I’ve written about Lauren Southern before on this site. She had two incredibly catty faggots who did some behind the scenes video work for her, and also Ezra Levant. They exposed that Levant was a grifting piece of garbage (hello bias confirmation), and then jumped ship and are apparently now at some hardcore perverted Byline News or something like that. Also, Milo was involved, because of course he was.

Here was the damning video they put out on Ezra, you can read more on that in the articles I linked above. What’s important is that the catty homo in that picture worked for Lauren Southern as well.

Here we can see him tweeting out some run of the mill grift-right support of her. Keep in mind, this is what he and his boyfriend look like.

Yeah, that’s his boyfriend George halfway through the process of becoming his girlfriend.

And the fact that these two perverted thieves were hired by Southern and the harmful racial stereotype known as Ezra Levant really tells you all you need to know about them. 

It’s hard to get a bead on Lauren Southern. I’ll admit that her Farmlands documentary was pretty great work. She was in that alt-lite grifter sphere no doubt, but she occasionally did actual productive work. In fact, she still does. I’ve given her praise for her work exposing the Gravocaust slander before, although I can’t find that now.

Let’s not forget why she was there though.

And in case you’re wondering if her trad schtick is genuine, this is the image banner on her own YouTube channel.

Yes Lauren, tell me how trad you are.

Anyway, she left YouTube and politics more broadly for a long time around 2019-2020. Specifically, her last YouTube video was on May 25th, 2019, and then her next one, “Why I left YouTube,” was on June 19th, 2020.”

Look, this is a bit harsh, but Ms. Southern isn’t looking so hot these days.

I wouldn’t comment on it, except that she makes sex appeal a large part of her identity. This continues to this day.

Her schtick was being the hot young girl for older men to secretly jerk off to while having plausible deniability because of her supposed political beliefs.

Frankly her sister, Jess, did all this a bit better, in my opinion. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Yes, I think she has wonderful politics.

Apparently these days she’s doing her whole radical centrist grift or whatever. Honestly it’s not so different from what she used to do.

And I hate to turn this into Gossip Goy, but this girl got a nose job.

I mean come on Lauren, stop denying it.

Three different pictures and she has three different noses.

Anyway, we all know what Lauren Southern is, but that’s not so relevant right now.

What’s relevant is that the TradWhore is getting in on the felting.

/OurWhore/ isn’t backing down. She takes shit from no e-midget.

My dick is rock hard right now while this 6/10 e-Whore bravely does her Radical Centrist schtick that won’t ever get her banned from YouTube.

I just went and checked her twitter again, and apparently she read my mind and just BTFO’d me pointing out her sister is hotter. I mean I’m not even mad, well played Lauren.

Well, there you have it. It’s like a story where a warrior king long thought to be dead comes back in the last chapter. And then the villain recoils,

“No, AryanJesusFigure, they told me you were dead.” – Whiny villain.

“Then they told you wrong.” – Chad rightful king.

It’s sort of like that except for this is the villain.

And this is the Chad King.

So it’s officially gayer than a Disney movie, at least from 1994.

Oh well, at least it’s entertaining.

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