Here’s a few videos I’ve collected, mostly from the Canada First telegram channel, of the police bravely and heroically defending Democracy, or rather the Democracy Class, from the Uppity Peasants at the Finklethink Convoy. 

Here we see the cops heroically kneeing the downed, and not resisting protester in the head. I’ll remind you that this move, knees to the top of the head, has been banned in the UFC because it’s too dangerous. 

So how does Jagmeet “Defund the Police” Singh respond to this.


“What has become very clear in this crisis is that there needs to be a serious examination of policing in Canada. Occupiers get hugs from police, while Indigenous and racialized people are met with the barrel of a gun. There are several accounts of current and former law enforcement and military members involved in these occupations,” he said.

Let’s take a look at some of these “hugs from police.”

I especially liked when the one police on the top repeatedly hugged the top of the unarmed protesters head while the other police officers all group hugged him so hard his hands couldn’t defend himself. Which they didn’t need to anyway, because the police were just hugging him with love and kindness.

“[Trudeau] has done less to address police brutality and violence than even [U.S. President Donald] Trump has done. That is shameful,” Singh said at the time, according to the CBC. “What President Trump has done is still insufficient but he at least put forward some rules, some changes around the use of chokeholds.”

Jagmeet Singh is really deebly goncerned about chokehold and other stuff. He also supports police kneeing unarmed White protesters in the head, which, again, is banned by the UFC due to excessive risk of injury.

In 2018, the Toronto Sun noted in the course of critiquing the left-wing extremism of the NDP that Jagmeet Singh’s brother, fellow politician, and campaign manager Gurratan Singh was photographed in the late 2000s marching around with a “F–k the Police” sign. The scandal over these photos grew hot enough for Gurratan Singh to apologize and declare himself “deeply ashamed” of his previous actions.

I have to transcribe a bit of what this guy says, because it’s very illuminating.

Nick Strachan: They slammed me on the ground and started punching. They were punching on my face. They were kneeing me in the face. And simultaneously that’s when one of the ride officers took my nylon rainjacket, which is waterproof [and] hard to breathe through.

He took my hood, wrapped it around my mouth and nose. It was cutting off my breathing. I didn’t know if I was going to get another breath, because the last thing I saw was fists and knees coming in my face from all directions. I pulled my face out from my jacket and faced the other way. I yelled out ‘I can’t breathe.’

The speedrun to delegitimizing your political opposition is to show what some people refer to erroneously as “hypocrisy.” Really it’s just when you catch them making contradictory statements. It shows malice, not hypocrisy. The Jagmeet Singh’s of the world want the police to not dare so much as impeding BLM/Antifa when they do actual terrorism. He also wants the police to murder in cold blood unarmed White People who are peacefully protesting governmental overreach. That’s why he simultaneously LARPs about “defunding the police,” while also being the biggest champion of expanding their power so they can deal with these Uppity Peasants better.

But there’s one more thing that Nick Strachan says the needs to be written out.

They read me my rights. They told me I was being charged for – I think they said “obstruction of justice,” and then later on they said “mischief.” I said “I understand but do not agree.” They walked me over to a lineup. Very long lineup of people.

‘We’re gonna give you two options.’ It was an ultimatum. ‘You either A: sign this document we’ll give you that states that you will not re-enter the protest and that you will leave and all charges will be dropped.’

The other options was ‘lose your business license. Lose your ability to travel to the United States,’ among some other things. And I told them ‘I’ll take the charges, charge me.’

They didn’t bring us into a cell, they didn’t take our fingerprints. They didn’t do anything that would give us evidence or paperwork. Instead they brought us directly into the release room and said ‘there will be no charges laid on you. You are free to go.’

A lot of shit the government does is bluffs. Contrary to what malicious actors will say online, if these people had ultimate power, we’d all be dead. Putting bullshit cases through the courts, while far from a 100% truth and justice based system, would be a complete nightmare for them. Similar to how the police are allowed to lie to you in an interrogation, they are allowed to lie to you about pretty much everything else.

Once again, serious leadership would have already turned this into multiple police abuse lawsuits, which would at least force the BLM supporters to make it explicitly clear that they endorse Police Brutality. I mean it’s close enough as is, but it’s always nice to have the contradictions made crystal clear.

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