Will we ever be free of the White Women LARPing as Abo pandemic? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. It’s not even the second time. In both of those previous incidents, the White Women LARPing as Abos got called out by… another White Woman LARPing as an Abo.

It’s a strange world that we live in. 


Kelly Russ still recalls meeting Judge Alfred Scow, B.C.’s first Indigenous judge, in Prince Rupert when he was attending elementary school with Scow’s children.

Russ, 58, is now one of four Indigenous candidates co-ordinating to vie for spots among the bencherswho oversee the law profession in B.C. — a number the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) says is remarkable in and of itself. 

Okay, well let’s meet these four Aboriginal Lawyers, shall we?

From left to right, Indigenous lawyers Brian Dybwad, Lindsay LeBlanc, Kelly Russ and Katrina Harry are all running to be benchers for the Law Society of British Columbia in a co-ordinated campaign to get greater representation. (Canadian Bar Association B.C.) – This was the CBC’s original caption.

Uh. I’m sorry. They must have given us the wrong image. I see two guys who probably have some Aboriginal ancestry, one lady on the right who could pass, and then an obvious White Lady second in from the left.

Russ and fellow lawyers Katrina Harry, Brian Dybwad and Lindsay LeBlanc have been campaigning in a joint effort for one of 19 spots and highlighting the need for greater Indigenous representation.

Here’s another picture of this Lindsay LeBlanc.

Yeah, I’m sorry, let’s take a closer look at this.

Does no one else see this? It’s literally right there. She’s not an Abo.

What is even going on here?

LeBlanc, who is Métis, serves as the chair of the Law Foundation of B.C.

Her legal firm even tried taking an image of her in black and white, just to better disguise the fact that she’s not an Aboriginal, like, at all. Elizabeth Warren is more of a real Injun than this broad is.

“I think it’s shocking,” LeBlanc said. “It is not representative of the number of Indigenous lawyers that are within the profession and it is a continuation of the under-representation.”

Like the other three candidates, LeBlanc stresses that she is running as a competent lawyer with something to offer the profession as a bencher who happens to be Indigenous.

Let’s see that picture again.

Do you “happen to be Aboriginal,” Lindsay, or do you happen to be White?

Look, I’m just saying, if some neon-natzee pulled up with a girl like this under his arm, no one would blink twice.

But really, the story shows the racial discrimination against White People endemic in our legal system. It’s a tired point, but it bears repeating. If this was a HuWhyte Supreeeemacist system, Lindsay would call herself White. But since she faces disadvantage for doing so, and advantage for calling herself Metis, she doesn’t.

But make no mistake. If Lindsay ever gets called out, it’ll be from a woman who looks like this.

“CBC called in a member of the Mohoo’Ahoo tribe named Rebecca Johnson to verify.”

Or maybe this.

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  1. These people larping as abos mostly look like they have Down syndrome. Is that their native blood, or was pretending to be an injun the only way these retards could get into law school?

    On another topic, you’ve done a good job on the abo question here, but how’s the negro thing going up in canuckistan? I’m not asking for a crime blotter because I don’t need to burst a blood vessel every day from another innocent white child or mother of five murdered by a triple felon, but as an American I don’t really know how bad things are for you guys.

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