As many of you who read this site are aware, we recently had TwinkPAC III get dropped by the manlets. It was a hilarious gongshow, but somehow someway one groyper in particular managed to outdo Stew Peters’ cocaine fueled takedown of the previous speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It’s an interesting window into the people on the other side of the screen. You know, the ones who call you a hetero for supporting TRS. Who get mad that you aren’t an incel faggot supporting the Tradhomo Manlet Cult. This one in particular is named IP2 Zoomer, and he had quite the horrific TwinkPAC experience.

Warning, extreme wall of text incoming. I’d recommend you skim. I’ll summarize at the bottom.

Yes, this manlets story is too long to fit on a single screen. I’m getting serious Anglin flashbacks.

I’m going to print out most of his story below. 

I was kicked from AFPAC by an intern who I still don’t know the name of **. Let me start by saying I will never stop supporting nick till the day I die no matter what his people do to dox and harass me because of me telling this story.
This is the psychologically healthy behaviour we’ve all come to know and love from the manlet cult.
I have no bad intentions and can prove everything I’m saying far better than the person I’m accusing can. His words “he saw this from 50 feet away” after black swan got him off my ass for standing directly behind for over 20mins.
1st a different younger intern targeted me saying I was cheering too loud. This is wrong. I was seated on the far left on the actual edge of the aisle. Literally on the edge. So the interns were pacing up and down the isle which makes sense. But then this **** intern who I think I already I know who he is but waiting to confirm, starting standing directly behind me – staring at me for over 20 minutes. Wouldn’t answer my questions or explain himself I was very calm and never clapped or cheered during this time.
So I got a little upset and posted a few messages in here during an intermission and bickered with a couple people in the GC(which i shouldnt have). I deleted them probably after 2 minutes and never said anything again. I’m guessing someone screenshottted what I said and knew who was I talking about and showed him, or he saw himself.
So I take a 15 min break in the lobby and after * comes out and talks to me and handles the situation. The **** intern is nowhere to be seen when I go to sit back down. I was very happy and was ready to never talk about it again.
So I decided after a couple people in the GC who weren’t even there suggested I just be quieter so that I would (**** didnt tell me to he just said and paraphrasing that there were hecklers so everyone was on edge about noise). And not use my phone which I didn’t at all after as evident by my telegram.
So I sit back down and become real quiet most of the time. The **** guy was nowhere to be seen after Black swan helped me which I deeply apperciate. I started to be much quieter and instead of clapping I would pump my fist in the air like a cheer and also use my pointer finger to do like a point at the speakers as an alternative to clapping and yelling because I was threatened to be kicked out.
So 10mins before Nick’s speech ends, the **** guy appears from the blue behind me and forces against my will to get up and come with him(illegal detention/kidnapping?). He wouldn’t tell me why, his handle, his position nothing. Like this nigga larping as an FBI agent kek. But I was really calm and nice because I had no idea what was what happening.
Here’s the kicker: I get brought into a huge empty auditorium filled with most interns. 1st some kid called got super pissy (5’2 btw lol). After probing for like 30 seconds  man spits out why he did it. He SAID I THREW A NAZI SALUTE…. I tried to explain what I was actually doing like I said early to him and *. They both just ignored me and walked away after basically accusing me of being nazi and bad person for 1 minute.  wouldn’t even let me respond or explain. The little shit said I don’t care you’re done and walked away. The only thing  man said was “I was 50 feet away so I maybe mistaken” but still denied to hear me out or let me back in.
So they both left – i sit down because i start crying. 1) because it was a lie and I knew he was targeting me hardcore and defaming me 2) because Nick’s speech was so great I wanted to hear the end of it and spent around 2k total on this trip.  
I don’t think I have ever bolded an entire paragraph before. I don’t think I ever will again. But that is quite possibly the single greatest thing I have ever read.
The people who attack you for being a heterosexual online start crying when faced with the slightest real world confrontation. Lol.
So **** is still in the big room and let’s me sit with him for like 7 minutes before the conference ends. I’m having a panic attack and attempt to explain everything and he knows I would never do that, how I consistently shit on wignats, nazis and larpers and have never thrown a siege Heil in my life.
If ur reading the forward its because I want this first sentence. But scroll up to start from my the beginning there’s like 3 parts

Trust me when I say that this could not happen to a bigger piece of shit. Maybe even literally, as I looked at the manlets telegram account and almost immediately found this.

The poor goy bought some Anal First Merchandise, but it didn’t fit him properly on account of his birthing hips. Something tells me he got kicked out of TwinkPAC because none of them wanted to have sex with him backstage, and the roman salute was the excuse they gave him. Not being able to get your chubby birthing hips pounded at AFPAC is the gay version of not getting your dick sucked at a brothel.

Anyone who knows me even a little is I hate siege heilers, wignats, larpers, nazis etc. Don’t you think the 20 other interns pacing would have seen that? Of any other attendees? I left in a panic attack because I have severe anxiety disorder and broke down crying in front of **** like a bitch.

Trust me, we’re only hitting the highlights here. I’m cutting out tons of pointless autism about what precise angle of the wrist constitutes a Roman Salute.

