It appears sanity prevailed. There was an outside chance that our Democracy Class would LARP like they were militarily in position to establish a no-fly zone in the Ukraine, and then use NATO planes getting shot down to start WW3. However, that appears to be too delusional, even for them.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he was forced to deny Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request to authorize a no-fly zone over Ukraine citing fears about triggering an escalation from Russian forces.

Speaking to CTV National News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme, Trudeau confirmed Zelensky asked him directly to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine during a phone call Thursday.

Trudeau called the request and resulting response “heartbreaking,” noting that Zelensky has been asking for the no-fly zone for “many days.”

“It is something that is heartbreaking. To have to say we can do so many things to support, but the risk of escalation, the risk of spreading… of involving NATO in a direct conflict if we send NATO planes over Ukraine to shoot down Russian planes,” Trudeau said.

“We can do an awful lot and we’re doing everything we can. But we can’t do that.”

I know this is neither here nor there, but this is pretty much my first time seeing Chrystia Freeland in action, and oh my goodness are her teeth yellow. I mean that is one snaggletoothed monstrosity. And it’s even creepier in motion.

There have been ongoing calls for NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine since Russia’s invasion of the country despite the repeated rejection of the idea by western leaders concerned about triggering a wider war in Europe.

I’ve brought this up earlier, but the No Fly Zone was always a LARP right from the beginning. The Russians have the ability to do long range air or missiles strikes on airbases from a greater distance than the combat range of our fighter planes. So there aren’t really any airbases that they can stage these planes from in the first place. At least not any that wouldn’t get immediately destroyed.

And if you’re thinking that they might try to fly planes from Poland or elsewhere, with some bullshit propaganda ready to go about how Russia is attacking a NATO country when they blow up that airbase, well that’s just not a military reality. If we staged planes from Lublin, Poland, to Kiev, Ukraine, that’s just a touch over 500 km, giving us little to no time in our fighters over the enemy. And Kiev is 600+ km from Mariupol and the actual Eastern Front. 

It’s entirely possible that I gave our (((Privileged Class))) too much credit with not deliberately starting WW3. They didn’t have the ability to do that, so they all LARPed like they were just choosing not to escalate, instead of having Putin and Geography deciding that for them. It’s entirely possible that if they could fly planes from, say, Poland to the relevant parts of Ukraine that we would already be in WW3 right now.

When asked where the line should be drawn, Trudeau said Putin already crossed it by invading Ukraine.

Which is why we’re treated to all this impotent whining.

“Putin already crossed the red line. He has already invaded a sovereign country, broken the UN charter, shown an absolute disregard for human life and the rule of law… and that is why the world is responding with the best tools we could possibly have to save more lives and put an end to this,” he said.

Once again, I show you Israel.

Never forget that Trudeau is a huge jew nationalist Israel shill.

Some of those rallying NATO to step in have suggested that the alliance is sacrificing Ukraine to save Europe – a notion Freeland disagrees with.

“I believe that Ukraine is fighting to save Europe,” she said.

“I think they are the moral leaders of the world right now and we all know they are fighting for themselves because they have to right now but they are also fighting for us. They are fighting for democracy… This is a fight between democracy and tyranny.

Kill me now.

Asked about Putin’s state of mind, Trudeau said “Putin has painted himself into a corner.”

“Right now, he’s beginning to see he cannot win, the resolve of the Ukrainians is too strong,” he said. “The resolve of the rest of the world, the condemnation of 141 countries of the UN of what he’s done means he is in a very bad place of his own making, is his own responsibility and we will continue to make sure that he stops.”

I dunno about that. Things seem to be going pretty swimmingly for Bad Man Putin. Just compare the shots from the first few days to now.

How it started.

How it’s going.

The above video is actually the very first video I have ever seen of this Zelenskyy fellow, and my god is he shifty. I’ll have to break it down in an upcoming article.

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