s a short piece. Here’s the rest.

I don’t know, guys.

I mean, you get what you deserve.

I already told you people to move out of these cities. You either listened, or your kids are BLM trannies in training.

They post this stuff on the internet because they know your outrage is impotent.

What are you going to do, big man? Big white Aryan hero man, with the viking avatar?

You’re not going to do anything.

Yes that’s right. Anglin is taunting White People because some BLM supporting school superintendent is making children walk around with BLM cardboard cutouts. This is coming from the guy who tells you to vote Republican, and makes shit up about TRS/NJP. He would also be the first to disavow if you did some sort of terrorism, or even ran for office against this for “being unoptical,” or something.

But more to the specific things he said, the reason that this series is called “Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure,” is because of nasty shit like this. Even back in the day, just like his “fuck White Women,” manlet rage would occasionally pop out, he would do this really nasty anti-White shit out of nowhere. One time I remember him saying “it’s been scientifically proven that White People aren’t gonna do shit,” right after some piece on South Africa. 

For the record, there’s no such thing as “ironically,” taunting a victim. Andrew Anglin and his puppeteer Weev look like they belong in Antifa, because they do. Whether genuine or not, they’re nasty, spiteful mutants who absolutely hate average everyday White People because we’ve been socially rejecting them for their entire lives.

This is the Deadmeme Stormer plan to save America.

Step 1: Taunt White People.

Step 2: Vote Republican.

Step 3: Understand that nothing matters and is worth fighting for.

Step 4: Die for Jesus.

Step 5: Be super anti-social fake Christians.

Step 6: Don’t have sex with women.

Step 7: ?????

Step 8: America Saved.

You may notice if you rolled a nat 20 for wisdom, that at no point has the Manlet Cult put forth any sort of coherent plan for political victory. You will also have noticed this if you’re one half step above a drooling retard. The TRS goys founded the National Justice Party to start competing in and winning elections, starting at the local level. Say what you will about their chances, at least it’s a coherent plan. In contrast, Anglin’s plan is so incoherent that I can’t even understand it well enough to properly make fun of it. Something about voting republican while hiding in the woods and dying for Jesus. Also catboi cocks are great and Nicky Juan Fuentes is a serious Republican Party Outsider who’s going to lead us through nuclear trench warfare.

Then again, this is coming from a guy whose webmaster is a jew with a Swastika tattoo who openly calls for the children of federal agents to be murdered. He also really hates “unoptical wignats.” He somehow finds the time to denounce us tall heterosexuals when he’s ducking into helicopters to evade law enforcement.

When it comes to continuing this series, I’ve gotten conflicting messages. Some people really love me beating on the Manlet Cult Leader. Others think that he’s already irrelevant, so it’s a waste of time. How I feel about it changes every day. One thing that’s undoubtedly true is that there is nothing particularly serious about the Manlet Cult these days. 

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  1. “I already told you people to move out of these cities.” – Andrew Anglin.

    LOL, but at the same time he mocks siege posters.

    Moike once said something like: “Think what you will about big cities, but they are centers of power. Jews promote/force diversity in big cities to divide and rule, but also to trigger white flights. By running away you just giving up all power to the Jews”.

    I also think that running away from cities and going full Amish will not save White people. Jews just will force diversity on you later. If Anglin thinks that “Big white Aryan hero man, with the viking avatar is not going to do anything” now, what makes him think that Jews will let powerless White areas to exist in the future.

  2. I’m very excited when I see a new installment in the series, but we also know the routine, Anglin hates women, pretends to be a serious guy but shits on people who have sincere beliefs and plans.
    Honestly don’t know where to go… more smoking gun on “Weev is 100% a heeb” stuff would hit the spot, but then we’re getting into the question of relevance.

    Whatever, I’m really glad that antisocial retards are on the outs. If you’re living the life of the Hollywood neonazi who wants to genocide jews, blacks and Muslims then maybe you’re not really the sort of person people want around their friends and family.

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