Finally, my grand homosexual plan of destroying the NJP by getting them to clapback at the Manlet Cult has come to fruition. My deepest and darkest desires, conjured up by my Dooginist masters in Tel Aviv, have materialized into reality. This is it, NJP is finished. By engaging with someone who is an online figure for one show they have permanently prevented themselves from ever so much as contesting a local election from now until the end of time.

Me and my Dooginist masters could not be more pleased at how our deepest and darkest machinations have come to light. 

Yes, yes, very good goy. Engage in the e-drama, so that, by the ironclad laws of the universe, you will be unable to ever engage in real politics ever again. Mua hua haa.

But it wasn’t enough for me to simply allow these goyim to proceed unchecked. They needed encouragement. I went deep into the bowels of the organization known as the National Justice Party. I infiltrated Sven’s public telegram chat, and left the following message.

I’m sorry, what do we have here?

Those silly little goyim upvote their own demise. They are too foolish to know that average everyday people will never vote for a political party that makes fun of dying incel cults online.

But my pleasure was soon turned into supreme Yiddish glee.

Oh yes goy, that’s very good. Destroy your attempts at mainstream respectability why don’t you. Yes, that’s just what a porn obsessed cum brain would say.

But it wasn’t enough. I needed to make sure that these goyim were prevented from doing IRL activism ever again. I sent another message, worried that my cover would be blown, that I would be too obvious. After all, everybody knows that to bitchslap Fuentes and the rest of the Alt-Republicans back into shape somehow, someway, totally prevents you from being a serious political organization. 

And I got a confirmation from the brainwashed goy, who goes by Sven but might as well change his name to “Obedient Goy #1,488,” at this point, and the silly cattle seemed positively excited to be destroying his own political moobment.

Okay bit over. I just finished watching TDS 981, America Felted, which you can find here, and it’s fantastic. Only paycucks have access to the video, but everyone can listen to it right here. However, I’m going to jump around to about 1:21, with that being hours and minutes, because I have to somewhat disagree with Moike’s take.

Mike basically starts making an argument that the Manlet Cult had this idea that the people who were oppressed at Charlottseville deserved to be, because they’re bad optics “wignats”. So you’re supposed to be this irony bro who hides your real politics, and viciously attacks people who are more genuine and “bad optics.” 

I think we’re giving these faggots way to much credit here Moike. Nick Fuentes, and especially Andrew Anglin and Weev have maliciously slandered TRS. Fuentes did not attack normal sized heterosexuals for any ideological reason, he’s just a grifting faggot who wanted to steal the audience that real men had built from 2013-2019 or so, before they got banned. 

I’ve written before about “muh optics.” It was always a grift, and Fuentes kept pretending it meant appealing to normal everyday people, but then also pretending that it meant not being censored online. He kept switching up between what “optics,” meant whenever it was convenient. He knew he was full of shit. He knew that the only reason why he wasn’t getting censored for literally five years after Milo of all people had been censored was because he was an impotent faggot who wasn’t going to change anything. And he was fine with that.

Milo, is a malicious fed-informant, but he did occasionally jam the narratives by saying things like “I’m a gay jew, why wouldn’t I support a Muslim Ban?” This causes problems for (((the Narrative))), because they don’t really have an answer for that. The only real answer is that it’s bad for White Christian People, and to do that they need to fall back on really complicated “Intersectionality of Oppression,” type arguments that, frankly, nobody takes particularly seriously. 

People talk about “far-right,” bannings, but the censoring of alt-lite faggot Milo was what sent the message that if you are actually effective in any way at countering the narrative, you will be censored. That, and not faggot “optics,” is why we got censored before Fuentes did. He needed to pretend that wasn’t the case, and that he was a genius political operative, because he wanted an excuse to steal our audience and grift off of them.

But he also needs to pretend that optics means appealing to normal people. Because if it’s just about staying on twitter. Well…

Charlie Kirk still has one, now doesn’t he? 

Fuentes’ subsequent twitter alt meltdowns were hilarious.

And frankly, Charlie Kirk is more (fake) pro-White than Fuentes is. And he managed to get married and have children. 

