I can’t even remember what lead me to this, but I found this.

I see that Canada’s UN Twatter account has “helpfully” made some edits to the Russian statement to the UN.

I’m sure this will be a well-reasoned and adult statement by Trudeau’s Feminist Government.

Normally I’d transcribe this, but I’m not sure that’s possible here. Instead you just have to soak in what can only be described as the most bitchmade and whiny Gossip Girl “clap back” shit I have ever seen in my entire life. I do have to highlight one of their “comments” in particular.

COMMENT: Yes. But you are attacking civilians, bombing schools and hospitals, and looting aid. Which makes us think you do not actually believe this? Please explain.

Is it possible to write with uptalk? This lump of soy claims that, yes, yes you can. And I have to say, having seen it, I now believe it.

Once again I’ll highlight one of these whiny comments in particular.

COMMENT: How do you account for Russian forces besieging cities, preventing civilians from fleeing denying humanitarian aid, attacking humanitarian corridors and looting aid? Please explain.

First of all, this retard forgot the comma after “civilians from fleeing.” More importantly, it’s Zelensky who has refused to let Ukrainian civilians flee along the proposed humanitarian corridors that would have allowed them into Russia. This is in clear violation of international law, and an obvious human rights abuse, but Zelensky is on the side of George Soros, so we can’t let little things like human rights violations get in the way of Fake Democracy now can we?

Mmmm hmmm. Das ‘Rite hoaney. Dem Russkie Crackas be all up in dat shieet like straight fiyah. Das wat I be talkin’ bout hoaney.


Dmitry Polyanskiy, first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, fired back on Thursday:

“Thank you @CanadaONU for this kindergarten-level Russophobic libel!” he wrote on Twitter.

That’s the problem when your enemies are vicious clowns. It’s so hard to choose between making fun of them and pointing out how evil they are. Like, these people support Israelis murdering children as they steal the goyim’s land, and they support selling weapons to Saudi Arabia so they can do the same but even bigger. Then they turn around and lecture Putin for imaginary atrocities while spouting Shadow of Kiev type propaganda.

Having said that, imagine what a whiny, soy infused bitch you’d have to be to write that. An entire screed utterly destroyed by the Russian Diplomat in a single sentence. And frankly, he treated it with more seriousness than it deserved. A simple “LOL, is this satire?” would have been even better.

But don’t worry, we’re going to make Canada a serious country one way or another.

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