Ontario’s police watchdog has closed its investigation of an interaction between a police horse and a woman during the convoy protest in Ottawa because her injury was not serious enough to fall under the organization’s jurisdiction. 

For those who can’t remember, the woman in question was literally stampeded by the Ottawa Police.

And the guy in the brown sweater is the guy trampled.

They then proceeded to lie, and pretend that a bicycle was thrown at this woman. This was blatantly false, and now they don’t even pretend otherwise. However, because the woman wasn’t seriously injured, they use this as an excuse to drop this case.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said in a Monday press release the 49-year-old woman sustained a “strained shoulder” after she had an “interaction” with a Toronto Police Service mounted officer during the final weekend of protesters occupying downtown streets. 

Well, that’s one way to put it. This wahmen just had an “interaction,” with the Ottawa Police, in this case with reinforcement from the Toronto police. I guess if I hooked up the testicles of the leadership of the Special Investigations Unit to car batteries we’d all simply be having an “interaction,” together. Maybe they should have an interaction with a bullet.

She was among a group of protesters on Rideau Street in front of the Fairmont Château Laurier on the evening of Feb. 18 when mounted officers entered the crowd to create distance between protesters and police, the release said. 

How is literally all of this lies that don’t even make sense? “We charged into them to create distance between us and them,” is a statement so stupid it can only exist to mock the reader.

A horse near the edge of the unit “contacted” a man and a woman, knocking them to the ground. Officers on foot surrounded the two — as did protesters — and the woman was helped to her feet, according to the SIU. 

They “contacted” two people so hard that they were knocked to the ground. I guess if they’d shot these two people they’d be saying that they were “contacted,” with bullets.

The incident sparked false rumours a woman had been trampled by a horse.

She was literally trampled by a horse. We have video evidence of this. It happened. We watched you do it.

Joseph Martino, the director of the SIU, decided to close the case after the unit interviewed her and reviewed her medical records, as well as police footage from drones and body-worn cameras. 

“As the woman did not sustain a ‘serious injury’ within the terms of the SIU’s mandate, the SIU does not have statutory jurisdiction to investigate the matter, and the file is closed,” the Monday release said. 

The SIU has referred the case to Toronto police to investigate further, “as they deem appropriate.”

This is bureaucrat gang 101. They find some bullshit reason why they personally are just absolutely forced to do exactly what they want. Oh but don’t worry goy, you can waste your time and energy going to some other jurisdiction who will do the exact same thing to you.

As finkled as the Trucker Protest was, it was in some respects an outpouring of populist energy. So of course the Cuckservative Party is shutting their mouths about this, instead of constantly pushing the outrage over it.

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  1. The family of that woman may want to …have a private conversation…with the rotten badge fag.

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