It’s such a shame that Hungary isn’t a Democracy, and as a result, the people occasionally get what they want.

Star Observer:

Hungary’s right-wing and homophobic Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was re-elected on Sunday,

You love to see it.

winning a fifth term in office, but failed to win enough votes for his anti-LGBTQI referendum.

You hate to see it.

The government-sponsored ‘child protection referendum’ targeted the LGBTQI community by asking biased questions and sought to limit the teaching of LGBTQI issues in schools. 

As per Hungarian law, around half of the eight million registered voters needed to vote in the referendum for it to be binding. The opposition parties and human rights groups had asked citizens to boycott the referendum and to cast invalid votes. Many voters responded to those calls by either not asking for the referendum vote papers or spoiled their papers to cast invalid votes. 

According to the National Election Office, just 44.46% or 3.5 million votes were valid, with nine in 10 voters supporting the government’s anti-LGBTQI position. More than 1.5 million votes or around 20% of votes were declared invalid. 

WTF is LGBTQUI? Oh, apparently I added the U. So it’s just LGBTQI. I guess Q is queer, and I is… intersex? I was going to look it up but I’m actually proud that I don’t know. Pervert is good enough for me.

Bloomberg said that Orbán could still claim that the non-binding referendum was a victory, as he had done after past referendums. 

So it doesn’t matter that these perverts exploited a legal loophole. Orban can, and apparently will, just use the fact that 95% of people voted for his anti-Child Abuser agenda and do whatever he wants.

The referendum asked questions that human rights groups said were framed in a biased manner. The referendum asked citizens whether they supported educational programs that introduced sexual orientation to underage children without their parents’ consent, if information about gender affirmation treatment or media content about about them should be made available to minors and if children should be expsoed[Editors Note: Learn to Spell, faggot] to sexually explict[Ed: LOL] content in the media that affects their development.

I. Like. What. I’m. Hearing.

ILGA-Europe said that Orbán’s referendum was “in bad faith and does not reflect the true humanity of the Hungarian people, who are open and accepting of the LGBT community and deeply believe that every citizen should live in safety & equality”.

Lol k. I mean objectively that’s not true, considering the results of this referendum.

“Although the LGBT+ referendum failed to achieve Orbán’s aim, we must guard against complacency. He will try again,” EuroPride warned in a tweet.

Or he’ll just use the fact that 95% of people who voted supported the referendum in order to pass whatever legislation he wants. Especially since said legislation will be popular.

I don’t know enough about Hungarian politics to know if Orban is the rare based Civic Nationalist, or if he’s just a clever shill. He’s certainly good at doing the things that a populist should be doing.

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