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A BC school has stirred up controversy on social media after it raised concern about the soon approaching Mother’s Day, highlighting its lack of inclusivity.

According to parents, Centennial Park Elementary School in Abbotsford, BC will not be celebrating Mother’s Day. Instead it will be celebrating a newly named holiday: “The Grownups Who Love us Day.”

The new, inclusive celebration will also replace Father’s Day at Centennial.

“As we approach the months that Mother’s and Father’s day are celebrated, we have been thinking of a way that we could include the diverse families that exist in our society today,” reads a letter from the school.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that running for local elections is the winning strategy, at least to start. There’s all sorts of this kind of astroturfed and very unpopular garbage going on in schools all the time. Running in school board elections allows us to put an end to this kind of thing, and it’s much harder to slander people who are running locally. It is also much cheaper to run campaigns locally. And of course, there are more of them.

For all of those reasons, contesting local elections is the way to start any serious political movement. Once we win a few elections here and there, we become a serious political party. These elections are coming up in late autumn for BC, Ontario, and, as Trudeau would call it, Peopletobia.



“I completely agree with the decision. I’ve done the same in my classroom,” said Stephanie, mother of a child at Centennial and teacher in the Abbotsford district.

“I have taught students with one parent or with deceased parents; it brings up a lot for their little minds and hearts. Centennial gave us a heads up and explained their reasoning. I’m not sure why it’s a big deal to people.

So… you’re stupid? 

Look, it’s times like this that I love NJP Chairperson Mike Enoch’s statement,

I care cause you care.

This whole passive aggressive “why do you care so much about us cancelling historic traditional holidays because we’re disgusting perverts.” I mean it’s their idea. I care because they care.

Also, the complete lack of courage in her convictions here is telling. She’s trying to get us to believe that this is about her sticking up for orphaned children, as opposed to just being a weird pervert.

Sure, Steph.

However, others say they value having a designated day to celebrate moms, irrespective of whether they are still alive.

“It will always be Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. If you need to call it something else, you do that. I won’t,” said one critic taking aim at the cancellation.

“This is not inclusive at all. This is erasing motherhood and fatherhood from our culture,” said another.

I simply cannot stress enough how unpopular the regime is with the peasants. I’ve been working around the clock trying to get up to speed with the goings on in Canada, and I feel like I’ve got at least another 1,000 hours just to mostly get on top of things. It’s a Herculean task.

The CBC themselves have whined that their audience has been dwindling and nobody believes them anymore. I thought I had already written about that, but I guess I’ll have to do it again.

My point is that the hard part is reaching people and getting institutions, most obviously a political party, up and running. The easy part is convincing people to vote for us over the boy hungry pedos.

The Western Standard asked Kari Petzold, the school’s principal, to further expand on the reasoning and respond to concerns from a parent who did not agree with the cancellation of Mother’s Day at their children’s school.

“No comment. That’s just for our school, so no comment,” she said.

Not really relevant, is it Kari?

When asked to confirm whether students were permitted to refer to May 8 as Mother’s Day within the school and make Mother’s Day specific cards she said, “like I said, no comment. It has nothing to do with you.

Centennial is a publicly funded school.

Kari Petzold

I looked up Kari Petzold and found her barely updated twatter account. The above image is her profile pic. I’ll let you decide what you think of her.

When asked if she could confirm whether the cancellation of Mother’s Day was her decision, Petzold said, “I’m saying buh-bye.”

She’s basically a low IQ Globo Homo practitioner, who is really excited about “love is medicine.” Conservatives will do nothing to these people, but we won’t.

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