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Less than two weeks into Putin’s Ukraine War, the conflict has already left much of the country in ruins. After encountering unexpectedly tough resistance from Ukrainian forces in the initial days of the invasion, the Russian military has since focused its efforts on the indiscriminate bombing of Ukrainian towns and cities

In the time honoured tradition of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Liars they just say something wildly at odds with reality and move on. Russia is a country with nuclear weapons, but they could easily level all the cities in Ukraine even with conventional weaponry. Instead of doing that, they’re encircling these cities, and trying to evacuate the citizens, which the (((Ukrainian Government))) is not allowing.

These terror tactics have resulted in countless atrocities and a rapidly rising civilian death toll. Russia’s attack has also destroyed Ukrainian infrastructure and decimated the country’s economy. In order to prevent a complete economic collapse, the international community must now urgently provide Ukraine with tens of billions of dollars in emergency funding. 

Vlad the Bad’s TERROR TACTICS have utterly destroyed the Ukrainian Economy, goyim. Countless atrocities have been committed. Countless, I tell you. Just so many that counting them all is theoretically impossible, even for the best counters among us. We’re going to need a lot of your taxdollars to be funneled into the utterly corrupt state of Ukraine.

Even greater sums will be required for the rebuilding of Ukraine. Assuming the majority of today’s Ukraine emerges from the current conflict unoccupied, this reconstruction program promises to be the biggest undertaking in modern European history. Entire new cities will eventually rise from the rubble, transforming the country and helping to guarantee the European future Ukrainians are fighting for.

Uh, what? We’re building entire new cities now. I mean, why exactly? And how is this a “reconstruction effort.” That sounds more like a construction effort that you could do in literally any country.

How much will all this cost? Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently stated that the European Union should establish a EUR 100 billion fund to rebuild Ukraine.

Okay, typical politician babbling. He’s just establishing an incredibly high number so that another absurdly high number looks good by comparison. I mean there’s no way that they could be taking –

This may be a conservative estimate. If Russia continues to bomb Ukraine at the current rate, we can expect the costs of the war to be much higher, perhaps even reaching over USD 1 trillion.

Give the (((Ukrainian Government))), long recognized as the most corrupt in Europe $1 Trillion of your taxdollars, goy. You’re just a bad person if you don’t approve of this plan, you little Putin Enjoyer you.

The international community’s immediate priority must be to prop up the Ukrainian economy. Ukraine needs its allies to launch a fund that will pump billions of dollars into its economy on a monthly basis in order to counter the catastrophic losses incurred due to Putin’s war.  

I have to hand it to them, the shameless money grab is almost admirable in a weird way. Demanding that we pump billions into the nebulous concept that is the Ukrainian Economy, but through utterly corrupt Ukrainian Government Institutions, of course.

A country fighting off a military superpower cannot accept regular financing in the form of ordinary loans from the IMF and other international financial institutions. Ukraine is not Greece. It did not bring on an economic crisis due to financial mismanagement. Instead, Ukraine is the innocent victim of Europe’s first full-scale military invasion since the days of Adolf Hitler.  

Imagine reading this neocon propaganda and nodding your head along in agreement. “Why yes, those SOciAlISt GReeKs mismanaged their economy. Not like the glorious Zelensky.” Ukraine was a country with a GDP per capita of just over $3,000 long before any invasion happened.

Above all, the international community must recognize that Ukraine is not simply fighting for itself; it is defending the entire post-World War II international order. The very least the West can do is help Ukrainians stay financially afloat and provide funds for the reconstruction of their shattered country.

George Soros is a big Zelensky fan. The least you could do is send him a trillion of your taxdollars, goy.

According to some estimates, Ukraine needs a minimum of USD 10 billion per month to make up for its losses due to Russia’s invasion. This might seem like too much at first glance but it is doable, especially if a broad coalition of nations is mobilized.

No, no, if anything I think you’re asking too little. $10B a month is only $120B per year. I mean money literally grows on trees so it’s not like there’s any downside to just printing massive quantities of it and giving it to utterly corrupt regimes like Zelensky.

I think it’s great to check in with these propagandists every now and then. A bit of exposure to the utterly insane ideas that are taken seriously by our (((Democracy Class))) can be eye opening.

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  2. Population of Ukraine 43 million

    1 trillion / 43 million = $23,255

    So, yes a trillion dollars would be enough to pay everyone in Ukraine $3,000 a year for 7.7 years.

    It would be an absurd policy if they were actually going to do it, but giving it to a jew installed by the (((cia))) to do with as he pleases would just be the height of chutzpah.

  3. My stock response to international panhandlers: “Sorry man, I’m all tapped out. Maybe try the IMF food bank.”

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