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In our last installment the Globo Homo Enjoyer Louis Theroux had just finished covering TwinkPAC II. But this time he’s getting the full Baked Alaska experience. So he goes to his house and is greeted with this.

This is Baked Alaska’s camera crew. You see, he tried to do what Sam Hyde did to idubbbz, only without Sam’s charisma or intellect. Frankly, without Sam’s work ethic to even make something like the idubbbz gaslighting documentary.

This is a screencap from Baked Alaska’s music video that he did from when he got banned from twitter. It serves as the single most awkward and cringe-inducing minute of the documentary, where Louis just sits there, as baffled and embarrassed by what he’s watching as I am.

However, this is a tard fight, so in case you’re starting to feel a smidgen of sympathy for Theroux for having to deal with these faggots, here’s some of the conversation that they have inside the house.

Baked Alaska: I don’t think any group of people should get a free pass.

Theroux: I disagree with that.

Baked Alaska: What do you disagree with?

Theroux: Well the idea that uh, the same rules should apply to all races. Like, historically White People have been in power. You know it’s, a lot of it has to do with how power sits.

This moment could almost have come from a hitpiece on Louis Theroux. You’re not supposed to explicitly say “yes, I support an anti-White double standard.” It reflects both on how shitty and anti-White his intended audience is, as well as, frankly, that Louis Theroux is a privileged class weirdo, who is incapable of just having a beer with the guys and being normal.

It would be one thing to have that slip out, but there’s no reason to keep that in your own documentary unless you are so deluded that you think you look good. It’s the same thing with that close up shot at the very start of the doc. Where he, for no reason, shoves the camera in his face and looks around for a bit.

Luckily he has the Manlet Cult to make him look good, and it’s time for his next interview with little Nicky. After Fuentes denies being a White Nationalist he immediately talks about wanting a White majority America. He then proceeds to explain his views on relationships.

Theroux: Someone said that mixed race relationships were like bestiality. And your response was “well they’re both degenerate.”

Fuentes: This was like four years ago. It was a private conversation. But, you know I was like playing Devil’s Advocate with this idea that you know interracial relationships are like the best idea. I’m very old school, I’m very traditional. It’s not a value that I have that that’s a good thing or maybe appropriate.


Theroux: You were talking about gay people getting married. And your line was like “I don’t want them getting married. And other people say I don’t care what they do if they do it in their bedroom. And you were like I don’t even want you doing it in your bedroom.

Fuentes: Yeah. I think it’s gross what goes on there. And uhm. No I don’t think they should be doing it.

Nick Fuentes is opposed to people doing really degenerate sexual stuff. Except for when he isn’t, of course, you hetero. I will note that when Theroux tells him that Baked Alaska told Theroux that he thought Fuentes was going to be president, this was Nick’s face.

Fuentes: *laughs. Uh, I don’t know about that.

If you don’t know why this is so funny to me, go read this. The Manlet Cult repeats this mantra that Nicky Juan Fuentes is going to be president someday. It’s their thing. And it’s as hilariously absurd to Nick Fuentes himself as it is to the rest of us.

But enough about that. It’s time for the best part of the doc, Beardlet!

Only without the beard. Which I’m thinking now that he most definitely should keep, because dear god. I mean really, what the fuck am I looking at here?

We’re introduced to the e-hobbit as he stands on the fence waiting for Louis Theroux like a dog awaits its master. He had a custom made shirt with Louis’ face on it, three of them in fact, and you could tell he was ready to BTFO Louis. So of course the first words out of Louis mouth are.

How much did they charge you for that?

Louis proceeds to have more fun with the shirt than Beardsoy, completely owning the moment. Once again, the bugcreature Theroux is made to look good by the e-hobbits known as America First.

Beardsoy takes the enemy propagandist through his house and into his backyard to ask him some questions. 

Beardlet: I mean. I’m a punk rock kid.

Beardsoy proceeds to then whine like a little bitch about being called a nazi and White Nationalist. I’m sorry, he rebelliously whines like a little bitch in a super punk rock way as Louis asks him basic questions.

Theroux: So can I get something out of the way.

Bearsoy: Sure.

Theroux: So on the last day I was there [at AFPAC] you leaving with Nick in a car, and you did a nazi salute.

Beardsoy: Oh I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to wave.

Theroux: But it was quite clearly a nazi salute.

Beardlet: It wasn’t a nazi salute.

I cannot overstate how much of a bitch Beardlet looks in this moment as he, in true punk rock fashion, denies that he intentionally did a nazi salute. He manages to, in combination with the editing, make Louis Theroux look like a total Chad. No easy feat.

Theroux: Can we look at it.

Beardlet: I mean, it was an accident if it was. I was just trying to do a [salute].

Theroux: Have you seen it.

Beardlet: Yeah I, uh, it looked kind of bad I’ll be honest with you it did look bad. Uh dude I’m not a nazi man. If this is what it’s gonna be I’m not gonna uh.

