Three days after it dropped and I’m finally getting around to my writeup on the actual Kino Casino stream itself. It’s spawned so many memes making fun of the Catboi Cult that I’ve already forgotten more than half of them.

I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I’m not really much of an internet person. I know, that’s probably surprising, but I’ve never wanted to live online like many people.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t enjoy the work that these guys do. But I’ve never cared about other e-dumpster fires before. People asked me to write about Ethan Ralph, so I did a few articles on him.

But in one of those articles, “Ethan Ralph is the Purest of LOLcows,” I just had to throw my hands up and basically say that the guy had nothing going for him, was repulsive, and not even talented.

Contrary to what some people have insinuated, this is not actually an e-drama site. It makes up less than 5% of the content. For me to cover Ralph again wouldn’t have any political purpose. I don’t want to get into him doing disgusting things on a sextape, or any other weird stuff and gross stuff like that. I don’t see how that helps us win elections.

The Catboi Cult more broadly is different. Ethan Ralph is the gutter of the internet, but Fuentes has taken tons of young men, grifted off of them, and burned them out on politics. It’s politically important to point out what a faggot he is, just like making fun of Lindsay Graham for being a ladybug-ridden cocksucker is important, but I’m going to have a bit of a different take than most on the Kino Casino Revelations.

This was one of the initial breakdowns that went around. However, in my opinion it omits the two most politically important revelations from Jaden McNeil and Simon Dickerman. That being that everyone inside of AF, at least the higher ups, are aware that there is no actual political movement. And secondly, interns and other people, entirely unpaid, tried to set up AF Candidates and other actual political entities, and the Catboy Fuhrer had absolutely no interest.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get down and dirty into the stream itself. And let’s start before Jaden and Simon have even come on, because we get to see the TradHomo himself threatening legal action.

Fuentes: Well I’m not going to address [Jaden] that’s a pending legal matter.

And you know what? He was right! He really isn’t going to address it. As a matter of fact, he still hasn’t. With the only exception of sitting down, listening to some African Beats, and saying nothing.

But more importantly, I can’t give out concrete legal advice. Neither can PPP, Warski, or the TRS guys, who covered this somewhat on TDS:891. You should talk to a lawyer, but you should also not be afraid of this twink threatening you with legal action. If what Simon says later about Fuentes threatening to bankrupt him with lawfare him is true, then he’s a vexatious litigant, and his lawsuit against you should be getting thrown out.

The NDAs themselves are also extremely suspicious. These things are actually stronger when they are written narrowly, as opposed to broadly. Fuentes talking shit behind your back also might null the NDA, and if there’s significant evidence of retaliatory doxxing and pressure, you can argue that you were forced to sign this contract while under duress.

There are also plenty of ways that you can fight back legally with these lawsuits. A common strategy is subpoenaing the Twink First organization for everything you can think of. That’s what everyone who has won in courts has done, like Moike and Greg Conte. If they can win against the state, you can win against these catbois and bury them.

Anyway, at about 41 minutes in to the Kino Casino we get Jaden McNeil showing up.

And one of the very first words out of his mouth is the following,

Yo five thousand viewers? If you were on Cozy you’d be breaking ten.

The above being a reference to the botting that happens on The Catboi Cult’s streaming platform. They get into it later on in the stream, with Dickerson explicitly stating that there is a variable in the backend that they manipulate to give the illusion of Fuentes having popularity.

Yes, it’s not just you. Everyone else who is normal thinks the guy is a total queer. And as we found out with the testimonials of the cultists who left after this stream, even they thought he was a faggot, they just convinced themselves that he might be getting them policy somewhere down the line.

I mean…

I guess we were all young once.

The start of the stream is Jaden going over his history, starting out with TPUSA and moving on from there.

“I had a pretty cozy deal in Con Inc lined up after just six months working in campus politics.”

I covered McNeil before, so I won’t rehash that again. The cliffnotes is that I think he was somewhat lazy, somewhat idealistic, and somewhat good-hearted. It should be noted that, contrary to what TDS said, he actually chose to leave TPUSA before getting kicked out of school. As far as I’m concerned that’s a mark in his favour, since it shows he was somewhat idealistic, and not simply falling back to the Catboi Cult as a secondary grift.

“It’s a lot of personal issues and dealing with him there, because he’s a fucking toolbag. But it’s also dealing with him professionally and not wanting to be a part of that moving forwards.”

I’m going to skip over most of this garbage, because Fuentes being a weird and nasty faggot is pretty obvious even from the outside. You can watch the five hour Kino Casino stream yourself if you want to see textbook narcissistic personality disorder, with McNeil and others being led strung around and grifted off of by Fuentes. There’s also a lot of real personal red flags on Fuentes and the extremely shitty way he treats other people.

