Remember “Bike Karen”? For those who don’t, a pregnant White Woman, Sarah Jane Comrie, who works as a Physicians Assistant at a NYC hospital, was violently assaulted and harassed by a bunch of Black Yoofs who claimed that she was stealing their bike. A bunch of anti-Whites, BLM, antifa, and some adjacent propaganda rags pretended that the pregnant White Woman who had just finished up a 12 hour shift walked up to the group of 13/50-Americans and tried stealing the one bike that they had for some reason.

I know, it’s retarded, but I can only repeat back to you what the claim is. Remember, these are the people who think that their Skin Of Blackness literally downloads knowledge straight from the sun.

It’s one thing to believe something so ridiculous. It’s another thing entirely to demand that this victimized White Woman be fired from her job after being the victim of false imprisonment, assault, harassment, and slander. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what the uncensored e-revolutionaries at Breadtube did. The video I used in the original article, by “FinestTrends,” was also privated. It does not surprise me that these cowards would refuse to own their own words.

In keeping with that tradition, Vaush deleted a previous video of his wherein he was viciously attacking the victimized White Woman. But to my slight surprise, Vaush, the gross mutant, actually put out a new video where he does a non-apology to the victimized and slandered White Woman who he called for the firing of.

I have only seen part of the video. This is because I find Vaush to be utterly repulsive in every way, and even blitzing through a video of his at 2x speed is utterly intolerable. He starts off by quoting from the same NYPost article that I based my original reporting on. This is his response.

Huh! *Confused look on his face* That seems pretty bulletproof from her perspective.

Gee, ya think that maybe the tiny pregnant White Woman wasn’t really stealing the niggers bike for no reason?

I want to make something clear. It was literally insane to think that the White Woman went up to a pack of Blacks, while being pregnant and at the end of her 12 hour shift, and decided to steal the one singular bike that they had. If you actually thought that, then you need to get checked in to a mental health institution and given the help that you deserve.

(6 minutes in) That doesn’t seem very likely though. The double booking thing isn’t impossible, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

But Vaush instead adopts this tone of pretend open-mindedness, where he was totally rational in believing this man bites dog story, and is now changing his mind upon further review. You see, he just didn’t have all the evidence, so it was totally rational to conclude that the pregnant White Woman hatched a surefire scheme to steal the bike of five or six Seasoning-Americans at the end of her workday. 

I can’t take watching that gross piece of filth talk anymore, so I’m stopping it there and heading on into the comments section. To my eternal surprise, even some of the human detritus who somehow enjoy watching this clown are calling him out on his bullshit.

The biggest problem is Vaush being upset the hospital said they were investigating rather than firing her on the spot — saying “what is there to investigate?”. Making snap judgments online is one thing, calling for serious real-world consequences based on very scant information and a lot of assumptions, while dismissing the investigative process, is a very problematic attitude. It is highly uncritical.

You know Vaush. He’s a real critical thinker if ever there was one.

I’m surprised to see the below comment from “Linking With Naz,” who correctly points out the racial angle. This was an anti-White hate crime. 

…he has already riled up his chat by saying this “Karen” was purposely trying to get these black kids murdered by police for simply existing.

Another user points out the obvious. This was not some sort of novel theft they were doing. It is a well established gang tactic to do exactly this, and you don’t need to see it before to understand what’s going on here.

One common thread is the antifas doing the same bit that Vaush did, where they were reasonably calling for this victimized White Woman to be fired, but now, upon further context being provided, they have rationally changed their minds.

You see, they’re just such creatures of rationality that they totally believed that the five foot tall pregnant White Woman went and stole a bike from a bunch of black Yoofs just cause.

Literally no person whose brain functions properly could have come to that conclusion, as other commentators mention.

Again, the claim is so moronic that it reads as parody. Striker pointed out that these people would snark at propaganda coming out of North Korea, yet this claim is ten times as absurd as anything I’ve ever seen from them.

Still, this is the Vaush comments section. We can’t expect much from these delusional anti-White simpletons.

Another common refrain is that this is bad because it hurts their anti-White “Karen” narrative. This is a common form of rearguard argumentation that you often see from consubversives like Juden Peterstein. Of course, the truth is the opposite. Sarah Jane Comrie’s victimization and further slander is undoubtedly a net positive politically, precisely because she has served to delegitimize further anti-White slanders. Jussie Smollett’s Nigerian KKK MAGA hitmen did much the same.

Again, Vaush’s verisimilitude of reason and critical thinking is a crude mockery of the real thing. It was never not insane to believe that the pregnant woman was trying to steal the niggers of colour’s bike. 

One antifa, “Reform Revolution,” is still on the “yeah but muh Karen’s tho,” train of “thought.” Remember, the truth simply does not matter to these types. Also, I like Benjamin B’s response.

That’s why groups of strong men shouldn’t walk around at night: to not get assaulted by a pregnant woman.

Others, like Maserati7200 below, point out that bullying and harassing people this way is something that Teen-Americans are fond of doing. User Matthew Caruso then points out the obvious. This is not how oppressed people behave, this is how hyper-entitled and privileged people behave. 

But still, the mass delusion is strong in the BreadTube crowd. XPirate16 does a Vaushian fake-reasonable “I made a mistake,” bit. 

Bobby F sets him straight in reply. 

But really, I can’t write a blurb for all of these comments. 

