Oh my goodness, this is the most stunning and brave Stunning Bravery that I have ever witnessed.

The tears stream down my face as I am personally stunned by this brave and stunning stunnery. Bette “hooknosed” Midler is personally willing to pay a little bit more at the pump if it would save the life of one single Ukrainian child who is not allowed to leave Ukraine because the (((Zelensky))) government violates international law and prevents them from doing so.

That she would make such a personal sacrifice, that cuts her so deep to further the agenda of George Soros moves me to tears. I mean Bette might not pump her own gas, but she drives many exotic cars with terrible MPG. So basically Bette is suffering the hardest of all, but she’s doing it for George Soros, She’s basically a Marvel Comic Book Hero come to real life.

Oh my gawd, she just doesn’t miss. Absolutely owning the goyim here by pointing out the difference between an Israeli, and a Shabbos Goy.

Bette “beady eyed” Midler fires another shot across the boy of World Goyery by pointing out that Kyle Rittenhouse defended America, and wasn’t a huge cuck who went out of his way to die for (((Zelensky))).

I know Bette, it brings tears to my eye and causes me to be literally shaking. Of the thousands of people who have died in this war thus far, Putin is responsible for literally millions of them.

Did I mention that she just don’t miss? Imagine blaming the guy who is responsible for gas prices shooting through the roof, instead of the guy who is very bad and also not good. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe in the shower, or getting out of bed, just imagine Vlad the Bad’s smiling face laughing at you.

Goyim ownage status: Complete. It doesn’t really matter so much that wind turbines require oil to be used in their manufacturing, or that, due to inconsistency in power generation, require a non-wind power grid to provide up to 90% of the actual power. All that matters is that through the power of love and friendship wind turbines equal Putin bad.

Also, you could build nuclear powerplants which actually do provide constant clean energy at a production cost that is legitimately independent of oil prices. But that would be like, a real solution, and our (((Democracy Class))) is desperately short on actual engineering. But in a heroic and brave way.

Hooked Nosed Globalist worth a quarter of a billion dollars yet to get paid for emotional labour of having uppity peasants ungratefully whining about thing that destroys their standard of living. We should all be very grateful that Bette managed to live through this. Imagine being tired of these almost Billionaires sanctimoniously lecturing us while supporting Israel doing violent racial cleansings.

See? Ukraine is geographically fairly small relative to the largest country in the world by geography. Therefore this means that Israel, as an even tinier country, is super heroic when they buy goyim politicians and murder Palestinian goy children. Although Palestine is even smaller, but luckily us jew people have decided that Palestine is not a real country, so it doesn’t count.

God that’s so true and factual. Who could forget when Zelensky bravely hid in a bunker like a little bitch. Or when he temporarily fled Ukraine, like a Chad. Or when he whines constantly about how Goy Countries aren’t dying enough for his personal enjoyment, but in a courageous way.

That might be the funniest thing that I have ever seen. The dove of peace responding to the call of nature right on Vlad the Bad’s head. Potty humour is always funny. Don’t listen to any goy who tells you that you should probably have stopped with that in elementary school at the latest. There is nothing more seemly than a 76 year old woman making scatological humour.

When I saw this poster I just sat there. I was unable to move. I was transfixed. I felt my entire life flash before my eyes. Decisions made, and unmade. The girl who got away. My successes, my failures. All seen through the lens of HOPE. As in, I HOPE that Bette Midler stops acting like such an entitled and whiny kikel online.

But something tells me that’s not going to happen.

Start supporting Israel, goyim.

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  1. WHY did Whites allow these kikeroaches to infest our world? FYI the rat face crisis actor Zelensky is probably in Poland.

  2. >Of the thousands of people who have died in this war thus far, Putin is responsible for literally millions of them.

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