But a lot of it is the definition of e-drama, and contrary to what I’ve labeled this piece and others as, I actually don’t think I’ve ever done any e-drama work. What I’ve done is politically relevant work in an often humorous way, and I’m not going into every little detail of Fuentes being a bipolar weirdo.

More relevant is stuff like this.

Jaden: The contention here is that I was talking to women.

*and later*

Yeah she was an e-girl and I kissed her, I’m sorry. I kissed a girl and I’m sorry.

Dude, please. You don’t have to apologize for kissing a girl here. You have escaped the cult. Mr. Fuentes can’t hurt you anymore.

I’ll have to write up the incel op later, but we’re moving on for now. I can’t even begin to explain the satisfaction I got hearing these words come out of Jaden’s mouth.

The views on the show are fake. Everyone knows that, it’s not surprising. He’s, yeah, the movement’s been dying for a while.

Yes, yes. This gives me pleasure, goyim. 

“You’re not relevant,” was the refrain from the Catboi Cult to the Normal Sized Heterosexuals for years. It’s also something that Anglin constantly brought up when attacking TRS. The Alt-Republicans have this weird Mean Girls thing going on where they snarkily do the “I’m more popular than you,” bit. And of course, their viewership is botted.

Remember, this was once again an excuse they used to pretend that they are actually popular. That the little tiny Republican Party Outsiders had the winning strategy with da normies. Oh but actually they’re faggots who inflate their audience numbers.

The Catboi Cult is not an actual movement. It’s just a cult, and not a particularly popular one. 

Anyway, moving on.

Simon Dickerman: Like Jaden said I was threatened [financially] back in December. Nick is talking to all these people in the internship. And he’s saying “I’m gonna sue the shit out of Simon, and I’m gonna make sure he doesn’t have any amount of money. I’m gonna make sure that he has like 100k dollars worth of debt over his head.” Saying that to multiple people.

Fuentes is a weird combination of complete clown and complete turd. Every time I start taking him serious enough to respond to with effortposts, I see another picture of him with CatBoy Kami and I wonder why I’m bothering with this faggot. But every time I just post pictures of him and treat him like a LOLcow I’m reminded that he’s malicious, evil, and destroying the lives of many innocent people.

When we set up the internship, under the guise that this was going to be a serious political organization like TPUSA or CPAC, that kind of thing.

Holy shit this Simon guy has terrible political instincts. It’s possible he meant serious not in a complementary way, but I doubt it. We can skip over that though, since he gets into the NDAs that the Catboi Cult forces unpaid teenage interns to sign, which they then use as blackmail.

We created these NDAs for work for hire forms as well, because we were under the assumption that all the people we bring in are going to be paid employees of a real political company. So it makes sense to go through the real rigamarole of a real political organization.

But what we find out at the end of the year is that Nick was holding these NDAs as basically blackmail over these peoples heads. And this is what was said, “if you keep telling people to leave this internship program and leave the movement, and causing all this damage then I’m going to sue you for breaking your NDA and defamation and all of that.” 

To be clear, you also need to give all of your personal information to the cult upon joining. This was part of the Catboi Cult’s slander of TRS years ago, where Jayoh was supposedly a Harvard grad heroin abusing tranny fucking federal informant who was also the “head of TRS security.” 

Well none of that was true, and TRS never even had a position called “head of security.” Furthermore, nobody was ever asked for real names at their pool parties. They were always encouraged to use pseudonyms. In contrast, the organization Anglin and Weev promoted forced people to give their real names, and, as we’ll find out later, stored all this information on file as blackmail.

Simon: And Nick and some of these faggots close to him, as Jaden has alluded to and we can get to them later.

Jaden: Actual faggots by the way. 

*and again later*

And there’s an actual high up intern who’s an actual faggot.

I’m not surprised that there are open faggots in the AF Cult. It’s been incredibly gay for a very long while now. I do enjoy the confirmation though.

But getting back to the important stuff.

Me and the other people who worked on this program did not intend for it to be a honeypot, which is what I believe it is now. But Nick being the leader of this group, this organization, that’s what he decided for it to become.

And so we were talking about the Sussy Squad, some of these people like Black Swan, Hiding, some of these deranged sexual degenerates, are taking peoples doxes and are just saying their full name in group chats. Hinting at doxxing them there. And they allude to this that any of those people who are leaving, they’re saying “Hey if you do what Simon did, if you leave, those NDAs, maybe we’re gonna have to look at those. Maybe we’re gonna have to put your name here, put your name there.”

