McDonald’s has pulled out of downtown Kamloops following a series of violent incidents, prompting a conversation about public safety in the Interior B.C. city.

On Sunday, March 27, video was posted to YouTube in which a man could be seen yelling obscenities and knocking down display cabinets.

The video quickly circulated through the community on social media, along with news that owner Brandy Gozda-Sekhon was permanently closing the restaurant, long an anchor tenant in the city’s downtown core.

Gozda-Sekhon did not respond to CBC’s requests for interviews but told the newspaper Kamloops This Week that incidents of violence and drug use had become “too much” for her to handle, citing two incidents of employees being attacked by members of the public along with other problems.

“A man.” That’s interesting. What sort of man would this be. Place your bets now, goyim. The smart money is on Abo or drug addict, but there are many bit players who could make a strong showing here.

Honestly after watching the video I still don’t know. Let me try to freeze frame something here.

Honestly I have no idea. It’s too dark to tell, but if I had to place a guess I’d go with mentally unstable drug addict. I think I might have seen White hands. Don’t quote me on that.

The incident also prompted a statement from Mayor Ken Christian who said there had also been an overdose in the public washroom of a popular department store that same weekend, which he attributed to the province’s toxic drug supply.

“Sadly, persons addicted to drugs are dying at an alarming rate, and last month, Kamloops had the third highest number in the province,” he wrote, adding, “Drug addiction, poverty, and mental illness are health issues, not criminal issues.”

Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian

If you ever hear these people saying things like “drug addiction isn’t a criminal issue,” just assume they’re antifa types. This whole “weak on crime,” routine will end the second you start getting too uppity about something politically. And Kamloops, you may remember, was ground zero for the Residential School Gravocaust Slander which I have yet to cover in full detail here on this site. Ken Christian was the mayor for 29 years in Kamloops, so blame this faggot.

Although he does have a hot daughter. Let’s zoom in on that.

Now that I’ve zoomed in on her there’s something off about the jawline. But she looked cuter before, I’ll just assume it’s a weird photography trick.

In an interview with CBC, Christian said it isn’t possible for the city to “police its way out” of the social problems facing not just Kamloops, but B.C. as a whole.

“You can’t arrest people for being poor,” he said. “There are certain individuals on the streets that really can’t navigate their own journey and they really are struggling.”

To that end, he said, the city’s focus is on opening supports for people dealing with mental health and addictions in the city.

How about go fuck yourself you weird little soyfaggot?

I am so sick and tired of these cunts pretending that street crime is just no big deal. I’ve never lived in downtown Vancouver, but I used to have to go there five times a week, and there are crazy homeless people screaming at the McDonalds workers there as well. Buying basic items at the store feels like going to ‘Nam FFS. There is literally human feces on the streets.

But we have a privileged class that lives in gated, ultra rich communities. Not only do they not care, they actually do care and think that it’s funny that we have to deal with these crazy methed up losers. This schtick about “supports for mental health and addictions,” is garbage. These people have been using those talking points since before there was human shit on the streets of Vancouver. And now they use those talking points harder.

Howie Reimer, the executive director of the Downtown Kamloops Business Improvement Association, called the incident at the McDonald’s “very disturbing,” in part because of how similar it was to other events that had happened around the city.

“It shouldn’t be up to McDonald’s employees, 16-year-old kids [to deal with safety issues],” he said.

Nice talking points from Howie Reimer. So I looked up this corporate “executive director,” guys twatter.

Aaaaand he’s making fun of trucker protesters who are complaining about bullshit and capricious government actions during Covid-19. Nice to see that this faggot is CBC’s chosen voice of the people.

But, he said, he believes there are other reasons for the closure that go beyond safety — such as the inability to open a drive-thru or children’s play area at that particular location, due to its size and local zoning rules.

Are you fucking kidding me? No it’s the crazy homeless people dying in the bathrooms and assaulting the 16 year old McDonald’s workers.

He also pointed to new businesses opening downtown, saying he is still confident in the neighbourhood’s future.

Sure last weekend a homeless guy died in a bathroom while another stabbed a ninth grader because he only got 9 chicken McNuggets. Aside from that, the neighbourhood is looking pretty good. Pretty much exactly the kind of place you want to raise a family in.

While Christian focused on the social aspects of the problems facing downtown, the city is also increasing its police force.

Earlier this month, city council approved an RCMP budget request to hire at least five more front-line RCMP officers over the next year.

RCMP Supt. Syd Lecky said his officers are having to constantly assess how best to respond to incidents as they unfold.

“It’s always having to triage,” he said, responding to complaints from some in the community that police don’t arrive soon enough when an incident like the one at the McDonald’s is reported.

If your loved one is missing or your loved one has been murdered or your loved one has been a victim of a sex assault, you all want me to dedicate resources to those efforts. So how do I prioritize?”

Dude there’s a fucking homeless guy dying in a bathroom on Saturday while another stabs a highschooler on Sunday. How many other, more important crimes do you really expect us to believe are going on in Kamloops?

In this case, he said, the person causing the disturbance had already left the restaurant by the time police were called, which meant “the threat is gone” and a fast response is “no longer a priority.

Uh, what? Did they fucking teleport away afterwards? Was this called in the next day? Did Kamloops turn into a crime ridden hellhole in the past few years when I wasn’t noticing? I’ve been there many times. It’s fine.

“We attended. We investigated. We got the statements and we have the suspect identified,” he said. 

RCMP Superintendent Syd Lecky

Considering that Syd Lecky, the shitbag above, is the superintendent, it’s entirely possible that it is a crime ridden hellhole now. It wasn’t last time I visited, but who knows.

Even still, the only times in my entire life where I was actually happy to see the cops was when I was in downtown Vancouver. There, if you saw cops, you assumed that you were more protected from the insane homeless people shitting everywhere. I guess with fentanyl, BLM-inspired non-policing, and general civilizational decay, we’re certainly getting there with Kamloops.

Kamloops, BC

In a rare move, CBC allowed comments, and they are not supportive.

So basically fentanyl combined with catch and release “policing.” Make no mistake, if you get too uppity with your mean words, these police and courts will happily enforce the full weight of the law upon you. Oh but people selling fent on the streets? Not a big deal. Crazy homeless people assaulting people? Not a big deal, get over it.

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