I totally forgot to write up the second part of my review of the Metokur vs Fuentes debate. I forgot to do this because LMFAO who fucking cares? You’re not supposed to actually know what’s going on, it’s e-celeb drama.

But apparently there’s been an agreement of sorts. This isn’t just internet banter, they’re actually doing it.

Or at least Ethan Ralph and Andy Warski are. I think the Sam Hyde vs Boogie thing is just a joke.

Because Boogie says later on that he’s thinking about joining a boxing gym.

Pretty sure he’s just trying to get attention. Sam Hyde may be a comedian, but a fight between that fat slob and Hyde would be a contender for the World’s Most One Sided Fist Fights collection.

Come to think of it, that describes Warski vs Ralph as well.

Well anyway, I’ll believe it when they are physically together in the ring. Randbot was explaining to me that we’ve already seen something similar, with Warski winning a fight by default against some other random e-celeb. Or maybe that’s how bloodsports started?

Like I said, if you actually know what’s going on that’s a mark of shame. And also, for an event to be legal it needs to be sanctioned by a governing body. Something tells me that Ethan Ralph isn’t going to pass his medical.

Just a weird hunch.

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  1. Ewww. Yuck.

  2. This stuff is just entertainment for people who no longer get a thrill from jew product.

    It’s nothing real or meaningful, though I do understand how someone would get excited by the prospect of Ralph or some other reprehensible e-celeb taking a beating.

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