The Manlet Cult, where I package Fuentes, Anglin, and Weev all in one thing together, need to simultaneously hold two contradictory positions. First, they need to pretend that the only reason why anybody ever got censored was because they just weren’t SeRIoUS gUYs, like these little twinks. However, they also need to pretend that Fuentes getting censored is the mark of a serious guy, which is why you shouldn’t support Charlie Kirk. But when you point out that we got censored first, well it’s back to “serious guy lasted longer on twitter.” And when you point out Kirk is still on twitter… I mean it goes on and on.

Simon Dickerman

Just after this, they went into Simon Dickerman, who I agree is a real faggot. And yes, he’s doing the whole “be a little cucklet for the GOP,” bit. The Death Panel did a great job destroying this nonsense, but that sort of missed the point. After all, Dickerman critiqued Fuentes for saying the following at TwinkPAC III.

And the media attacks Putin like he’s the next Hitler, as if that’s a bad thing.

And Sven and Moike said something like “Fuentes’ has better instincts than you.”

No, because that wasn’t really what he was saying. If I could explain his position, it would be something like this.

Nicky Juan Fuentes told us for years and years and years that we were supposed to be these milquetoast faggots who coddled the views of the annoying creatures known as Boomercons. So we all started to believe that, but then he went and started talking about himself as Hitler 2, 3, and 4. And he also was calling GOP congressmen that we were working with faggots.

So what the fuck dude? I thought this was the strategy?

The point is not the idea itself. The point is that Nicky Juan Fuentes is a lying, grifting, self-contradicting piece of shit. Dickerman is a retard, and his strategy is fundamentally incorrect. But Fuentes needs to have his “slip-ups.” Because remember, if the whole point is just getting people to vote Republican and having a twitter account, what’s the point of Nick over Charlie Kirk?

And they once again made the same point when Dickerman was going on about how happy they should have been with getting Paul Gosar and Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson saying and doing random shit that doesn’t actually matter. Yes, that idea is retarded, but the point is that Fuentes had to counter-signal (oh gawwwd) that, because if Kirk is saying pro-White rhetoric, then what point is there to Fuentes versus John Doyle and Charlie Kirk? But he also has to play up like being a good little choir boy faggot is important, because then what’s the problem with “muh wignats?” 

This is what I mean when I say that it is a cult. I’m not just saying that, it’s literally a cult. When some kid has an anime avatar with a swastika armband, Fuentes does “muh bad optics,” and whines about that scaring away the GOP. But the GOP is a bunch of faggots, so Fuentes has to put out this contradictory bullshit of appealing to boomercons. The only through line, and the cultists will themselves tell you this, is that “it’s good for Nick.”

Also, his repressed homosexuality doesn’t help.

The problem he’s having is that the retard Simon Dickerman, and some others, were stupid enough to fall for the Homosexual Republican Party Outsider meme. Remember, this was the only real argument against “Wignats,” where by wignats we mean normal sized heteros who didn’t want to vote for (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP anymore. Dickerman actually believed that, and he also wanted policy. Being convinced that the strategy to get policy is to coddle GOP Boomercons, he got pissed when Fuentes burned all their bridges to even do that fake politics.

It’s the reason why I call them the Revolutionary Republican Party Outsiders. They need to be fake Republican Party Insiders, to separate themselves from Normal Heteros and pretend to be “serious.” But they also need to be fake pro-White revolutionaries, to separate themselves from John Doyle and TPUSA.

Simon is dumb, but he is also the victim of these grifters lying to him and stringing him along forever with promises of actual political change at the end.

So it just annoyed me when Moike said that Fuentes had better instincts than Dickerman. Fuentes is apolitical. He’s a malicious and evil grifter running a cult. He doesn’t have political beliefs or desires. He’s just there to lie to these people, steal them away from us, and any real politics, churn them for money, and burn them out on any real political action.

They’re not stupid, they’re malicious.

Remember, these are the “good optics,” guys.

I absolutely loved the bit about the Andrew Anglin/Weev about Whitefish and the Tanya Gersh case. It’s fantastic stuff that I need to write about, and will write about this week. The rant on Anglin, which starts around 1:50 or so for the listeners, is pure kino. Andrew Anglin and Weev are malicious and evil pieces of shit, and they didn’t even get into Anglin’s $150k grift operation for his “legal defense,” which he never showed up for. He’s completely and utterly malicious and evil. And so is his tiny little handler.

