You know who caught him? An amateur sting operation, that’s who. Because the blue antifa do not give a shit about homo pedophiles like Jeren Miles.

The original video can be found here, and it’s two hours to watch. All credit for this goes to PCI, or Predator Catchers Indianapolis. My much shorter version is below.

PCI1: So you’re telling this 13 year old boy that he makes you horny. Correct?

Jeren Miles: Could be perceived as such yes.

PCI2: Oh quit the bullshit bro. I’m sick of your bullshit.

PCI1: “I wouldn’t have any restraint around you if I was horny.” What does that mean?

JM: It means I was flirting. I was talking to him. Throughout all of this I’ll let you know there was never any intention of ever meeting up with him.

PCI2: Bro…

PCI1: But you did set two meets with him.

JM: That I never intended to go to, or show –

PCI1: But you set it up. Correct?

JM: Yeah I uh – give, intention – information and such.

PCI1: So how did I find you? It’s not like I just pulled this out of my ass.

JM: It’s true.

PCI1: You gave the hotel and the hotel room.

JM: Right.

PCI1: So you set the meets.

What a weird fluke that this one city, Winnipeg, just happens to have a connection with this pervert, and also a police force that refuses to charge antifas with terrorism or hate crimes when they run over four trucker convoy protesters. Just such a totally weird coincidence that means nothing. 

PCI1: So you’re okay with talking sexual online as long as you don’t meet the children.

JM: This is the one time, the only time I’ve done this.

PCI1: The only time, okay. So you were okay to talk sexual to 13 year old Corey, because you knew in your head that you were not going to meet up with him.

JM: That was… my rationale.

PCI1: He asked you what you do. [You said] “I am the head of global community development for Meta (facebook).” That’s a pretty fucking good job right?

JM: Yes.

PCI1: Huge, right? You make good money right?

PCI2: Um, what was the title again?

PCI1: I mean what is your official title?

JM: Manager of Community Development.

Facebook hired this disgusting pervert who wants to rape children… to be their head of community development.

And the product is being sold to impressionable 11 year olds, because it’s easy to convince them that the virtual reality garbage is really cool. Also, it gives these pedos more of an excuse to be around children.

PCI1: And you said “make out with you. Touch you. Suck you.” Is that what you said.

JM: I did.

PCI1: Said that to a 13 year old boy.

JM: I did.

PCI1: He said “my cousin can order Uber.” You said “Uber is expensive.” He said “my cousins rich, he doesn’t care, he owes me.” You said “ha ha that would be crazy, and you’re talking to this other boy, can I see a pic of him.”

Why’d you want to see a pic of him?

JM: Just wanted to see what it looked like. Part of the conversation.

Sure, pedo.

PCI2: You were hoping that this 13 year old somehow got a ride here, and somehow got up here. And you were gonna push it. And you weren’t gonna be like “yeah I’ll come you.” You weren’t gonna do that, maybe because you’re scared to get caught or something. But you were hoping, praying that this boy would show up knocking on your fucking door. That’s why you gave him the address. You gave him the room number.

PCI1: Well let me say, you’re a very evil man okay. You might not remember it, which is bullshit because I know you’re fucking lying, but you fucking hurt somebody. Probably more than one person. This isn’t your first fucking time. This isn’t my first time catching fucking pieces of shit like you. 

By your verbage “little boy. It’s illegal little boy.” This ain’t your first fucking time.  

The video is just a few minutes long, and is easily worth the watch. Seeing the emotions play out on this disgusting pedos face almost makes up for the intense rage it induces in me. 

These are the people who censor you on Facebook for hate speech.

Now that I think about it, this could be an extremely productive thing to do for political purposes. The upside to your enemies being disgusting perverts, is that they’re disgusting perverts.

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  1. These are the people being attracted to the neo-NKVD. Keep that in mind whenever dealing with them.

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