I’ve already posted a few times about the victims of the Manlet Cult who decide it’s been enough for them. I’ve mentioned one Groyper that I used to talk to on twitter who changed his name from Working Class Groyper to Blackpilled Groyper when he realized what a faggot Fuentes was for not getting censored alongside Blormph.

In these past few days we’ve had a goldrush of these guys who have finally decided that this was it, this was the very last straw for them.

And for once I’ll refrain from dunking on them. It’s often a sad story for these typically very young men, who get wrapped up into this cult because they want actual policy.

We’ve seen some posts like the above from all around the internet, from Gab to KiwiFarms to telegram. And we’ve also seen some new faces on Poast.

It’s nice to see someone who took it all with a huge grain of salt, but some stories are sadder. Here’s “Mutinous Groyper,” on KiwiFarms.

I’m a former Groyper with a popular Gab + Twitter account and access to all the important movement figures, and I’m also jumping ship as of Friday; I made this account because I want to second this Groyper’s post here. On the Kino Casino stream, Jaden and Simon reveal that Nick would consistently and voluntarily wear a COVID-complying face mask in stores and public buildings, even when surrounded by the highest-ranking tall White chad Groypers. That is completely unacceptable. Nick will tell us on his streams for months to get in fights with people at stores, but when he’s put in the position to start the conflict, he hides like a pussy? What the fuck, nigga?

The people going the hardest on the MEEEAAAAAASSSSSKKKKK train turn out to be complete and utter frauds maliciously pushing it as an agenda for some superchat donations? No way, I could never have seen this coming. But remember, TRS is the devil incarnate because they were focused on, say, the BLM terrorist who intentionally ran over and murdered seven White People in Waukesha instead of faggot mask shit.

But once again, it’s not really the issue, it’s that Fuentes is a complete and utter fraud. He tells his followers to do some extremist anti-meeaaask shit, like starting fights with unfortunate minimum wage employees, and then he goes and wears a mask himself. And for those who missed it, his stated reason is that he doesn’t want people to notice him, because they might beat him up. 

What a pussy.

Nick, you ask me to overlook your curiosity towards transexuality. You ask me to overlook Jaden’s revelation that you skip Catholic mass, that you mock saying grace, that you don’t participate in group prayers. You ask me to ignore how you underpay your people, hold them in contempt for their shortcomings or lack of confidence, and spend your money instead on a $70,000 sports car. I respond: Yes, I will overlook these things! I will do it for you Nick, but only if you will lead us to glorious victories.

It’s been clear for a long time that the Mixed-Race Mexican Child Saviour of the Twink Race isn’t about to lead anyone off into the promised land of so much as a single school board electoral victory. But I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to these guys because of how young they all were. And cult brainwashing, e-friend groups, all that stuff.

But you have made it clear that you cannot deliver the victories we are so desperate for. You do not have the stomach for it, Nicholas. You know your way around debate. You have your deep well of political knowledge that you draw from.

Yeah, sure. Guys never had a single insight, not even one time in his entire life. In fact he’s an intellectual dork if ever there was one. But again, if you have only been exposed to him and Ben Shapiro, then fine, I’ll allow it.

You have your clout and your feverishly loyal Sussy Squad. But for all of that, you lack the deep, fundamental, unchangeable, soul-defining character of the strong man. I wholeheartedly believe your career is over. You are weak.

Maybe this is why you dog on lower class WASPs, Germanics, Anglos, and Scandanavians. Maybe it’s because you’ll find lots of those men getting in fights, benching 200lbs, and having sex, and those activities (while not virtuous on their own) indicate a sort of character which you know is completely foreign to your own. idk just thinking out loud. btw if you’re still a groyper after this you’re NGMI. jump ship and just chill out for a bit.

NGMI = Not Gonna Make It, for those curious.

It’s pretty weird reading these types of comments. There’s a sort of running theme through them, and it’s something like,

“yeah, we know Nick’s a grifting asshole. But then we found out he’s a total pussy with a political limp dick, so we NOPEd.”

I’m really trying to empathize here, because I don’t think these are bad people. There has to be a lot of sunken cost fallacy in the Manlet Cult, but combine all this with the e-friends, the threats of doxxxing, and all the rest, and it makes some sense.

Next comment is from FormerGroyperPerson.

Former groyper here. I was a groyper until Friday’s stream. The bullshit has been piling up for months, so that was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have gone to several groyper meetups in the past. I’m a millennial, so I was not too deeply involved in the social aspect of AF. I donated over $1k over the course of a couple years. I ran a relatively popular groyper account on Gab until Friday.

Giving $1k to Spicolas Fuentes. Sorry, bro. I feel for ya.

Increasingly, I hated the way Nick shit on normal people. Those are the target. There can only be one leader, but why would that leader hate the entirety of their base? Society attacks normal White men as a matter of course, so we don’t need it from the dissident right. The way super chatters on his show have to tip toe around his ego when they’re donating to the cause is also a major turn off. Actually, I think you can view his behavior toward super chatters as a proxy for what it is probably like to try to talk to him in real life. A lot of people think he is being mean as a joke, but slowly I realized he isn’t feigning the disdain.

