NY Post:

A wild sucker-punch was thrown during a high school track race in Florida over the weekend.

The punch occurred at the Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational in Kissimmee on Saturday.

According to Canadian Running Magazine, the incident happened during a 1,600-meter race.

TMZ cites witnesses as saying that the athlete who threw the punch was not involved in the race. He was reportedly standing on the track, and the runner in first place — who ultimately got punched — told him to move out of the way.

During the next lap, instead of moving, the athlete reportedly further impeded the first-place runner, who pushed him over.

In apparent retaliation, the athlete in the black chased him down and socked him in the head.

Some Whyte Supreeemacists may call this typical Unsportsmanlike-American behaviour, because their HuWhyte Privilege shields them from the oppression that black people of colourness feel every single day of their lives. JeQueerus here didn’t get in the way of a runner at a high school track meet, he got in the way of Aryan Supremacist America, also known as KKK Land. I stand with JeQueerus. I stand with Civil Rights. And I stand on the right side of history.

Running Magazine reported that police were called over the incident, but it was not immediately known if any charges were filed.

There fuckin better be some charges is all I can say. Hate crime charges at that.

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