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Madeleine Albright, a child refugee from Nazi- and then Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe who rose to become the first female U.S. secretary of state and a mentor to many current and former American statesmen and women, died Wednesday of cancer, her family said. She was 84.

A lifelong Democrat who nonetheless worked to bring Republicans into her orbit, Albright was chosen in 1996 by U.S. President Bill Clinton to be America’s top diplomat, elevating her from U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, where she had been only the second woman to hold that job.

Translation: The US is a one party state. (((Albright))) was super anti-White, but also a bloodthirsty kikess, so everything she did got bipartisan support.

“We have lost a loving mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend,” her family said in a statement.

-said the family whose son never came home from Iraq. You know, that war that this disgusting jew lied us into.

Thanks Madeline, very cool. 

U.S. President Joe Biden said, “America had no more committed champion of democracy and human rights than Secretary Albright, who knew personally and wrote powerfully of the perils of autocracy.”

“When I think of Madeleine,” Biden added, “I will always remember her fervent faith that ‘America is the indispensable nation.”‘

Madeline Albright was a champion of democracy, where democracy in this case doesn’t mean Democracy, as in the rule of the people, but rather a system of tightly controlled elections between political oligopolies that casts the smidgeon of legitimacy over an entirely anti-Democratic process. Ms. Albright was a big fan of that. It’s biggest champion.

“Because she knew firsthand that America’s policy decisions had the power to make a difference in people’s lives around the world, she saw her jobs as both an obligation and an opportunity,” Clinton wrote. “And through it all, even until our last conversation just two weeks ago, she never lost her great sense of humour or her determination to go out with her boots on, supporting Ukraine in its fight to preserve freedom and democracy.”

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – SEPTEMBER 12: (NOTE TO EDITOR : GRAPHIC CONTENT) : An Iraqi man despairs as he looks at dead civilians in the street on September 12, 2004 in Haifa Street, Baghdad, Iraq. Fighting broke out in the early hours of September 12, 2004 as explosions shook the centre of Baghdad with U.S. helicopters opening fire at targets in the area and a U.S. armoured vehicle was seen on fire. Over 20 people were killed and 48 injured in a day of heavy fighting more than two months since the handover of power in Iraq. (Photo by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Getty Images)

I kept the original caption for this picture so you could understand that this is in fact, murdered Iraqis. Madeline Albright did indeed know the power that the American Government has to “affect the lives of people around the globe.” That’s why she loved nothing more than exploiting the US military to go and murder the goyim for the racial interests of jews in the Middle East.

Murdered US Soldier.

Here’s a murdered US Soldier, also from Iraq. Did he get this eulogy? Of course not. He was just a worthless little goy-peasant. He wasn’t one of gods chosen people. So if he died in service to jews he and his family should be honoured. 

The highly popular former Chief Rabbi of Israel.

n one of her last public appearances, Albright was among those to eulogize the man who succeeded her as U.S. secretary of state, Colin Powell.

“His virtues were Homeric — honesty, loyalty, dignity and an unshakeable commitment to his calling and his word,” Albright said at a ceremony for Powell on Nov. 5 in Washington.

Years earlier, she once exclaimed to Powell, then the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff: “What’s the point of having this superb military you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?”

Iraq road movie. 2003
Welcome to spring breack Iraq.
Us Marines going north on their way to Baghdad.Marines fighting their way into the outskirts of Baghdad to take the key Nahrdiyalah bridge leading to the center of Baghdad. Incoming Iraqi artillery fire kill2 marines wounded 4.
Iraq April 7 2003.

It might shock you to find out that when Madeline Albright wasn’t planning the mass murder of goyim, she was also pushing anti-social and anti-White garbage on the general public as a committed feminist. Then again, it might not shock you. If you’re wondering how someone can be so truly evil and disgusting in every way, Madeline herself has the answer.

Yes, (((indeed))).

As America’s top diplomat, Albright made limited progress at first in trying to expand the 1993 Oslo Accords that established the principle of self-rule for the Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza. But in 1998, she played a leading role in formulating the Wye Accords that turned over control of about 40 per cent of the West Bank to the Palestinians.

She also spearheaded an ill-fated effort to negotiate a 2000 peace deal between Israel and Syria. 

First of all, that deal that “turned over 40% of West Bank land to the Palestinians,” should have been written as “allowed Israelis to steal 60% of the West Bank.” Albright is one of the greatest examples of electoral politics being entirely fake. You elect Democrats, and they absolutely refuse to do socialist healthcare, student load cancellation, end foreign wars, or give even the world’s tiniest “no” to Israel. But they will do tons of anti-White stuff and pervert shit. Then again, so will the Republicans.

She’s finally dead. Press S to spit.

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