A few days ago I wrote about the whiny little cucklet known as IP2 Zoomer. This poor manlet had a falling out with the Manlet Cult, seeing as how he did a nazi salute at TwinkPAC III: The Twinkening. At the time I simply collected the juiciest bits of his loser spergery, like him admitting to “crying like a little bitch,” when some intern confronted him about his hand gesture, and avoided most of the spergery about the precise wrist angle that constitutes a tribute to Adolf the Great.

At the time, I thought he was sperging online, and things would go back to normal. Then I check out his telegram channel.

Well it turns out this is a parody account. They fooled me for a second with the general hysteria coupled with the lack of editing, but no, it’s fake. However, his actual account is unlisted on the telegram search function. He claims it was because he got banned by Apple’s app store, but there are plenty of accounts that have been banned that are still searchable just fine, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Needless to say his subscriber count has taken quite the hit. You may remember it was almost at 500 just a few days ago. The below picture is a bit out of date, he was at 494 last time I checked.

So what happened to our brave cucklet? Well apparently what happened was a meltdown so glorious, that if he was actually relevant it would rival the most drug addicted of Hollywood has-beens career ending blowups. 

Braxton Bell aka IP2 Zoomer

Even when I wrote the original article, this obese manlet was going off about how he “knew lots of people outside of AF,” in what I figured was a bunch of completely toothless “fuck around and find out,” legal fighting. Well it’s possible that I spoke too soon. 

The cult behavior in the ranks of AF reminds exactly of when I dealt with TRS, goyimTV, the KKK, etc

One single sentence, and I am blown away. You mean to tell me that you personally dealt with the TRS, goyimTV, and the KKK? I mean, when exactly did this constantly online obese manlet incel with severe anxiety disorder, who cries at the slightest confrontation, deal with the KKK? Or, god forbid, that cult known as TRS. More like Peter Thiel’s gay grindr comparison AMIRITE?

The only way to stop this completely is legal action. The truth will set you free and sometimes you have be the martyr. I’m willing to take this role. I love groypers – I don’t love AF larping feds and especially 5’2 chinks who talk behind your back with weird lies kek. Look out for a defamation suit and PPO my fren. I reccomend keeping my name out of your mouth if you know what’s good for you.

AmNats getting sued? I’ll believe it when I see it.

My goodness, he’s actually going through with it. 

I have to say, I like what I’m hearing. This little cucklet is a nasty, vicious sperg. However, it appears his autism might be getting channeled in a productive direction for once.

Everyone report Strikers channel for violence he’s still on the appstore:

I may have spoke too soon. In the middle of being excommunicated from the Manlet Cult, this little bitch tells people to mass report Strikers channel for violence, despite him literally never advocating for violence. Oh well, at least he’s attacking the little Mexican child saviour of the White Race. Right?

Also Nick blocked me on Gab today so you few got what you wanted.

I mean surely he has to –

For the record I will never stop supporting him no matter what happens.

I mean okay, at least he isn’t supporting him in a financial – 

If I’m not asleep I want to drop some big superchats for him to ignore :p. Love you all love him the most.

So this man runs the cult that you’re getting excommunicated from. He blocks you on Gab. Your response is to send him money even while he’s asleep, and won’t know it came from you, just because you’re that much of a supporter. And in the middle of doing all this, you’re still trying to gather the cultists from the cult you are no longer a part of, to get an actual serious political actor in Eric Striker banned from Telegram purely out of nasty spite. And this is all so cultlike that it’s even getting to you, to the point where it’s starting to “remind” you of dealing with TRS, and also the KKK.

My first thought when I heard about the incel manlet spergs getting the Stalinesque write-out from the Catboi Cocklover ranks over being framed as a Nazi-Salute Enjoyer was,

Am I misreading this as AF? This definitely has the hallmarks of a TRS habbening.

I mean it’s either that or the KKK.

And I’m sorry, isn’t this exactly what Beardsoy got in trouble with on the Theroux Documentary? Because he did two nazi salutes and then denied this like a little bitch. Hold on, let me look that up.

Remember goyim, serious political movements are when e-hobbits do nazi salutes and then hold back tears as BBC BugCreatures call them out on this. It’s such a serious political movement, that if there’s a rumour that you did a nazi salute you’re instantly gone.

It doesn’t really need to make sense or be plausible in any way. This is after all a cult we’re dealing with. You know, just like TRS and the KKK, who this chubster has intimate experience with.

Do you realize this screenshot alone is enough to get the SPLC to represent me pro bono. 

The reason the (((SPLC))) doesn’t do pro bono legal work for you is because you’re not a serious guy.

You will never be an AF intern like I was. I’m the autist you have nightmares about

I’m going to have recurring nightmares from the spelling and lack of punctuation, but do please go on king. I don’t know what’s more damning, that this autistic retard was allowed to have an important position inside the Gayper movement, or that he’s being kicked out for the most bullshit of reasons.

Or maybe it’s the world’s lamest version of “I once introduced Slash onstage.” Or maybe it’s the,

“I’m furious with the AF interns. This was not a twink convention.

I’m a autist who takes fidget spinners seriously.

This was like an F1 driver competing in bumper cars.

I wore AF merch. I clip Nick’s vids. These guys are clowns.”

All of which leads us back to this image, his latest telegram posts, where he threatens legal action, including using subpoenas to dox people in the Manlet Cult. And he explicitly states that he’s working with KiwiFarms, who Gayper Nation absolutely hates. Truly, hell hath no fury like an autistic incel scorned.


I eagerly await the results of the legal proceedings. And pray to god that this IP2Zoomer loser doesn’t fail us like he’s failed his parents.

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  1. “And pray to god that this IP2Zoomer loser doesn’t fail us like he’s failed his parents.”
    I think you may be asking a little too much of the almighty.
    Personally, I’m still reeling from the fact that IP2Zoomer has proven that it is in fact possible to be so spergy and retarded that even the manlet cult thinks you’re cringe and wants nothing to do with you.

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