And I’ll just say that there have been people doxxed since leaving in December, and we know for certainty who was behind that. It’s not a mystery.

Here’s a screencap that’s been going around of a chat that the Sussy Squad is in.

They go on about some Max Keibel Groyper who specifically dropped some former interns doxx. I could provide commentary on this, but Jaden McNeil sums it up perfectly.

It’s just ironic because, you know, Nick, his whole thing since the beginning has been “don’t join groups, this is a fed honeypot.” And that’s been his whole MO.

And then he’s at the same time threatening all these underage people. Young men that are willing to put their lives on the line, their identity on the line for him. But if they do anything he doesn’t like…

These. Are. The. People. Calling. TRS. And. NJP. A. Fed. Honeypot. This is what they’re promoting. Oh, and also this.

Another actual fed honeypot.

Oh and this guy.

You know, the guy who bragged about secretly recording private conversations with pro-White activists, and then giving this to the feds and (((Roberta Kaplan))) for the explicit purpose of fucking over White People.

I can’t state how vindicated I feel for defending TRS on the old DS forums. And I can’t tell you how concerned I am for the young men who remain in this cult.

There’s also another great point Jaden makes a few minutes later.

Jaden: But I said at one point you actually had to do something to be a face fag in this movement. To be a streamer in the “movement.” You know, Patrick was the AIM guy, Jake Lloyd was the InfoWars guy that got Nick involved. I interned for Elijah Schafer and got Nick on his show. I was the Turning Point guy.

Patrick was the guy most responsible for doxxing the largest amount of activists. That the Catboi Cult has to prop him up as evidence of better days is damning in and of itself. But as Jaden points out, it only gets more clownish from here on out.

But now it’s basically like if you suck off Nick hard enough and you’re a groyper. You’re a minecraft vtuber in a duck suit. Or you’re a fortnite player that doesn’t show your face. None of that matters. He’s just gonna astroturf and prop you up as one of his new streamer guys in the “movement.” 

And I think it kind of just goes to show how far we’ve fallen. We went from Patrick and Jake and other respectable people, Scott Greer, to, like Veda and UX Groyper and people that no one even knows who these people are. Like it’s, obviously this thing is a joke. It’s not a political movement.

And that’s another reason I wanted to come on here. Because it’s like “Jaden only streams games and Nick is saving the White Race.” And I get it, you don’t have to like my content, that’s fine. But to be so disillusioned, to drink the Kool-Aid and believe this guy is doing anything at all other than making content on the internet…

It’s. Just. Kino.

I can’t get enough of this. Yes, the Catboi Cult is not a political movement. Repeat that over and over again if you’re a cultist de-brainwashing yourself. You were never a part of a real political movement. It was just a grift operation that was politically themed.

Metokur: It sounds like he used a lot of your guys connections or stuff that you did coming into it to get a boost for himself. And then once that usefulness was used up, he just kind of tossed you to the side. Because he was just like “fuck it, I’m not gonna pay you and what are you gonna do about it?”

Jaden: 100%.

There’s more behind the scenes high school tier drama that I’m ignoring. Things like Fuentes texting McNeil “If I’m mad at you, big problem. If you’re mad at me, no problem.” Dickerman also recounts a nasty story where he was editing footage where he had to watch Fuentes call him a stupid and annoying for a few minutes in front of the interns editing the footage. He’s also not a real Catholic, which I think everyone already knew. And there’s the half naked tickle parties.

Fuentes also believes himself to be chosen by god, and has actually tried to stylize his life after Joseph Stalin. Sort of weird for a devout Christian to be doing that. Well, sort of weird for literally anybody to do that.

Jaden: You’re not Stalin, you’re crying online about me leaving your group.

All of that is discrediting to a serious political movement, but I’m not going to get too deep into it. More importantly, they go on about the incel cult for a while, and that deserves its own entire piece, maybe an entire series. But I’m going to skip from hour two up until about halfway through hour three, which takes us through the blacklight cum hunting fiasco, to get to the point where they talk about the AF Candidates Grift. 

The supposed strategy of the Catboi Cult was to work within (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) GOP. Or maybe it’s to infiltrate the GOP. These fags never explain how the Republican Governor of Utah managed to infiltrate the GOP and push extreme anti-White pronoun warrior shit, but whatever.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox

His website.

Of course the Republican Party exists to keep you out. Even these types can’t pretend that it’s actually good. Hell, even Boomercons hate the Republican Party. After all, one of the Finklethink strategies used to keep people on the plantation is to pretend that there’s this small group of people, the “establishment,” of *insert party here* that is against you, but all you need to do is fight against them.