I gave 1 ticket free to ducky a groyper. I gave $120 to woozuh and $80 to Baked yesterday to take pictures with me today. Steven Kings book signing was $28. I gave 40 to show support and said no change please and they accepted. The merch store lied to me and wouldn’t sell me the blue hat. So I ended up being $55 worth of the merch they hadn’t sold which none of of it is my size anyways(I tried to buy so many times but they kept they saying they were closed rn but everytime I came back more stuff was sold lol) so I ended up just buying the shirts they had left a black hat that doesn’t fit my head and a poster. $55 I gave him $60 and said keep the change. He says thanks it will go straight to the foundation. So I give him another $20 to show support for nothing in return just to show solidarity.

In addition to being a fatass adult virgin with severe anxiety disorder who cries like a little bitch after the slightest of confrontations, this chubby little manlet is completely fucking incapable of writing a coherent sentence. Read the above paragraph again and you’ll start to feel your brain scrambling itself as it tries to make sense of this random gibberish.

As far as our plot goes, I think he’s whining about how he spent a lot of money on merchandise and other things, but couldn’t consoom product, at least not the product he wanted.

I will prove my innocence and clear my name. To reiterate this ISNT NICKS fault. It’s this interns. I maybe a sperg but I’m not an idiot. An idiot can’t get this many followers on this many platforms. An idiot doesn’t become mod of big forums. An idiot doesn’t get accepted as an intern by YOBA.

No I’m pretty sure an idiot can get 494 subscribers on telegram. I’m pretty sure that an idiot can be made mod of whatever manlet cult forum he’s talking about. I’m pretty sure that an idiot, any idiot, can write such incoherent gibberish. There are ESL students in the fifth grade who do better.

What I’m saying here is all true and implore anyone who wants to question this story, or think there are holes or lies to DM me and I will happily answer any and all questions to clear everything up.

Okay that’s it, this sperg is triggering my writing autism, and I feel the need to edit his ramblings. Above is what he wrote, below is what he should have written.

Everything I’m writing here is true, and I implore anyone who wants to question this story, or thinks there are holes or lies to DM me. I will happily answer any and all questions to clear everything up.

That wasn’t hard, and it took me approximately 10 seconds. When it comes to editing, a little bit goes a long way. This is especially true if you’re ranting about how you’re “not an idiot.”

There will be more proof coming. I did not NS salute. This faggot is just like what Louis theroux did to beardson. And you know what beardson did. Ended the interview and told him to spin on a dick. Same advice to this power hungry lying loser. Just realize what defamation means and lookup the factors. I have friends outside AF ya know.

I’m sorry, but I distinctly recall the e-Hobbit getting absolutely mogged by the gay bugcreature Louis Theroux. It was like watching the adult version of a particularly stupid child getting dressed down in the principals office.

And then Beardlet stumbled over his words as he ragequit the interview. If this is what winning looks like to these chubby, autistic, and downright pathetic adult virgins then I may well be at a complete loss for words.

Also, the punctuation, grammar, and overall sentence structure quality is still triggering me.

I would love nick to see this. I know he’s busy rn but later on. Not to get anyone in trouble or to fire anyone but because I’m telling the truth and I think he should know that close frens and groypers are being kicked out after spending 2k and cheering at his conferences lol

You… spent $2k… on Nick… Fuentes?

I’m really having to psyche myself up and remind myself that this is a turd, because I’m starting to feel bad for this little guy. Imagine the horrible relationship he has with his parents, as they try to hide what a great disappointment he’s become. Imagine them feigning excitement when he tells them that he’s a part of this hot new political movement called America First with this charismatic leader Nick Fuentes.

Imagine his parents looking this up. Imagine them then making the decision to “support” him in his dream by giving him $2,000 so he can go to this Political LARPfest, all in the vain hopes that their worthless tubby loser child can possibly make something of his life. And then they find out that he got kicked out of the event, and cried like a little bitch.

That night, they stare at each other in bed before they turn the lights off. It’s a fleeting glance, but they know each other too well to hide their thoughts. There is an understanding that their child is simply a biological failure, destined from birth to never reproduce. And ultimately, to never find happiness. As they sit there they go through the motions. “What about college,” she says, without conviction. “Maybe manual labour could…,” he trails off, unable to finish the lie.

After a long silence, he shuffles over to the bedpost light and turns it off. She can feel him going to sleep, or pretending to. She turns to her own bedpost light and turns it off. The room feels suddenly cold and empty, as she brushes a tear from her eye.

But then again, he finishes with this.

Also I implore the 20+ interns who saw this to come forward (even in private chats and clear my name) IP2 zoomer maybe a lot of things. But I’m no liar, its against my religion. End of story. And I hate wignats. Look at my pfp here kek. Look at my wignat block list and post everyday making funny of people who do stupid nazi stuff. Besrdson v Louis 2.0

Okay, periods are not optional. You also can’t just randomly add them either. As I did earlier, I’m going to fix his writing.

One single pussy and I’d put this manlet cult in my rearview mirror.

In fact I think that works for his entire post. Maybe even his whole internet career.

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  1. This is genuinely tragic. Never mind the incel issue; the fact that a hand gesture. or even an alleged hand gesture, causes such a panic is horrifying yet ridiculous. White people, or any one else, shouldn’t have to worry about being hauled off and interrogated in an American Manlet NKVD. Every one involved is an absolute disgrace. This sad little moment demonstrates how thoroughly jew OWN the West, or what Western Civilization once was.

  2. So, religious Zealot who is loyal to Jesus Christ and hates LARPers gave $120 to woozuh.

    Look what we have here:

    woozuh LARPs as a … Marvel Pagan God.

    P. S. To be clear, I personally have nothing against Pagans.

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