The most damning part of the kino casino stream, from my standpoint, was Nick’s behavior at the anti-vax rally in New York. He sat on TikTok for nine days and had to be pressured to show up to an event that was core to his platform. Before the past few months, I was basically convinced Nick had the potential to achieve great political goals. What happened to the AF candidates? What happened to the AF college chapters? What happened to fighting Joe Kent? What happened to the college speaking tour? What makes you so late to every night’s stream? Nick is enriching himself and using money to fuel his ego instead of accomplishing goals all of his followers want. This is despite having an extremely dedicated group of FREE volunteers working tirelessly. I think Simon embellished and told some half-truths on the stream, but why, as your only paid employee, was he only making $20k/year?

I will still watch him as an interesting host that talks about my viewpoints on stream, but I am done thinking this is some sort of serious political movement or that Nick will accomplish anything political. If you want to donate because you like what he talks about, that’s fine. If you donate because you think you’re making an actual political difference, please stop kidding yourself. Has anyone in politics ever shit on normal people as badly as Nick?

Focusing on the politics of the Manlet Cult is important, but what really pushes them over the top and into full bore hatred inducement is their nasty, vicious, self-centered, narcissistic personalities. Fuentes is just a disgusting person, and that’s what makes his implosion so enjoyable, far more than any political statement he’s made. Although the nastiness and the (fake) politics go hand in hand.

And here’s AF Defector,

After watching Jaden and Simon go onto KC last night, I decided to finally make a Kiwi Farms account. I know lots of my peers within the movement follow and keep up with the thread, including Nick himself, so I hope what I share can get through with some interns.

Nick has burnt every political bridge we managed to build, and as a result, I feel that my continued work is useless. Furthermore, I don’t want to stay involved any longer as I feel I’m only increasing the likelihood of being doxed.

It’s not clear to me why he had to burn all the bridges he burnt with the Republican Gatekeepers. There might not be much of a reason, other than his nasty personality.

Fuentes, back in 2018-19, made his name by being the nastiest, most backstabby faggot in the “dissident right.” When we were getting censored, because we weren’t faggots, he was there to gleefully stab us in the back and steal our audience. This narcissistic strategy somewhat worked, but only because the people he was fighting against had no institutional power. I guess maybe he got used to behaving that way. That’s certainly how he treats the Manlet Cultists.

Problem is, if you call a sitting congressman a faggot, he can just never show up to your gay little events and tell his handlers to bury you. Con Inc only seems feckless. It’s not actually. And they’ve got plenty of young twinks lined up and ready to be the new pied piper, leading young, idealistic young White Men onto the Republican Plantation.

Everything from the KC stream was true. When it comes to Nick’s character I have either witnessed or experienced it; when it comes to the actual things like botting viewers, getting money from the feds back, doxxing, all are also true.

It may appear like [we just wanted to be paid] from the outside looking in, but truthfully the lack of financial compensation was not a major reason why anyone left. Sure it adds to reinforcing the benefits of leaving, but it’s not anywhere near the top of the list.

Jaden and Simon both expressed a laundry list of genuine concerns with the movement, and Nick as a person. Jaden and Simon have both been working for Nick for years, and one day you think they realized they were being fucked over financially and had to drop everything to leave the movement? Payment didn’t matter to anyone because we all believed in Nick’s potential to bring effective political change in America. Carrying out work we saw as Godly at the time, was fulfilling enough to keep everyone satisfied.

Airing out Nick’s lack of compensation for two of his top guys was solely expressed to speak to the character of Nick as a person. Nick constantly flaunts how rich and successful he is, but doesn’t see a need to give back to the ones who got him there. Yeah it’s fucked up, and a justified reason to step away, but when you truly believe in a cause and love what you are doing, financial concerns seem irrelevant.

As someone who just turned thirty I can say it’d be easy to shit all over these guys. Could I have fallen for someone so gay and narcissistic when I was 17, if I thought that was the only chance at political power?

I’m not sure, it’s something to ponder. What I will say is that these people objectively put in tens of thousands of hours collectively trying to get policy. And instead, Fuentes took them for granted and strung them along. In fact he even shut down real political things they were doing, like the AF Candidates op another ex-cultist mentioned above. 

I’m not that concerned with the, at times, misguided politics of these young men. I’m far more angry with the TradHomo TwinkCel Mixed-Race ManChild Republican Party Outsider for feeding them this bullshit and exploiting them then I am these guys themselves.

Credit to NukeTelly2.0

Fuentes has always been such a fag that he’s funny. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t evil, as well. Yes, there is a lot of human detritus in the Gayper Moobment. But there are also a lot of very young, very naive, and very idealistic young men. What the Manlet Cult does is constantly attack TRS/NJP as a fed op, while keeping these guys boxed in through threats of doxxing. And anyone who dares deviate from the cult gets punished.

Sickening stuff.

I mean kind of funny, but mostly sickening.

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  1. I honestly think L’il Nicky is a Mexican Sephard. Jews are crawling all over Mexico, and Latin America. He certainly behaves like one, considering what these ex-Groypers are writing about his antics. Also Jews are twice as likely as Humans to be homos. Statistically speaking

    Some one who is still on the Fuentes Daisy Chain , however is Mr Andre Free Speech Tarda. Gab is still featuring the Mexicali Maricone. His biggest post of the day:


    He’s getting severely ratio-ed on his own platform. Fuentes’ face is still all over GAB. I guess Jesus love Mongrel Mexican Maricones.

    1. Jesus loves dumper pumpers.

      It’s amazing how many people Fuentes is going to bring down as the Catboi Cult circles the drain. From the e-dwarves Anglin and weev to Conservative Christian Andrew Torba. It’s an eclectic bunch.

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