The soldiers for make brave democratic republic of Canada appear to have hit a new low. 

Considering my history with the people in the Alt-Lite/FluAnon spheres, I initially thought this was fake. Especially since the telegram message the screencap was attached to explicitly said that the Ottawa Police were murdering truckers pets. After all, they couldn’t stoop that low, could they? I simply assumed the entire thing was fake.

Until I went on twitter myself and found the tweet in question. However, no, they are not killing the pets.

They’re just stealing them.

Yes, I know this is still terrible, and indefensible. But people really need to stop spreading easily debunked shit like “truckers pets are being killed.” Their pets are being stolen from them, not killed. The truth is good enough FFS. 

I think this is an offshoot of the QAnon/Alt-Lite grift tier bullshit, where the only point is to get as many clicks, and instill as much fear as possible into people. Because these people, unlike me, don’t actually give a shit about having any real political impact on the world. For me, having people trust the things that I write, parodies aside, is incredibly important. I’m not throwing away my integrity and credibility for a few more clicks and shekel donations.

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