But of course, it’s not quite what retards online were saying it was, because it’s crucially important for the retards to make basic factual errors to make White Advocacy look stupid and uninformed. Here’s the message I saw forwarded on Telegram.

“Brown people are exempt from protesting restrictions imposed by the Canadian Emergencies Act.” – Hentai Afficionado Thuletide

You may remember Thuletide from this piece I wrote on him. Or maybe this one. He’s a fact-free dipshit who LARPs like he’s well read, even if it leads to him shilling for people like Pentii Linkola who have views 180 degrees from his own. His raison d’etre appears to be viciously attacking serious White Advocates for criticizing the CJC, ADL, or any other jew nationalist organization, by insinuating that us not supporting jews murdering Palestinian children means we want Palestinians to sleep with our wives. It’s really not any more intellectual than that. 

Taking a closer look at the act itself, which you can find here, and we see that no, in fact, there is nothing specifically allowing Brown People to protest, but not White People. INB4 these duplicitous manlets start accusing me of supporting this, obviously not. The bill as written lets non-Canadians “protest,” as much as they would like. That’s bad enough as it is. Inventing some fiction that this is an explicitly anti-White law is stupid and harmful, which is exactly why this faggot did exactly that.

Canada Gov:

Protected persons in Canada may apply for permanent residence in Canada and include in the application their dependants who are in Canada and abroad. Protected persons in Canada include

  • Convention refugees
  • persons in need of protection determined by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)
  • people with positive pre-removal risk assessments (PRRAs)
  • protected temporary residents

And if you’re wondering what a “protected person,” is, once again this is specifically related to migrants. Basically if you don’t have Canadian Citizenship, but they want an excuse to keep you in the country, then they can classify you as a “protected person”. In an ideal world Julian Assange and White South Africans would be “protected persons.” Under ZOG, it’s basically just another excuse for Third Worlders to shit up our country, but it’s not “all non-White people.” 

I am tired of these clowns like Read Linkola/Thuletide who constantly lie about everything. I am trying to get an actual political party up and running, and I can’t have these liars and their lies associated with me. The War Measures Act as written is bad enough, and considering Thuletide’s history of being a malicious bad faith actor desperately excusing jew nationalist orgs for flooding our country with Third Worlders I think he needs to explain why he’s once again lying in a stupid and easily verifiable way.

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