I’m taking a bit of a break from covering fighter planes and focusing once again on run of the mill day to day news. I’ll get back to fighter planes by tomorrow. And besides, with the Russia-Ukraine war, and the absurd propaganda surrounding it, I feel like I never left. After all, I saw this absurdity in the CBC today, entitled,


Putin’s army is stumbling in Ukraine. Did the West get Russia’s war machine wrong?

The Russians have encircled every single city they’ve bothered to care about. The CBC itself is talking about (((Zelensky))) being a hero because he admits how absolutely destroyed his puppet government is getting, and NATO has admitted that they’re too weak to even try enforcing a No-Fly Zone

How will Putin ever recover?

Russia’s road to victory in Ukraine has been blocked by angry civilians, its broken-down tanks dragged off (and mocked) by farmers in tractors, its soldiers targeted by surprisingly successful Ukrainian resistance.

Hey everybody, (((Ukraine))) is winning because some tanks were abandoned. Nevermind that Russian Military Doctrine has always been to simply abandon tanks that run out of fuel, if resupply is not forthcoming. No, instead, a few Russian tanks being abandoned means that actually the Ukrainians are almost within site of Moscow.

But one month into the invasion, it seems Russia’s worst enemies have been its own: overconfidence and under-preparedness.

I’m sorry, where have I heard that before?

Listening to the WMD Liars sure is something, isn’t it? I am routinely amazed by how utterly full of shit these people are.

“He was led to believe that the Ukrainians would fold immediately,” said Saideman, adding he suspects no one dared tell him Russian forces wouldn’t prevail. “It’s very difficult for authoritarian regimes to assess themselves because there’s a culture of lying and a lack of accountability because there are serious consequences to disappointing Putin.”

Who can forget how Putin’s “culture of lying,” dragged us into the Iraq War.

For Russia, equipment has been a challenge. Tanks and trucks have broken down, apparently from poor maintenance. And the logistics of resupplying its force has been “absolutely terrible,” said Fox.

Stalled convoys, like the one which stretched for more than 60 kilometres outside Kyiv for more than a week, have been left especially vulnerable to ambushes. 

Aerial shot of 40 mile Russian supply convoy outside of Kiev.

That the Russians had a 40 mile long traffic jam full of extremely important materials, which went entirely unharmed, only showed how utterly dominant their military really is. Could Zelensky’s army have a 70km long chain of valuable goods just chilling in once place without getting utterly destroyed?

No, of course not. These people can’t even protect their airfields from any number of different attacks.

The true story of this conflict has been the sheer delusional incompetence from the Ukrainian Government, probably stemming from their occupiers being far more interested in looting and thieving from the Ukrainian People as opposed to building up any sort of moderately competent military. You shouldn’t need missiles to destroy that, just about anything will do. Infantry with rifles or mortars, artillery, small bombs, or of course, simply controlling the area around the trucks with your military. 

And yet, the Russian Convoy was allowed to remain in a weeks long traffic jam utterly unscathed. Somehow, these propagandists turn “Russia is so utterly dominant that their logistical problems are hurting them more than the Ukrainian Military,” into “Some trucks got stuck in a traffic jam. Ukraine is totally winning guyz.”

But of course, there is an actual purpose to them trying to delude the soyim into believing that the Ukraine military isn’t being systematically dismantled.

Many fear that out of desperation, Putin may turn to more drastic measures. He already has, killing civilians with imprecise bombing when his forces can’t defeat military targets in shattered cities like Mariupol. 

The Russian Army has captured every strategic objective it cares to capture. They will soon hold Kiev. Apparently when everything goes his way Putin gets desperate and resorts to inhumane measures.

An escalation to far more horrific nuclear alternatives is also feared, A “bone-chilling development” U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said is “within the realm of possibility”.

Chemical weapons would be even likelier “if [Russian forces] encounter serious resistance in cities like Kyiv,” said Fox. This approach would be used to demoralize the population, as well as causing massive casualties.

Get ready for some false flag Chemical Attacks in the upcoming days as ZOG throws its last Hail Mary.

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  1. Yet another bullshit claim by “The Intelligence Community” peddled by the mainstream media.

    Always playing the same tricks… remember the “Assad is using poison gas! He’s winning and has no need to do such an act but trust me goy, he’s totes doing it!”

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