The night before the Kino Casino bombshell Fuentes had, like a retard, gone on his show and said nothing. No really, he said nothing. I only learned of this after the fact, and it’s pretty retarded, but I guess it was some sort of flex.

But that wouldn’t be acceptable this night, because this was the night after Jaden TwinkNeil had dared to cross the catboi fuhrer. Knives were out, and the catboi’s bussy’s were positively dripping with anticipation.

Some Retard LOL,

This is just disgusting. I really hope Nick brings down the hammer on this retarded dog. It’s time to go full Stew-Mode. Hands in, balls out and right on the biggest table there is

I mean, okay. I’d rather you keep your balls off my dinner table. Also, hands in… what? 

This is the quality of people we’re dealing with here folks.

Remember, this flame-out started because Nick said in a superchat that they weren’t that close anymore. That’s it. Those faggots that betray Nick always do so for the most retarded reasons. I hope Jaden is looking forward to sinking into irrelevance.

Well no actually it started because Fuentes is a complete and utter faggot, who is also a psychopath. And it really blew up because he couldn’t help but snipe at Jaden on his way out of the cult.

But that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that the manlets were really hungry for blood.

Also shit the bed on the AF Candidates.

There had been some extremely damaging revelations from the Kino Casino. Revelations that demanded response. Nay, revelations that demanded blood. Fuentes needed to not simply refute these allegations, but destroy them. And in doing so, destroy TwinkNeil and Dickerman once and for all. Really, to send a message to the rest of the cult that his Mexican dick might be small, but he knew how to swing it.

For the first time in my life, I actually watched part of Fuentes’ stream. Okay technically we were stream sniping, since I was on RandBot’s stream, but still. I sat there, with no real expectations. Here it was, the most pivotal moment in Nicks’ Grifting Career. Somehow, someway, he managed to disappoint my incredibly low expectations.

These are some of the screencaps I got of this event.

They’re all from roughly the same time, but don’t worry, because nothing else happened. Yes, you read that correctly. After news broke that he was a worthless, grifting piece of shit with no actual political movement and a botted following, he went on his stream, listened to some unbearably shitty niggernoise, and then closed his stream without speaking a word.




Look, I’ve called Nicky Juan Fuentes a complete and utter faggot numerous times before. I really mean it when I say that I found the guy to be completely unwatchable, even back when I was trying to support these retards during the “Groyper War.” But this is a whole new level of “WTF, LMFAO how? I can’t even.”

Fuentes has finally gotten me to the point that a lot of “left-wing,” propaganda gets me. Where I am so baffled that I’m kind of at a loss for words. 

Apparently so were his sycophants.

Well not all of them. Many in the Manlet Cult managed to stay on message.

Then these impotent faggots tried flagging the Kino Casino stream. Even worse, from the perspective of the cult, they weren’t successful, and if autists on Kiwi Farms hadn’t kept track of this nobody would have known.

There are also some things in there that I’m not sure I can understand. Is this My Little Pony? Why is this still a thing with these losers 10 years after the joke was played out?

Not really sure what else I can say.

Well anyway. That was the Mixed-Race Mexican (Man)Child Saviour of the White Race’s response to his grift getting blown up. It was to come out in a hugely oversized jacket, listen to some goddawful “african” music, put on some sunglasses, do a cringey dance for half the time, sit and pout for the other half, and then NOPE out of actually responding to anything.

Oh and I almost forgot, he went and tore up a bunch of monopoly money, and then “made it rain.” I don’t have any screencaps of that, because I was just staring at my screen, with my disgust and contempt for this faggot the only thing shielding me from the worst case of secondhand embarrassment in my entire life.

Artists interpretation of coat.

It was quite something.

And everybody’s getting in on the action.

This is a great video, and it’s pretty kino. But I took the footage and made my own, even simpler version.

Wignats. Positively. Owned.

That was it, goy. That was Hitler 2, 3, AND 4’s response. He sat there in a chair, and simultaneously looked like a complete effeminate bitch while also coming across as a total wigger if ever there was one.

And I’m not going to pretend that I’m not enjoying it.

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  1. I am saddened and mortified that there are so MANY childish, aimless, tiny young males out there, who were or still are enthralled and dedicated to this obvious homosexual con artist. It’s tragic. This is the result of fathers abandoning their roles as fathers, and leaders, for generations. Talk about the Lost Boys…

  2. Oh I forgot. Someone reminded me that he did actually say something. At the end of his little pout session he said something like “come and join us here on Cozy.” Then he turned it off.

    So technically he didn’t say nothing.

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