Democrats do this exact same thing, BTW, with “Corporate Democrats,” and “Progressive Democrats.” In reality, they are  all running a scam together on people who don’t like wars and want to fight against Corporate Power. They’re job is to make sure you get nothing.

But let’s just accept the premise of the Republican Party Outsiders for a second. Let’s say that SeRIoUs GuyS are supposed to be primarying Republicans. So… when is the Catboi Cult going to actually do that?

Well Simon explains that there were huge numbers of interns who were doing real work. They opened the AF Candidates website looking for people to run for elections, and got plenty of candidates applying. They then did a lot of research on demographics, and other political work. So far, so good. 

Simon: Somewhere along towards the middle of the year, I don’t know if you guys remember this, or how closely you were following, the whole thing about AF Candidates just kind of fell apart. Nobody talked about it anymore, Nick stopped talking about it. There was no really big effort to run candidates etcetera.

And we tried to hand Nick on a silver platter a political platform here, a political platform there, here’s an agenda, here’s a thing that you can tangible do to affect political change. And always the response we would get as we ran it up the chain to Nick was “not interested, can’t do it right now.”

[But] We can go on a seventeen day White Boy Summer roadtrip to embarrass ourselves.

Metokur: So you do all this data interpolation and analysis, you start vetting things, you start looking at demographics, you put together a platform and a plank, you start looking at candidates. You put together this dossier to expand this as a political movement, and he’s like “nah I want to go get in my BMW and go look at cumstains.”

The Catboi Cult is not a political movement. There are people in there who want it to be. There are genuine people in there, who desperately want political change. Nick’s not interested, and neither are the two Andrews.

Say what you want about primarying Republicans, at least it’s a real strategy that some people are convinced is the way to go. And frankly, it’s not even half bad as an idea, especially if you couple it with a real political party that you can fall back to. Nothing would be more damaging to the Republicans than if they had to remove a popular candidate for not conforming to their unpopular agenda, and then lost an election to an upstart party said candidate ran for instead.

But of course the Catboi Cult Leaders don’t really give a shit. In fact, worse than that, they’ve taken a once very promising, very genuine, and very real political movement, and turned it into intensely anti-social incel shit, voting Republican, and not even primarying those faggots.

“Serious guys obediently vote conservative to redpill da normies.” – Ghandi

Nicky Juan Fuentes calls himself Hitler 2, 3, and 4. But I’m pretty sure that Hilter 1 would have called him a faggot. This is what it’s come to. Don’t do any real political action, and just vote for whichever Republican shitbag gets put in front of the goyim. Fuck these people.

I remember thinking, back during the Gayper Wars, where they got some college kids to ask Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk about the USS Liberty for the 40th time, getting BTFO’d harder and harder each time, that even though Fuentes and Anglin fucked that up terribly, there was still some potential. After all, while the catboi cocksucker takes credit, he didn’t actually start the trolling of Kirk, Fuentes, and Peterstein. That had been going on for over a year here and there, long before he even knew about it.

Fuentes taking credit for that doesn’t de-legitimize the organic, grassroots activism that normal people were doing. And while Kirk and Shapiro are talking heads, probably the most productive attack was done on sitting congressman Dan Crenshaw. Not surprisingly, that had nothing to do with Fuentes, and the story linked is a firsthand account found on Striker’s website. 

Not only was Crenshaw a sitting congresscritter, but he was up for re-election in 2020. This was it, the perfect opportunity to primary this fag. Get somebody in there pointing out what a shill this Crenshaw fag really is. And then, if you lose, tell everybody to vote for the Democrat candidate, or your candidate as an independent, so as to make sure to send a message to the other Republicans that, if they shill for Yidsrael and put America Last, their career will be over.

So of course Faggot Fuentes didn’t bother doing that. Nor did he ever primary one single Republican. Because that’s not what he’s there to do. He’s there to grift off of naive and idealistic young men, take their money, put them on a hamster wheel that goes nowhere, and burn them out of politics forever. That’s his job, and he doesn’t have another.

Simon: And when we go to donors and talk to them, we lie to them. We say “oh woe is me, my money was taken away.” 

Specifically he lied about having the feds take his money away. And he did this to the people who gave him money, so they would give him more money. That’s probably legally actionable fraud, but it’s despicable in any case.

I also saw these fags online demanding TRS explain why the feds haven’t taken away their bank accounts. Cool, now do Fuentes.

Credit to NukeTelly2.0

Anyway, there’s more to the stream, but I think we’ve hit all the important stuff. I might do a mop up article, hitting the other juicy bits, but I think my work here is done.

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