Theroux: But I would look like a chump if I didn’t bring it up.

Beardlet: I think you look like a chump bringing it up. What you think I’m like a Nazi?

This is followed by Theroux showing Beardlet quite clearly doing a nazi salute, twice.

It’s at this point where the tone changes, and Beardlet looks like a kid who got caught red handed being schooled by the principal. 

Beardlet: I did not do a nazi salute.

Theroux: Well it looked like, you know that word “optics,” that term of like…

Beardlet: Oh yeah I’m very familiar with the term optics. You know what else I’m familiar with? Is the term uh mmm uh bad journalism. 

Beardsoy then immediately spazzes and demands that Louis “get the fuck out of [his] house.” Louis points out that they’re not in his house. Then Beardsoy whines about Louis “sitting there, calling me a nazi.” Louis misses the golden opportunity to say “I’m not sitting, Beardson,” but it doesn’t really matter.

The Theroux documentary was a huge disappointment in a lot of ways, and yet this two minute interaction somehow perfectly captured the entire essence of Beardsoy Beardlet. First we get the Beardlet visual experience, where we are introduced to the skinnyfat e-hobbit in the flesh. Then Louis, having the tiniest amount of social intellect and charisma, as opposed to the e-hobbit, casually MOGs him on the t-shirt. Then Beardlet calls himself a punk rock kid before denying doing nazi salutes and almost immediately spazzes out and ragequits the interview.

I think he’s mere seconds from being vice-president.

Louis Theroux briefly visits Britney Venti. If you don’t know who that is, it doesn’t matter anyway. The only good part is him showing her the video of Beardsoy threatening to rape her. 

Britney if I ever see you I’m going to rape you, in person. And I’m married. I’m going to fucking put my dick in your asshole. I’m going to remove your pants. I’m going to remove my pants and stick my dick in your ass. I’m going to rape you. Because you’re such a dumb fucking bitch that you do not understand – you have evolved yourself into a community that you do not understand. And for that you’re gonna get anally raped.

Beardsoy finishes with this cringe-inducing laugh. It sort of feels like a Sam Hyde sketch if Sam Hyde was a completely talentless hack with zero charisma. I mean it’s actually hard for me to watch, getting secondhand embarassment, despite knowing what a disgusting piece of trash Beardlet is. 

The video ends with him tagging along with Baked Alaska while he’s streaming. Baked is basically cucking when this hilariously perfect donation comes in, and is automatically read out with the Shiba voice.

Louis, basically we just hate fagets and nigars. It’s not so much a right wing left wing thing. It’s like a human versus subhuman thing. You know?

At which point Baked quietly says “oh my god,” and hangs his head in shame. Somehow, accidentally Theroux did a pretty good summary of Baked Alaska with this one moment. Some edgy, way over the top comments made by the audience on his boring and cringe-inducing livestream, that are 100% incompatible with any serious political movement trying to appeal to normal people. All while these wiggers lecture us about appealing to the soccer moms at the church BBQ’s that they will never in a million years actually go to, being complete and utter faggots.

The doc ends with Louis narrating his deep goncerns that the hobbits he just accidentally showed as retarded losers are “deadly serious.” No really, that’s an actual quote. And that’s pretty much it.

I told you in the first one, it’s a 4/10 doc. It’s only accidentally good because these guys are such fags.

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  1. I wonder how their community is responding to these “optics”

    I mean if I was associated with people who made this Thoreaux guy look like a Chad I would just quietly delete every account I might have and erase their contacts from my phone.

    I mean c’mon! Soyboy asks you “is this you throwing up a Roman?”
    The correct answer is not “no master, I swear it isn’t. Please don’t call me a Nazi.” Followed by profuse sweating, crying and demands that he leave the property.
    I’m sure if he’d given a good answer it wouldn’t end up in the doc, but that’s the problem with letting other people set your narrative for you.

    Nazi art is “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” while Jewish “art” is nothing but sewers whores trannies fagots and degeneracy. When tearing something down you present the worst aspects. Imagine a bunch of Jewish film crews with exclusive access to Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. They’d probably start with the dirtiest toilet in the stadium then cut to Rosenberg and Goering farting, with shots suggesting Goebels was really into the Ethiopian women athletes and Hitler was entranced by Jesse owens’ tight ass.

    Is it because they’re genetically a degenerate race? Or is it because they know who their enemy is and love nothing more than to shit on them? (I guess ‘both’ could be an option)

    Really the problem with the whole doc is that the maker is a white man who wants to be a part of the anti white zeitgeist, it would hit harder and be more coherent if made by a Jew… but at the same time it wouldn’t be made by a Jew because AF is nothing for them to be afraid of.

  2. Ok do NJP next Louis

    1. Louis: Some people would say you are anti se-

      *moike pakistani joke rant.mp3*

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