I hate follow the National Dooginist Party on telegram. Along with hate following Eric Striker, Mike Peinovich, Alex McNabb, Warren Balogh, Sven, and even Borzoi. I’d highly recommend checking out all those channels as well as the NJP website and their Thielbux funded gay hookup app website The Right Stuff, for fresh content to hatewatch. 

The above picture is from these heteros bad optics protest for, I shit you not, the lack of hate crime charges put on BLM Darrell Brooks for his intentional murder of White People in Waukesha. I covered this Dooginist protest before, and here as well, but I’m only exposing my catboi enjoying Serious Guy audience to this now to show Warren Balogh, pictured above in the green jacket. He released a statement on NJP’s website in relation to some obscure little antifa murder that pales in importance to Covid-19.

National FedInformant Party:

UPDATE: On October 14, 2020, the National Justice Party released a statement on the murder of Lee Keltner, who was killed in broad daylight by antifa Pinkerton agent Matthew Dolloff while attending a patriotic demonstration.

Prepare yourself. There’s going to be a lot of really bad optics in what follows and I would like to make it very clear that I and my trans-vagina do not approve of any of this.

If you want to know what optics is, just think never having sex with a woman in your mid twenties and going on dates with catbois and having sex with them instead. Sadly, not getting pussy does not even appear to have been considered by these Federal Informants, so we’re instead left with these bad optics appeals to normal people’s sense of justice.

The National Justice Party strongly condemns the cold-blooded murder of American patriot, veteran and family man Lee Keltner. Keltner was shot dead by a Pinkerton hired thug with “antifa” associations during a protest in Denver on Saturday, October 10th.

Lee Keltner was a 49-year-old grandfather, veteran of the United States Navy, and an artist who created custom hats. He was with his 24-year-old son Jay, attending a Patriot Rally in Denver, Colorado, when the event was accosted by Black Lives Matter and “antifa” rioters. Photos and videos of the murder show Keltner and other rally attendees being aggressively menaced by a militant agitator wearing a “black guns matter” tee-shirt. A few moments later, Keltner was shot in the head by Pinkerton Agent Matthew Dolloff.

Dolloff’s social media history reveals an obsession with anti-White and far-left social causes such as fighting “fascism” and “racism.” He was hired by NBC News affiliate 9News as a bodyguard for producer Zack Newman, who openly advertises his Jewish political identity on Twitter and evidently shares Dolloff’s leftist views. The Denver news station has come under heavy scrutiny in the past few days for other associations between prominent employees and “antifa” rioters….

The murder of Lee Keltner sets a new and dangerous precedent. A paid mercenary has, essentially, carried out a politically and racially motivated assassination of a working class patriot and nationalist. Dolloff was employed by none other than Pinkerton, the company formerly known as the Pinkerton Detective Agency—the most infamous union-busting organization in American history.

Yes, that was their original statement. I’ll save you the trouble, I ctrl+f’d this article of theirs and I did not see a single mention of “Covid tyranny,” “vaxx segregation,” “New World Order,” “NWO,” “United Nations”, “UN,” “Davos,” or “Bilderberg Group.” And when I say that, I don’t just mean in their original statement, I mean the entire article.

Somehow, someway, while we’re in the middle of the formation of the New World Order and suffering through Vaxxx Genocide these Duginists are choosing to intentionally ignore that and focus on the entirely unimportant antifa murder spree. I don’t think I need to even make the argument as to why only a fed would do that, I trust your intellect too much and value your time.

Dolloff was formally charged with second degree murder on October 19, 2020, which carries a mandatory prison sentence of between 16 and 48 years.

On March 10, 2022 it was announced that prosecutors with the Denver District Attorney’s Office are planning to drop all charges against the murderer.

Carolyn Tyler, Communications Director for the Denver District Attorney’s Office said “I can confirm that having fully considered the facts and circumstances surrounding the charges, today we informed Lee Keltner’s family members that we will soon dismiss the criminal case against Matthew Dolloff. In line with our ethical obligations, we cannot overcome the legal justifications of self-defense or defense of others. We are not able to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Dolloff’s self-defense claim is bogus, and would be child’s play for any prosecutor to overcome. As can be seen from the above photograph of the incident, Keltner is backing away with his arms down as Dolloff is reaching for the gun at his waist. Photos of the entire incident make it clear that Keltner was retreating from a physical altercation that was instigated by Dolloff. The much stronger self-defense claim of Travis and Gregory McMichael in the shooting of Black burglar Ahmaud Arbery was “defeated” in a politically and racially motivated show trial last month in Georgia, showing that it is not the merit of the case that matters, but the racial and political identities of the parties involved.

