I’ve been slowdripping the information relevant to the upcoming Carey Linde showtrial happening on May 16th. You may remember my article about him, and you may remember my followup article on the BC NDP allegedly discriminating against Churches over Bars and Restaurants. In that piece I touched on Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson, who was ever so slightly pushing back against the capricious NDP Covid-19 rules.

Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson

I said at the time that I was familiar with him, and I fear I may have mislead you. He’s most definitely not our guy, but he seems to be right in the middle of the road, as far as judges are concerned. 

Global News:

Meanwhile, the make-up of the court has been the focus of much attention in recent years.

The Federal government, which appoints judges to sit on the BC Supreme Court, has revamped its application and selection process.

Justice Minister Jodie Wilson-Raybould has been spearheading the efforts, with the goal of having a more diverse judiciary.

Jodie Wilson-Raybould

You may remember Jodie Wilson-Raybould from the SNC-Lavelin scandal a few years ago now. She resigned from the Liberal government because it’s a criminal racket. That doesn’t mean she isn’t an anti-White piece of filth of course.

We all know what “more diversity,” means. But I’ll be shocked if they have the balls to –

Simply put, they want more women, more people of colour and more Indigenous people on the bench.

Actually it kind of is. That they would outright say that is somewhat refreshing.

Hinkson said he supports measures to increase diversity, within reason.

“I wouldn’t want to sacrifice a quality white male simply because he was white and male,” said Hinkson.

Truly he is the voice of the common man. And by common man, I mean he’s still anti-White, just not as anti-White as the Jodie Wilson-Raybould’s of the world. This makes him one of the most reasonable justices you will ever see in British Columbian courtrooms.

Hinkson actually used to chair the advisory committee for federally appointed judges which makes recommendations on who should be appointed.

“The reality is we didn’t get applications from a lot of segments of the public, partly I think because they aren’t well represented at the law schools yet. And as a result, [they] aren’t well-represented at the bar, so they just aren’t available to be chosen as judges.”

This is basically a standard cuckservative weak defense to a Globo Homo attack. You used to see this type of argument all the time made by cuckservatives when feminists would be complaining about not enough software engineers being women or something. Or when Al Sharpton types whine about not enough x being Black. It’s this “no, no, don’t look at me, it’s the schools that aren’t accepting enough,” annoying non-defense. 

The only proper response to this is “that’s anti-White,” or “you’re trying to racially discriminate against White People,” or “that’s hate speech,” etcetera. But since these peoples goal isn’t actually to defend White People, only to suck up all the energy in the room, they will never go on the attack like that.

That’s something that’s changing, and even though it might not be as apparent as some would believe, courts are seeing much more ethnic diversity Hinkson said.

“Certainly in the last year, the appointments to our court have reflected more ethnic diversity than we’ve seen in the past. But it’s not something you can rush, and it’s not something I would want to rush just to point out that we’re representative but perhaps not as well qualified as we need to be,” said Hinkson.

I don’t want to be too hard on Hinkson, at least not for this. As they say, cuckservatism is GloboHomoism with a speed limit, but I’m sort of fine with everything he’s saying here. I’ve seen far worse judges in person.

Hinkson said he believes it’s important for judges to be ready to change, but their goal shouldn’t be to be change makers.

“We’re supposed to be administering justice in a fair and even-handed way to whoever comes before us, and if you come here with some pre-conceived notion of a change that you want to make and look for a case so you can impose that change, I’m not sure that you’re doing the job that you were appointed to do.”

Hinkson seems like a moderate through and through. Again, when placed in the context of the raving Globo Homo Justices like hardcore feminist Fransesca Marzari, and the rest. And yet Carey Linde named him personally in his email. I will have to look into this further.

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