You may not care about race, Rucarlos, but race most definitely cares about you. If Sarah Jane Comrie hadn’t been White, or her attackers had been White, this story wouldn’t have made any news. On the other hand, if five White teenagers had done this to some Shaniqua, it would have made news again, even if Shaniqua actually did barge up to them and try to steal their bike.

However, not all in BreadTube were so easily swayed by mere “facts” and “evidence.” Our favourite Turkroach, Hasan Piker, doubled down. 

For the record, this uncensored e-revolutionary’s video is the second thing that pops up when I search “Vaush Bike Karen,” on YouTube. I didn’t even ask for this brave man of the tranny people, I just had him shoved in my face by Google. 

I had written about Hasan a few times before, but never actually sat down and watched one of his videos in its entirety. I was blown away by what an unlikable and evil little faggot he is. He starts out by repeatedly laughing at this pregnant White Woman as she’s being violently assaulted. He continues to laugh at her time and time again as he reads about how her life has been upended after she was assaulted.

I used to just think it was funny, but this is the first time that I’ve actually been mad that this little faggot pussied out of a fight with Sam Hyde, because watching him get beaten, preferably to death, would bring me more pleasure than a thousand online copes from the antifa crowd. 

Watching this little rat chuckling and grinning at this White Woman’s victimization actually makes me want to drive to his multi-million dollar home and slit his throat. 

This is a faggot who lives in a mansion worth over $5 million, yet who walks around wearing “Make the Rich Pay,” shirts. Who bloviates about systems of capitalist oppression, without mentioning the massive capitalist censorship that he benefits from and which never affects him.

Listen to this one excerpt, from 8 minutes in.

The thing that is like, fucked up on her behalf, she’s like very clearly crying, and then stopping the tears immediately. And yelling “help, help.” You’re doing that because like, instead of like dealing with the person you’re talking to, in front of you, you’re doing that because, you know, you want the police to come deal with it.

The six month pregnant woman didn’t want to deal with the five Black Yoofs who came up to her and started assaulting her, heckling her, recording her, and taunting her. She also cried and asked others for help.

I am shocked, SHOCKED to hear that revelation. 

And the police are gonna come deal with it in a very violent way, as history has shown.

Go protest at Hasan’ five million dollar residence and see if this faggot doesn’t call the cops on you. 

Another excerpt from 10:40.


Here’s my opinion on the matter. If she yelled like that, and she got what she wanted which is both the bike, and also a bunch of cops to show up and brutally – even let’s say they didn’t kill the kids, but they beat the shit out of one of the kids and arrested him, do you think that’s valid, like, over a fucking CitiBike?

Also, I don’t accept any of the premise anyway. The pregnant White Woman wanted to stop being falsely imprisoned, taunted, and assaulted. Her tormentors being brutally beaten would just be icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned. I think she just wanted the situation to end. 

Last time I wrote about Hasan Piker, he was leading the Writer’s LARP. Maybe not leading, just going there and supporting Adam Conover, the gigantic faggot behind “Adam Ruins Everything,” who were starting off the worker’s revolution by skipping the nasty railroad workers and focusing on the privileged and talentless dorks responsible for the disaster that is modern cinema. 

But Hasan, hero to the worker, has moved on from supporting the brave screenwriting workers and is on to demanding that a pregnant PA, fresh off a 12 hour shift, gets fired for crying while being physically assaulted. It’s a real man of the people that we’ve got here.

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  1. This shit is the height of tactical skepticism. Never doubt any official narratives until you’re forced to by the evidence, and even then just continue to claim that you were fully rational and a “critical thinker” for following the narrative until it was disproven.

  2. […] Breadtube Bikocaust: Uncensored E-Revolutionary Vaush Cucks to Truth, Turkroach Doubles Down […]

  3. Niggers of color will be niggers of color. Their apologists are a special kind of traitorous fifth column, though. Worth watching and keeping tabs on….

  4. The way the world initially reacted to this woman’s ordeal reminds me of a smaller situation I had in my life. In my freshman year of high school in woodshop class, a black kid came up behind me with scissors and cut a lock of my hair. I was pissed, and so I told the teacher; Here is the shocking part.

    Immediately all the other kids (who were white, this was one of the only black kids in the school) jumped into the situation and crafted this sort of mental gymnastic lie as we see in this pregnant woman’s situation. Kids started proclaiming loudly and in mass that I had cut my own hair, and thrown it in the garbage, and was just for no reason at all (other than being a racist white person I guess) blaming the black guy.

    Luckily the woodshop teacher didn’t believe the crowds’ bullshit lengths they went to justify bad behavior. Unfortunately, once the administration got ahold of the situation they sort of shrugged their shoulders like “Eh he is a black kid we can’t punish a black kid it’ll look bad” and that was that. The turd is in prison now, surprisingly he was eventually held accountable for his actions in life.

    1. Great story. Not surprised to hear something like that.

  5. People that literally believed an exhausted and pregnant White woman walked up to 5 niggers that rented a bike and tried to steal it from them shouldn’t be allowed to manage their own finances, sign legal documents, drive a car or vote. Believing that should be sufficient for a clinical diagnosis of psychosis.

  6. Kiker laughed at and mocked Rittenhouse when he cried on the stand and said he looked like a pig. Kiker is the most outwardly anti-White person alive.

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