There’s nothing for me to bold here, because they’re still not talking about Covid, or how the election was stolen from our god emperor Gorland Blormph.

I mean I’m just baffled that they’re even choosing to talk about this. Sickening, really.

This decision by the Denver DA confirms what the National Justice Party warned about seventeen months ago. This murder set a precedent that hired thugs working for the neoliberal political establishment could shoot and kill unarmed White dissidents with impunity. Lee Keltner’s murder grimly foreshadowed the murder of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot down in cold blood in exactly the same way on January 6, 2021. No charges were filed against Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, who was later hailed as a “hero” by the Jewish news media. We have since learned that the other protestors who died on January 6 were likely killed by use of police grenades and chemical agents.

As if Warren Balogh and Emily Youcis actually care about murdered White People. We can see here from one of their own show titles them supporting homosexuality, and Warren has been quoted as saying,

“I married Emily to keep up appearances, but I’m as gay as at gets and crave male genitalia constantly.”

That’s pretty par for the course for the NJP crew.

Even worse we see another one of their shows where they vow to stand with Israel against AOC, in what can only be considered a complete embrace of Finklethink.

Warren Balogh: DEMONrats like AOC hate Israel, which is why they don’t do anything policy wise that actually hurts them. So because DEMONrats equal bad, I now support Israel hard.

Emily Youcis: They’re the only democracy in the Middle East.

Warren Balogh: I’m just so sick and tired of all these leftists who don’t support our greatest ally.

Emily Youcis: So right Warren, these right wing jews are fighting hard against globalism.

Warren Balogh: No doubt, I simply will not tolerate any of this anti-semitic slander about our right wing allies in Yidsrael.

It was believed that Jazzhands heard this recording and slit his own wrists, leading to the famous “you’re gonna find me hanging, from the batchroom,” clip often played on TRS. While the origin is often claimed to be a disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s actually Jazzhands. He died in 2019, and was replaced with Alexander Dugin himself.

With the dropping of charges against Matthew Dolloff, the establishment is sending a clear message that if you are White and protesting against the neoliberal political agenda, security forces have a license to kill you even if you are unarmed or a veteran of the US Armed Forces.

As the US government and Jewish media whip up hysteria over the war in Ukraine, which was caused and provoked by the actions of NATO, and as the media decries political censorship and authoritarianism in places like Russia and China, the ruling class here are engaging in an increasingly blatant and murderous crackdown on political dissidents. This tyranny started ramping up under the Trump administration after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, and has grown exponentially worse ever since.

The National Justice Party reaffirms our commitment to the freedom all political prisoners of neoliberal Jewish tyranny, to due process and equal application of the law and to the rights of all victims of political censorship. We pledge to continue the fight against anti-White civil rights abuses by the state, and to hold accountable all those who are responsible for unleashing this campaign of state and media-sponsored terror against innocent Americans.

I get that some people might be drawn to this fed honeypot. But where are the catbois? Where are the conferences being held by the NJP, where D list politicians can talk about how race isn’t real and then denounce them? Where is the getting on the bandwagon of whatever cuckservative bullshit non-issue du jour is? Where is the pretending to fight against the Republican Establishment while never primarying them, and obediently voting for them?

Look, all serious guys vote Republican and suck catboi cock. Only feds and Dooginist shills want to harm the wonderful (((Paul Singer))) controlled GOP. Anybody who cares about antifa murdering Uppity White People in cold blood, and then having all charges dropped is just politically unserious. Republicans have been given the presidency, majority of supreme court nominees, house, senate, and control of the US Military, sometimes all at once. They haven’t done anything for White People, but trust me, if we get them elected one more time they’re suddenly going to start doing exactly that. Ladybug Lindsay Graham as much as promised me that in our exclusive interview with him.

Stop supporting these guys.

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