JAFFA, March 10 (Reuters) – Israel’s parliament on Thursday passed a law denying naturalization to Palestinians from the occupied West Bank or Gaza married to Israeli citizens, forcing thousands of Palestinian families to either emigrate or live apart.

This is almost as stunning and brave as that one time, last May, when they murdered 232 Palestinian goyim, 65 of whom were children, because they felt like stealing their land. Truly the Israeli Heebs are the light that illuminates the world.

The so-called citizenship law passed just before the Knesset disbanded for a holiday recess by a 45-15 majority vote that crossed coalition-opposition lines.

Amazing isn’t it? Bipartisanship here in Goylandia means serving the evil racial interests of jews. In Heebland it means… serving the evil racial interests of jews. Weird how that is.

Proponents say the law helps ensure Israel’s security and maintains its “Jewish character”.

People who would say that moderate immigration restrictions are evil beyond the pale are jew nationalist Israel supporting interracial marriage banners in the jew ethnostate of occupied Palestine. Weird.

However, critics say the law discriminates against Israel’s 21% Arab minority – who are Palestinian by heritage and Israeli by citizenship – by barring them from extending citizenship and permanent residency rights to Palestinian spouses.

“It comes off as more xenophobic or racist (than other laws) because it’s not only giving extra rights and privileges to Jewish people, but also preventing certain basic rights only from the Arab population,” said Reut Shaer, a lawyer with the Association of Civil Rights in Israel.

The law also bars the unification of Israeli citizens or residents and spouses from “enemy states”, such as Lebanon, Syria and Iran. But it mostly affects Palestinian women and children, said Shaer.

It’s amazing how these “civil rights groups,” in the jew ethnostate appear to be these completely powerless institutions who never get any single tangible policy. And when I say “amazing,” I mean “in my vision of the future these people get public executions that are heavy on pain and humiliation.”

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