Boy it’s a good thing that these multibillion dollar propaganda outlets like the CBC keep telling the peasants that we live in a democracy. It’s shockingly easy to forget.

But don’t you worry goyim. Even though an elderly lady was trampled by horses, the horse is fine. And in fact one of the Uppity Peasants has been arrested for attempting to save the life of an elderly woman being abused by the police.

Assuming that even happened. As others have pointed out, it’s entirely possible the horse tripped on the elderly ladies walker as they were trampling over her. But luckily, the antifa in blue and the horse are both fine. As far as the peasant is concerned, it’s unclear what happened to her, but I think the most credible reports are that she has minor injuries.

The anti-White hate group the “Canadian Anti-Hate Network,” wants everybody to understand that the REAL problem with this mask off oppression by a government that tolerates antifa/aboriginals/blm attacking security guards with axes on literally the same day this happens, is that someone like me might make an actual serious political response to this.

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