I’m going to warn you, this piece has a few graphic images. I should also note that this article was written in the summer of 2017, which should give you some perspective on the past eight years of (((Ukrainian Government))) atrocities against ethnic Russians in the Donbas.

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July 27th, 2014, is probably the most “black” date in the history of Gorlovka. On this day the UAF fired artillery attacks at the city center, and 22 civilians perished at once, some of them — directly at the station “Melody”, near which the memorial is established. Then the young mother Kristina with her daughter Kira, who wasn’t even one year old, found themselves under the blows of the Ukrainian army. Yes, yes – “Madonna of Gorlovka” … That bloody Sunday — one of the most dreadful pages of the chronicle of the war in Donbass.

The “Madonna of Gorlovka”. The woman, Kristina, with her daughter Kira, who were murdered by the Ukrainian Military indiscriminately striking her town.

Images of a young mother and child at one moment alive, and at another dead are moving, and while I usually look down on people who can’t view things objectively, I can’t help but deny that I feel angered and saddened by such images. To add insult to injury, the shelling was done by the “Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Forces.” 

Today on 50 Victory Avenue, in the city that survived and held on despite the fiery summer of 2014, a memorial to the killed inhabitants was opened. The memorial includes a stone with the names of 235 dead Gorlovka residents and a sculpture of an angel.

“We are obliged not to forget, and on the other hand — we are obliged to win in order to indeed not to betray those who are no longer with us,” said the chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin at the memorial ceremony. “War has been ongoing for more than three years, and, of course, for us it was unexpected that artillery and jets would be used against us. Gorlovka was a simple peaceful city of Donbass, but since recent times it became a stronghold that withstands the blows of our opponents. Unfortunately, war still hasn’t ended, unfortunately, to this day there are still killed and wounded. The memorial will remind the descendants about the events that are now happening in the Republic”.

Denis Pushilin

Keep in mind that all of this is to deny the residents of Donbas the right to self-determination. If they were to vote on being part of Russia or the Ukraine, they would vote similarly to the Crimeans, which is to say, overwhelmingly to join Russia.

Keep that in mind any time you hear reports of our Privileged Class bloviating about “muh Democracy.” This entire conflict exists purely because Zelensky refuses to allow the little peasants to choose which country they want to live in.

Earlier at this place in honor of the dead residents of Gorlovka a stone was established, and in the summer of 2016 the city authorities made the decision to construct a memorial as a memorial sign about the residents of Gorlovka who died during 2014-2017, citizens of Gorlovka laid flowers at the monument, and children brought soft toys to the memorial. On the list of names of the killed residents of Gorlovka are the names of 22 children.

Wow, it’s almost like firing artillery rounds at towns leads to lots of civilian murders. Who could possibly have seen that one coming?

On the third anniversary of the murder of Kristina “Madonna of Gorlovka” and her daughter Kira – excerpt from an interview with Kristina’s mother“Kristina was intelligent. She graduated from our Gorlovka institute of foreign languages. She wanted to achieve much in life. She loved her daughter Kira very much, she wanted and waited for her birth. Already when she was pregnant she asked all the time: ‘When will Kira appear’. She knew how the baby will be named, how she will be.

Oh but are we sure she wasn’t a terrorist? She was murdered by the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Forces, so I think that pretty much answers that question.

When Kira was born, Kristina couldn’t let her out of her hands. Kira endlessly sang songs – waking up in the morning she shouted from the bedroom: ‘Ba! Ba!’, and began to sing songs. Our neighbors laughed at everything, as from the first day we constantly sang songs to her. Neighbors asked who sings here? It was me and Kristina. I played French songs and Kira already murmured singing.

You’re telling me this child isn’t a terrorist? Next you’ll be telling me all those Palestinian children Israelis murder on playgrounds aren’t really battle hardened Hamas members.

I still have the feeling that they just went out for a walk, and they will now return, and I will mutter in the evening that you came back so late, it is time to bathe. Every time when they were late and came back, they shouted: ‘Ura! Grandmother, we learned to crawl!’ or ‘Ura! Grandmother, we learned to walk!’, ‘Ura! We weaved the first wreathe!’. Kira just learned to walk. In this park they walked 2-3 times a day, they almost didn’t leave it, there, in this grass they learned both to crawl and walk. They lived in this park and they died there.”

A mother was robbed of her daughter and infant granddaughter by (((Zelensky))). It’s a tragic story, and one you’ll never hear about this from the (((Democracy Class))) media. Something you should remember if you ever encounter some bullshit atrocity propaganda in the wild. I guess some victims are more equal than others.

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