When Donald Trump was making his most strident complaints about NATO allies spending too little on defence, some member nations — Canada, the Netherlands and Germany, in particular — seemed largely unmoved by the now-former U.S. president’s broadsides.

But Russia’s war on Ukraine — with all of its brutality and destruction — over the past two weeks seems to have succeeded where Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, failed.

Leaving the Conservative Plantation brings with it many downsides. You stop being able to pretend that you have some group of politicians representing you. And your political activism from here on out brings with it the risk of massive oppression, since you are finally an actual dissident. However, it feels pretty good to be entirely unmoved by this Military Industrial Complex propaganda about how Canada needs to spend more taxdollars on military bullshit. 

Contrary to popular belief, Canada’s military is not underfunded. Similarly, that 25% budget increase comes from the Liberal Party, who are in no way anti-War or anti-Imperialist or whatever retarded shit catladies have deluded themselves into believing, to the extent they even pretend anymore. Canada’s military sucks because that money is graft and corruption. It gets spent on the military, and it goes nowhere. One of the nowheres it goes are funding “White Fragility Ask me Anything” hate propaganda fests like the one that I detailed here

Yes, this was put on by the Canadian Military

When these people say “defense budget,” they 100% mean giving your tax dollars to their friends. Sometimes their friends means Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and others. In that case, you get some shitty hardware in return. Elsewhere your taxdollars go to fund nebulous “intelligence community,” bullshit, that labels you a terrorist group, or the White Fragility AMA mentioned above.

And in the case of the military hardware itself, you get the Little Crappy Ship, pictured above. A ship with the firepower of a Somali pirate ship, the armour of a paper airplane, and the range of a wind up toy, that’s far more easily detectable by the diesel-electric submarines it’s supposed to be detecting and destroying in the first place. But it makes up for all of that by having a top speed 3 nautical miles faster than WW2 era Battleships, which it can’t sustain on the rough open ocean without its hull breaking in half, and will run out of gas in 30 minutes.

The best estimations for the Russian Defense Budget is about $70B, although they vary from ~$30B-100B. In exchange, they get an actual military, complete with a blue water navy, nuclear weapons, and enough fighters to actually get air superiority. We get anti-White hate propaganda.

Germany — perhaps the most pacifist power in Europe — overturned decades of foreign policy when Chancellor Olaf Scholz ordered weapons shipments to help prop up the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and pledged to meet NATO’s spending target. (At the moment, Germany spends 1.5 per cent of its GDP on defence.)

Canada currently spends 1.39 per cent of its GDP on defence. Trudeau has long argued that his government has a plan to increase the defence budget to $32 billion over several years.

But Ottawa has never even pretended to have a plan to meet the two per cent target, despite the fact that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper committed to it in 2014, after Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

It really annoys me when people construct convoluted theories to explain what can more trivially be explained through simple financial interest. Pfizer made almost $40B from their bullshit vaccine. That’s why that was pushed so hard, not “muh vaxxx genocide,” garbage. Similarly, this anti-Russian propaganda is designed to add an additional $10B in “defense” spending just in Canada alone. There are many other factors at play, but let’s not ignore the tens of billions in graft and corruption in NATO countries at stake here.

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