And thank you Sven for bringing up Atomwaffen, the literal fed honeypot. You know, the actual one. The actual fed honeypot. That thing that was only promoted by Weev and the DS.

I remember how even back in the day, that group seemed scarily retarded to me. And the only reason that I didn’t completely bail on DS right then and there was because I had enough built up trust for them. But I would have never even considered joining such a group even if Anglin explicitly said “go join your local Atomwaffen chapter.”

Here is one of the posters promoted on the DS Forums. And remember, I got censored by Weev for tepidly defending TRS for “shilling for feds”. Yes, the guy who promoted a literal fed honeypot censored me for defending TRS.

And it’s still a fed honeypot to this day.

Fucking faggot piece of shit.

This was the best TDS show that I can remember in a very long time, especially the ending. In fact, it was so good that I want to write two articles on this, because the first half of the show is just felting these faggots and laughing at them. The latter half, starting basically where I did in this piece, is the more serious political analysis, and I have to repeat what Moike said about the incel gayop.

Male self improvement really made Andrew [Anglin] angry. Anglin said this to me one time. He said to guys that ‘when you tell young men that they can improve themselves to attract women, what that’s telling them is that they are not in and of themselves good enough. And the only measure of whether they are good enough is whether some woman likes you.’

Now let’s explore this for a second, because that thought process is the same victimization that leftists promote. It’s the same idea behind fat shaming. ‘You don’t have to try, you don’t have to care. You’re just special, and the world should recognize that. ‘

It’s the same fucking premise.

I remember how, back in late 2019 when I still read the DS, Anglin was constantly, I mean constantly going on in explicit terms as to how not having a woman “give you her gooey hole,” meant absolutely nothing. And he would say this in an extremely misogynistic and loserish way that was incredibly offputting to me and everyone else who was normal. Yes, normal people were an ever dwindling aspect of the DS readership no doubt, but they were still there even then.

I perceived it, correctly, as a tactic for him to gain a new audience. He wanted to target lonely young men, because they are angry and could be a reliable group of constantly online paypiggies. Alex and Sven pointed out that any guy who has a girlfriend has someone who can save him from a cult. That’s what makes these men so vulnerable. They don’t have anyone in their lives who is intimate with them and can tell them that Juan Fuentes is a complete and utter faggot who they can’t be giving money to.

They also don’t have wives and children, which often lends a certain un-seriousness to their politics. Incels, having no one to be responsible for, can be free to have extremely unserious politics that are completely detached from reality. That is why Anglin, Weev, Fuentes, Beardson, and the rest of these little fellas target them so hard.

Then again, these people are enormous losers themselves, so maybe they just want to be around other losers. I don’t call it the Manlet Cult for nothing. Even the leadership is tiny.

Jaden is 6’0…

But I and others who are ex-DS readers can remember when it wasn’t this weirdo faggot online loser hangout. I can remember when Anglin was writing lots of articles on health, and making yourself attractive to women and all that. It might be something I have to cover in a later piece in the AABF series.

In the end it devolved into a cult where Patrick Casey was the stud of the movement. And then he left because it was too gay for him.

But seriously, I think every single victim absolutely needs to at least listen to the last hour of that show. It’s for your own good.

And I have to seriously counter-signal them throwing up their hands and saying “we don’t want to recruit these groypers as their cult implodes to our thing.” I completely agree that a huge percentage of these people are extremely low quality, and we most definitely do not want them amongst us. After all, imagine having Beardlet in your movement.

But the idea that they are all worthless is very incorrect. A lot of these people are just extremely young, and they got convinced that Fuentes was their chance to get real political change. They got told, over and over again, that TRS were fed operatives, and the time to recruit them over to us is now.

And besides, I’m enjoying the Felting. 

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  1. Yes, it was a good show.

  2. The best bet is to allow them to come to us on their own accord and then filter them out by getting rid of those who still cling to the failed AF beliefs like woman hating or keep trying to start shit.

    It would be bad to try and recruit them in my opinion. They’ll find their way to TRS/NJP after realizing that their current group isn’t going anywhere just like how the rest of us found TRS/NJP.

    I do agree with your intentions though.

  3. It’s over NJP bros….

    1. It was a good ride, sisters.

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