I’ve said before that the propaganda from the typical outlets has switched from “here’s how Ukraine can still win,” to “despair, all is lost, but Putin Bad and something something economy in shambles.” Well apparently the Atlantic is tired of all this reality intruding into political discourse and they’ve taken it upon themselves to stop that.

The Atlantic:

Why Can’t the West Admit That Ukraine Is Winning?

America has become too accustomed to thinking of its side as stymied, ineffective, or incompetent.

I’m sorry, I may have to sit down to really take this one in. Let’s see who wrote this piece, shall we?

Oh okay, Cohen. Tell us more about how (((Zelensky))) is whining about not having a no fly zone for no reason, seeing as how he’s winning and all that.

When I visited iraq during the 2007 surge, I discovered that the conventional wisdom in Washington usually lagged the view from the field by two to four weeks. Something similar applies today. Analysts and commentators have grudgingly declared that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been blocked, and that the war is stalemated. The more likely truth is that the Ukrainians are winning.

I mean sure, the Ukrainians have no more airforce, their armies are being encircled, and even the BBC is fact-checking their laughable claims of 15,000+ dead Russian soldiers. But they’re actually winning, somehow.

At the same time, there are few analysts of the Ukrainian military—a rather more esoteric specialty—and thus the West has tended to ignore the progress Ukraine has made since 2014, thanks to hard-won experience and extensive training by the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. The Ukrainian military has proved not only motivated and well led but also tactically skilled, integrating light infantry with anti-tank weapons, drones, and artillery fire to repeatedly defeat much larger Russian military formations. The Ukrainians are not merely defending their strong points in urban areas but maneuvering from and between them, following the Clausewitzian dictum that the best defense is a shield of well-directed blows.

No, the reason Russia isn’t “making progress”, with no serious disrespect to the many who have died in this conflict, is that the Russians can simply sit back and do nothing. That’s the point of an encirclement. You trap them in there. 

I swear to god if one of these dipshits went back to medieval times and saw a siege, they’d be bloviating about how the “offensive ground to a halt,” or some other retarded shit. And if there was a halfhearted probing attack on the gates, they’d be going on about how the “tide is turning.” 

Discredited Neocon and author of the piece Eliot A. Cohen.

The West’s biggest obstacle to accepting success, though, is that we have become accustomed over the past 20 years to think of our side as being stymied, ineffective, or incompetent. It is time to get beyond that, and consider the facts that we can see.

If we only believe, with the power of love and frienship, that Zelensky is winning then he must be winning.

The evidence that Ukraine is winning this war is abundant, if one only looks closely at the available data.

Please Cohen, educate me.

The absence of Russian progress on the front lines is just half the picture, obscured though it is by maps showing big red blobs, which reflect not what the Russians control but the areas through which they have driven.

Yes Cohen. The Russians just did pleasure cruises in Ferraris in the Red Areas. Ukraine totally controls them now. This is what “looking at the data,” means for high IQ reality based people. 

If it was two days before the fall of France, Cohen here would be saying that the Germans don’t control the areas in Eastern France, they just drove through them.

The failure of almost all of Russia’s airborne assaults, its inability to destroy the Ukrainian air force and air-defense system, and the weeks-long paralysis of the 40-mile supply column north of Kyiv are suggestive.

Yes who could forget that weeks long 40 mile supply convoy traffic jam, that showed how totally impotent the Ukrainian military is to blow up the most vulnerable targets ever. And who could forget the Russian’s failure to destroy the Ukrainian Air Force. After all, how else would the Ghost of Kiev get 10 kills in a single day.

Russian losses are staggering—between 7,000 and 14,000 soldiers dead, depending on your source, which implies (using a low-end rule of thumb about the ratios of such things) a minimum of nearly 30,000 taken off the battlefield by wounds, capture, or disappearance.

It implies that Zelensky is full of shit. The Russians have a number of less than 500, which the BBC all but confirmed.

Such a total would represent at least 15 percent of the entire invading force, enough to render most units combat ineffective.

Which is yet more reason to think those numbers are bullshit.

And there is no reason to think that the rate of loss is abating—in fact, Western intelligence agencies are briefing unsustainable Russian casualty rates of a thousand a day.

If Western Intelligence Agencies have taken a break from lying us into wars to lie about Russian casualty rates then I guess Putin is mere seconds away from losing Moscow.

But what am I saying. By all means, we should be meming the Ukrainians winning so we get more delicious Reddit Dilation Force Brigade tears.

Imagine a group of people so retarded that even other Redditors are making fun of them as they get slaughtered. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. 

But no, by all means, die for George Soros, goy.

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  1. “Nations cannot be created by brute force” says the Israeli, country literally formed through terrorism.

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